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THE ASSOCIATION GAME. MERTHYR'S GOAL-GETTING CAPACITIES. BATH BADLY BEATEN AFTER A GOOD GAME. rBy "Half-Back. The cold and threatening weather on Saturday was uninviting to spectators. Nevertheless a moderate gate turned up. at Penydarren Park, and they were well rewarde(i in seeing the local champions ac- quit themselves in a masterly way over the Citizens from Bath. Both teams were at full strength and a thoroughly enjoyable game was seen, the winners thoroughly deserving their victory on the play. Winning the toss Merthyr had the advantage of a strong wind, and at once made tracks for the Batb quarters, off-side early spoiling a good open- ing. The homesters, however, soon returned to the attack, Savage and Capel cleverly working their way down, the former player getting in a nice centre which D. W. Davies turned to account, scor- ing Merthyr's first goal. The citizens could not get on the move, Kelly and Llewellyn sharply pull- ing up any attempt on their part to break through. Judicious play by Kelly gave the right wing a chance, Savage, who was in great form, again cen- treing accurately, D. W. Davies heading into Sten- ner's hands, who managed to clear. Play was chiefly confined to the visitors' half, Fisher just missing with a long drive, after which Bath had their first look in. but were penalised for off-side. They, however, again became aggressive, pretty passing gaining them considerable ground, McGin- nity being left with an open goal, but he shot wide of the mark. Chnrchill easily accounted for Nixon and Houselander, and carried play into the visitors' half, Savage and Capel working well together, caus- ed the visitors' defence to be on the alert. Tay- lor got possession, and with a long shot from near the touch-line, registered the second goal for Mer- thyr. There was no holding the Merthyr boys, their clever passing beating the Citizens' halves easily, and the forwards indulged in a bout of passing near the Bath citadel, which ended in Taylor putting on the third goal after twenty minutes olay. A foul against Bath was taken by Walton, the visitors' custodian saving a clever shot. Play became more even, -the Citizens improving considerably. Their mid-field play was pretty, and at times effective, but many chances were lost to them by want of a better understanding amongst their forwards. They kept pegging away, and worked close in, where a mis-kick by Walton left Osborne with a rare open- ing from which he registered the first and only goal fftr his side. The Bath goal had one or two near shaves, and at half-time the homesters were leading by three goals to one, Merthyr restarted with the wind against toom. but judiciously kept the ball low, and by smart play went straight into the visitors' ground, where Sav- age narrowly missed with a good effort. The home- sters kept pressing, Fisher making a good opening for D. W. Davies, but he shot over with the goal at his mercy. The Citizens, from a foul, made tracks for the home goal, where a corner was awarded them, but it was unproductive. The home- sters were soon swarming round the Bath goal, D. W. Davies easily scoring goal number four. A foul against Bath produced a corner, which was placed wide. Fisher just after missing from a fine centre by Taylor. Merthyr were having all the fun, and D. W. Davies added the fifth goal. Several good shots were directed against the Citizens' goal, but it fell to Savage to make up the half-dozen with a really good shot. During the last ten minutes of the game Bath were seen to better advantage, Lewis having to save several dangerous shots. The Citi- zens were no match for the homesters, who. to use a racing phrase^ "won in a common canter with plenty to spare.' TON THOROUGHLY TROUNCED. MERTHYR SHOW THEIR TRUE FORM. A week previous to this match last Monday. Ton Pentre rather luckily beat Trsharris in the final for the South Wales Cup, at Penydarren Park, and as they had disposed of Merthyr in equally lucky fashion in the semi-final, this Western League match between Ton and Merthyr was particularly interesting, and attracted a good gate. The first part of the game was well contested, Merthyr being superior to their rivals, and put up two goals in the last few minutes of the initial half. The second part of the game was spoiled by too vigorous play on the part of the visitors, but each side scored one goal each. Merthyr won the toss, and Ton made towards the home goal, where. Walton returned. Curtis missing his kick, let Savage in. who ran well down, and gave Percival a rare handful, which be got rid of at the