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Air-Rifle Shooting.


Air-Rifle Shooting. v. A. THOMAS'S CHALLENGE CUP. There was a very successful wind-up to the Mer- thyr air-rifle season on Thursday evening, when the league champions opopsed the Rest of the League at the Merthyr Conservative Club, and an enjoyable match "was seen. The champions were not in their best form as their total of 244 proves. Chamber- lain, however, was in good form with a fine 34, ma.tch was seen. The champions were not in their best form as their total of 244 proves. Chamber- lain, however, was in good form with a fine 34, Tom Jones also making a good 33. The Best put up the fine tota] of 258, which is a record for the season. ScolDS: Merthyr Cons. Best of League. Tom Jones 33 G. W. Edwards 53 A 19. Thomas — 26 D. Sheen 31 H- Baker —, 2e A. Jones 34 G. H.Chamberlam 34 W. Jones 30 Bert. Jones 26 D. Gibbon 33 J. Thorne 32 J. R. Gotdsworthy 34 F. Chapman 32 J. 0. Bond 32 A. Jones 33 w. Brown 31 Total 7— 244 Wnftat win There was a good number present at the after proceedings, the chair being taken by Lieut. H. H. Southey, who, witfi Capt. D. C Harris, was hear- tily welcomed. The Chairman said he was glad to see so naoy old Volunteers taking an interest in riilc shooting. He would like to see every young man who had not yet done so take up arms, and join the Territorial Force, not from a war fever sP'nt. but because the training was good for him. To school themselves to hardship was necessary if the nation was to fulfill its destiny. To be nureed in the lap of luxury from the cradle to the grave would breed a nation of nerveless men and women doomed to misery and decay. After compliment- ing the winning team upon \UI splendid record, he called upon Capt. Barns to present the bowl. Capt. Harris, in handing over the bowl, paid a fitting tribute to the winners, and said he was very pleased to find that the conditions and rules were strictly adhered to, and that the matches were carried out in such a fair and sportsmanlike way. He said it was much more difficult to make bulls- eyes at the air rifle range than it appeared to be. But he would impress upon them that air rifle shooting was Mt the last word in shooting, and that if a man thought be, was doinz his duty to his country by simply joining an air rifle club he was not. It was necessary for any efficient force to be taught discipline, drill, the use of cover, military tactics, etc., and to train his body and mmo to endure hardships.—Mr Chapman suit- ably responded. Mr. Nibloe (the club president), Mr. W. Craig (vice-president), and Mr W. H. waKer also spoke. General regret was expressed at the absence of Mr. Ellis Oliver owing to a severe illness, and a vote-of sympathy was passed wjth him. The Merthyr Conservatives have a remarkable record. Practically formed from the old Lambs, they have fired nearly the same team for three seasons. Seyenty-fonr league matches have been nrea. of which 72 were won, one lost, and one drawn They have sow won the D. A. Thomas bowl for two successive seasons. This is a record of which the Merthyr Conservatives are justly en- titled to be proud, and shows a fine spirit of com- radeship and good feeling amongst the members. The two best averages for the season were F. Chap. man, 32.0, and J. Thorne, 31.10.