expense of a corner, which was not productive. Ton retaliated, but the home defence was sound, and mid-field play followed. The visitors again got to close quarters, where Davios missed a good opening, and the homesters took up the running, D, W. Da- vies nearly doing the trick when hard pressed. Fisher made a good opening, from which Savage put in a lovely allot, which produced some excitine play near the Ton goal, the pressure being momen- tarily relieve: A foul against Evans for tripping Savage looked bad for Ton, Percival saving twice in quick succession. After an titcursion by Ton, Mer- thyr returned to the attack, the visitors goal hav- ing (i narrow escape from a lightning shot by Tay- lor. The Mcrtjiyr forwards were in wonderful form, their passing and shooting being admirable, and with a less capable Iceepr than ePrcival, Ton's goal would have fallen many times. Hugh Williams missed his kick, and let D. W. Davies in, but his shot just skimmed the bar. Merthyr, so far, had had the best of the exchanges, and were decidedly 9ahlihta nq tb ,'rl JiIYW! p their goal to avoid disaster. A hot attack by the homesters found the Ton defence in dififculties, two palpable cases of handlinsr in the penalty area be- ing overlooked by the referee. Savage forced a corner, which he placed behind. Jack Jones was in- jured, and had to retire. Merthyr continued to press, Fisher twice shooting wide. In the last few minutes of the game after pretty play by the home halves and forwards, D W. Davies beat Percival with a low shot, scoring Merthyr's first goal. The homesters were going strong, and from a melee in the Ton goal the ball rebounded off Fisher into the net, and half-time arrived with the scores standing: Merthyr, two goals; Ton Pentre, nil. # From the kick-off in the second half Tayior got away, and centred to Savage, who tried with a rip- ping shot, which Percival negotiated. A free Mck to Merthyr was cleared, and after Ton had paid a short visit to the home end, Merthyr again went away, Savage clevereiy running through and scoring a pretty goal. Piay became routrh, Savage being badly fouled by Arthur Evans, and had to leave the field for some time. A corner to Ton was well plac- ed, a fine ebanoe being missed 'by reckless shooting. The homesters continued to have most of the -game. but from a breakaway Ton earned a corner, wfticli was cleared. Merthyr were again aggressive, Churchill seiiding in a perfect sboi., Percival "jving luckily.RJiojithjA ^meg-:ijojy.played gaining two corners, which produced nothing' fun- gible. D. W. Davies made a fine run on the right wine, his final shot missing by inches. The ocals continued to press, Percival having to give a cort er, but it was not improved upon. From a fiee 1; :ck against Bedford, Davies scored for Ton. Mcithyr went at it in good style to wipe out this reverse, off-side spoiling a brilliant effort by Taylor. 'J he pace was warm, both sides striving hard, a corner falling to Ton. but it wa;; badly placed. Savage, getting away, centred in fine style, Taylor being .iust too late to net it—a marvellous escape for Ton. Merthyr played better football throughout, the Rhondda men failing to cope with the sho/t passing of the Town boys. Final; Merthyr, three goals; Ion Pentre, one goal. Jkberdare and District Notes. [By "Walade-.t,,t."I Tr-eharris visited Aberdare on Saturday to meet, the homesters in a Western Lca^i! match. There was a good crowd present at tho Athletic Grounds, tho venue of the match. The gr«:»?.d was heavy and a fast game was the last thing to be expected. Aberdare, having won the toss, commenced olay with the wind. They were soon aggressive, but before they could get through He opposing de- fence the venue was changed. Pnillips and Abley in the visiting forward line contributed to a move- ment which resulted in Wallace Jones beating Tyler with an easy shot. Alternate attacks followed ihis. and Abley came near getting the second goal j /or the visitors. Once when Aberdare were pressing Tippett crossed beautifully, and T. D. Jones and "/arxington had hard lines in not equalising. Tre- h.'rris cleared a corner, but were directly after- ^ards penalised for off-side tactics. At the interval T-reharris led by a goal. 7f fiarly in the second ball, Tippett was prominent v :tb a smart dribble, but .be ball, when crossed, wis lost to the 'Darians. Treharris forced a corner, I icli T. D. Jones cleared. A few minutes later Far- iii*?ton shot wide when he had a capital oppor- "inity of equalizing. Once more the Aberdare de- lfence was penetrated, Tyler being again beaten with a shot from Wallace Jones. Towards the end of the !game Aberdare weije awarded a penalty, Bradbury kicking into Bailiff's hands. The game was of a disappointing character. Both sides missed chances galore of scoring. The condi- tions of the ground had much to do with the poor play, but there was no excuse for many missed op- portunities. In the second half Parrington could easily have equalised had he been careful enough. Tippett, in the home forward line, played a good game from the outset, whilst Cox was often seen to advantage. The two backs played a fair game on the whole. For the visitors Smart, at back, was good, whilst the half-backs also played a good game. The pick of the forward line were Abley, Wallace Jones and Phillips. RE Aberaman Thursdays and Aberdare Thursdays met in a L?-i/;> encounter at Michael's Field, last Thursday afternoon. Keen interest was taken in the contest, inasmuch as a win for Aberdare would secure for them the championship of the Thursday League. The 'Darians obtained the advantage of the wind in the first half, and made full use of it by putting in long kicks to the mouth of the Aber- aman goal. From a scramble after ten minutes' play two Aberamanites were hurt—Jaynes, the goalkeeper, and J, H. Jones, the captain. The former was bleeding profusely from a cut above the eye, while Jones got winded and suffered se- verely from shock. Rough play was then introduced into the game, and the referee had to caution play- ers on each side. Two or three brilliant bursts were made by the Aberdare forwards, which were repelled by the superb defence of Will Owen and Charlie Williams at back. After thirty minutes' pl3y the Aberaman front division attacked, and Arthur Jones put in a cleverly-judged low shot, which found the net. After this, rough play was indulged in. The Aberaman right wiilg was sent off With only ten men the homesters were dis- organised, and resorted to the one-back game. The 'Darians tried hard to profit from this new ad- vantage. but were penalised several times for off-side play. The second half opened with unusual rigour. From a series of corner kicks Aberdare at last found the net. Rhys James used his height and head to advantage, and his effort was well worthy of a score. Free kicks for fouls now became frequent, but from the exchange of kicks Will Owens always scored best. The Aberamanites attacked closely, when a foul was committed by Pickering within the penalty area, and Charlie Williams found the net. It should be stated that ere this occurred Harry Williams, Aberdare, had been incapacitated by a kick on the leg. The 'Darians did not lose heart-, though only Ivor Davies and Billy Thomas maintained cool heads in the succeeding fray. Two chances came to Woolacott in the last ten minutes, from which he cfJuld have profited, but his shots went wide. Silvcrthorne, at centre-half, distinguish- ed himself by his great defence, while Will Owen, as a solitary back, was like a stone wall. Full time arrived without any further score, and the Aber- aman Thursdays were left winners of a hard game by two goals to one. Mountain Ash gained a creditable nctary over Penygraig, on Saturday, by three points to nil. On the whole Mountain Ash deserved their victory, but, neither side can be congratulated on the dis- play. The "Old Firm" can thank Capfe chiefly, their veteran forward, for their victory. The play of both quartettes was mediocre. Benjamin and White were the best of the halves, and the latter is a promising youngster. Ponsford at outside half was disappointing. The forwards on both sides played hard if not skilfully, and appeared to be evenly matched. Evans, Mithan, and Beasant on the Penygraig side, and Caple, Sheppard, and Fryer for Mountain Ash were the most noticeable. Matches played at the Athletic Grounds on Sat- urday morning under the auspices of the Aberdare Schoolboys League resulted as follows: Ynyslwyd, 1, Cwmbach National, nil; scorer, Thomas. Blaengwawr, 2; Cwmbach Council, 1, scorers, D. Mills and Greenhill for Blaengwawr and James for Cwmbach. Aberaman, 9; Capcoach, nil; scor- < ers, Hodges (4), Hawley (3), Williams and Evans. County School, 3; Town Council, 1; scorers, Jen- kins (2), and Williams for County School, and Evans for Town Council. Evans for Town Council. Several junior teams of Aberaman are protesting against the committee of the recent tournament at Aberdare for withholding the medals won during Easter week. Those who take interest in junior football will recall the fact that the Aberaman C. L. Brigade won the medals. The players natu- rally thought the medals would be handed over at the conclusion of the match, but three weeks have elapsed, and there is no sign as yet of their being handed over. The excuse of the committee is that I the players have not come all together to the Aber- dare Empire to receive the medals. rl Glamorganshire Association League Notes I [By "the New Boy." Undoubtedly the most important contest locally last Saturday was the Western League meeting at Aberdare, between the 'Darians and their old rivals, Treharris, as a victory for Sweet 'Berdar would have spelt disaster to the All Whites' chances of pulling off the championship. However, as matters turned out, Treharris again proved the better side, Wallace Jones securing a fine brace, which places the All Whites well in the running for the Western League championship. In the Glamorgan League, the Second Division at present is occupying most attention. New Trede- gar, with a host of supporters, visited Troedyrhiw, and as both teams are making a great bid for the leading place, considerable interest was manifested in the result. Even play marked the opening stages. the defence of both teams being far superior to the attack. Subsequently, matters favoured Troedyrhiw, and indeed only their ineptitude near their oponents' goal prevented them scoring on several occasions. However, time arrived with ne'er a goal registered. I Jack Russell, the visiting- goalkeeper, played well, Scott also shone forward, but for the nonce Web- ster failed to do much with Joe Williams, who proved to be at the top of his form. Hackle too, in goal, and Harry Roberts, at back, also defended splendidly. The meeting of Nelson and Gilfach at the former place resulted in a very uninteresting exhibition, the play throughout being very scrappy, and at times dirty. Mose Owen, one of the Nelsonians, was given marching orders for striking a visitor. The final scores read one goal each, which was a fair criterion how matters went. h. the Third Division several important games were down for decision, as, although Aberaman ty e Wanderers cannot possibly be removed from the leading place, considerable attention is being de- voted to the rnnners-itp position for which Xlan- bradach Rovers, Troedniiwftrwch and Cwmbach hold tne most oromising position, and as all three were successful on Saturday last, the problem still. re- mains to be solved. Possibly, the victory of Lian- bradach Rovers over Aberaman Wanderers created the greatest surprise, as the latter held an unbeaten certificate in tho tourney. The Rovers, however, were undoubtedly the better side, and fully deserv- ed their two goals' victory Winning the toss gave the Rovers an immense advantage as the Amanites were early called upon to defend. From a melee one of tho home forwards put through, but as Munday, the visiting goalie, was unfairly charged by an- other player, the point did not count. Later, Smith sent through from long range. After resuming, Aberaman were expected to do better, but, strange to relate, Llanbradach opened strongly, and were soon two up through Wallace. Afterwards, even play ensued, but in the closing stages, Aberaman forced corner after corner, the home goal under- foing some miraculous escapes. For the winners, loore, T. A. Evans and Smith did splendidly. Ystrad MynSch visited Troedrhiwfuwcb, and al- though they put up a good fight, the home Brigade won easily by three goaJs to one. Cwmbach visited Pengam, and as it was the let- ters last League match for the present campaign, strong hopes were entertained of adding another victory to their credit. Despite the fact that the visitors only fielded ten men, they opened strongly, and soon scored from a free kick jaft outside the penalty area. Later, they again forced a corner, and from the resultant kick scored. Subsequently Pengam tried hard to get on even terms, but their shooting lacked precision, hence Cwmbach's victory. » In the Extra Section, Aberfan entertained Hool. ererrig in several inches of mud. Bosjvell opened the scoring for the Vanifes. Foulkes added another before the interval. After resuming, Foulkes added another point, R. Morgan scoring a fourth. What the score would have been but for Davies, the visit- ing goalie, it is hard to imagine, as he kicked, fisted and cleared miraculously time after time. For the winners, Picton, Foolliis, Boswell and Ter- rant were best. • The lone anticipated -visit of Troedyrhiw to Pont- lottyn duly took place on Monday, and as a victory for Ponty practically assured them of the cham- pionship, keep anticipations were rife as to the result. Both teams fielded strong sides. The first half proved very patchy, both custodians not ex-, periencing much difficulty in clearing. True, near the interval. Huxtable and Dando were given good p!}i, l. ,.rl' su-ninsr Troedyrhiw, with the elements in their fwere expected to do better, but strange to relate*' Ponty quite altered their style, and early^ on rton/'iA TinTtnhV ,vvd Stone Hacklston 3 warm time Gradtn'f- .t^sitors removed play from the danger ZOPO' .WEAK defence by Shields and WillS nearly U them ^hf&wlk^wty A ionsr pass to Danua and a lightning break away iw the fatter racing for the ^f.v^Srtfng good judgment. Carey sen*, ^ouShp Trwdvrhiw dunp anfi Haxtable nearly scored, inen iroeayrunv came awav and experienced decidedly hard lines on wwal occasions. Later. Dando again secured, and afteT a great run scored, which enabled them to win a hard fought game by two clear goals. .¡(..¡(- Rhymnev Crescents visited New Tredegar, and de- feated Phillipstown after a close game by three "oals" to two. Caleb Jones and P hilips scorf for Rhymney, and Rapple and Foster for Neu Tre- deSar" At a, meeting of the Extra Section of the above League it was decided to play a match between teams from the Merthyr and Aberdare Aberfan, on Thursday, April 2&th;, Din. The, following -teams were selected:-M.ertnjr VaHev team Goll„ W- J. Davies (»rw full-backs, T. Terraiit (Aberfan)' and -'(Meriiivr Yale) half-backs, E. Jannon (Aberfan), E d Bedabe (Nfelsmt); (fcapttV W, Hughes AN.el-, soil) ■ forv/ards, A. Vowles (Qnakors ^ard). Davies. fAbercvnon) E. Owen (Nelson), P. Williams (Aber- fan) D T Griffiths .'Quakers' Yard). Aberdare \al- ley team; 'Goal, li. Marday (Aberaman W^nder^s), full-backs, T. Cummer (Wanderers), and T. Pro- bert (Windsors); half-backs. W. Edwards, Whit- combe (Windsors), T. Fian (Wanderers). G. Davies, J. Evans, Snow, T. Edwards (Cwmbach), C. Silverthorne (Wanderers). Merthyr Vale, accompanied by a large number of supporters, visited Nelson on Monday. After 20 minutes' exciting play the yaya.ns,s«}re^nrf. ^n quently, Nelson pressed, .but faued to ^c^e. In the second hajf the visiting centre again added to their score Later the ball burst, and another had to be procured. Play afterwards became very even, but eight minutes from time the only available ball again burst, and the match ended abruptly with the Valians deservedly winners. Tredegar District Notes. IBY "Old Tudge."I The match with Bridgwater Albions did not at- tract a large gate. In fact the attendance was very disappointing. This is to bc^ attributed roainlyto the waning of the season, and to tho ^ry icdu'Ter- ent performances of the team in the last lew matches. # # The "aras on Saturday, however, while, by no means brilliant, was interesting, and there were occasional flashes of very good play by both sides. Tredegar excelled throughout, and playing with the wind in the first half, scored eight POllltS. The backs handled more accurately, and the forwards were more formidable in the open. In the scrum- maces the Somerset men had quite as much tage as their opponent, but the backs did not make such good use of their opportunities. # "3f I The home pack was assisted by Frank Dibble, who now resides at Tredegar, and his presence did much to give steadiness to the forwards. Harry 'ash, W. Williams, G. Bell, and T. Jones were in good form, and the play of the pack generally was a great im- provement oil the fiasco against Cross Krys. M. Devan and D. Williams made a fairly good show at half-back. Bevan was playing with an in- jured hand, and was accordingly handicapped, but he performed very creditably Perhaps lie over- did the blind side business. The two Bridgw ater halves also did very well generally, but they were not brilliant. Tredegar three-quarters outclassed the visiting quartette. They used better judgment in parting with the ball, and, therefore, gained more ground. Their two tries were the outcome of skilful hand- ling after openings had been made. J. Hadley was the pick of the four, this young wing playing a bet- ter game than be has done for a long time. He ran in with both tries with fine speed and determina- tion, and his general olay was of a high standard. It was very gratifying" to see such an improvement in taking nis passes. -A- -X' Edgar Jones once more turned out to assist his old club in a crisis, and showed that he has lost no- thing of his erstwhile skill. Brin Arthur was not quite so effective as usua!, but he did fairly welt, and Bird, a promising junior, played a very con- sistent game, and ought to make a majk next sea- son. The veteran, Baker, gave another excellent dis- play at full-back, while the Bridgwater custodian was also good. The game was fast and open, and the tackling of the visitors was very decisive. Their talking proclivities, however, amused the spectators. In a friendly match last Saturday, Brynmawr beat Blaina by twenty points to three, the score being Brynmawr one goal and five trie?' to a try. Playing against the wind in the first half. Bryn- mawr soon asserted their superiority, and Cornhill almost scored a few minutes from the kick-off. Bat- ty, who played a good game throughout, dribbled, and picking up smartly ran towards the Blaina line, beating several opponents, and then threw to Parry, who scored an unconverted try. Batty and W. G. Evans (forwards) scored two more tries, and Jim Williams scored Blaina's only try. In the second half Brynmawr had matters all their own way and put on eleven more points. For the home side Jack Roberts played well at three-quarter, as also did Parrv and George Davies; while the two halves —R. and \V Morgan—were superior to the Blaina pair. Of the forwards Batty, W. G Evans, Green, and Jim Foley played well. Ebb Thomas, the Blaina. custodian, was the best player on his side, though Jim Williams and Ellis Jones put in some good work. Rhymney Valley Rugby League Notes. [By "the Old Wag."] Chief attention last Saturday was centred on the meeting of Pontlottyn and Machen at the former place as a victory for Ponly would practically have ensured them having a clear run in for the cham- pionship, but once again their pronostieations were fated to be upset, as Machen came, saw, and what is more conquered, which result leaves matters in a very interesting stage. Should Caerphilly, how- ever, visit Pontlottyn to-day which is rather prob- lematical and he defeated, then Pontlottyn Will be acclaimed as League champions for the season just ending. Machen did not mince maters from the start, and the home defence was tested early. Sam Jones secured and made a god burst for the line, hut the defence of the visitors was ef an octopus- like character, and Sam came to earth A series of hard scrums now ensued near the visitors line, but later Machen relieved and initiated a grand round of passing which resulted in Escott crossing, but the try was disallowed, owing to his having crossed the dead ball line. The visitors took umbrage at this decision, and threatened to leave the field. Eventually play again recommenced, and Machen pressed up to the interval. After resuming, Ponty, although doing well in the scrum, could not get the ball away, and after several spurts by both teams Smith secured and seeing Lucas, the visiting wing, unmarked sent across with splendid judge- ment, and the latter rounded Davies splendidly. That the better team won leaves no room for doubt, and if only for the good work of their backs, of whom Phillips, Escott, Moses, Smith, and Lucas were very prominent, they fully deserved their victory Forward, there was little between the teams in fact Ponty held a slight advantage, Hammonds and Stephens doing well. New Tredegar were to appear at Rhymney in a friendly encounter, but to the disappointment of the home supporters they failed to materialise. Newbridge accomplished a splendid performance in defeating Pontypool second string at home by 11 points to nil. The encounter, however, was mark- ed with too much vigour, and two players were given marching orders. For the winners Probert, Joe Williams, and Edge did well. The first round of the Rhymney Valley Junior Knock-ont Competition was played on Saturday last, six clubs having entered. Rnymney Lilies Old Boys failed to appear at Deri, which gave the homesters a walk-over. Bargoed defeated Tredegar Hibernians, by one try to nil, after extra time had been played, while New Tredegar after a strenuous encounter defeated Rhymney Scarlets by seven points to Eye. A Rhymney Valley Old Boys' League Meeting, presided over by Mr. Llewelyn, Fochriw, was held at Rhymney on Monday. Rhymney protested against Hammonds. New Tredegar, as beincr over age, but a birth certificate was handed in which proved to the contrary. The same club also pro- tested against Hodge and Prosser in the Knock-out Competition, and birth certificates were ordered to be produced. The draw for the semi-final of the Knock-out Competition resulted as follows :-Bargoed v. Deri, referee Mr. T. Davies, Rhymney. To be Elayed on April 23rdv, winners to meet Rhymney carleta or New Tredegar in the final. Rhymney Scarlets were the visitors to New Tre- degar last Saturday. They came at full strength, and New Tredegar fielded their best team. From start to finish each team played with great deter- mination, and not one boy on either side was seen to shirk. On New Tredegar's side. B. Rooms was most noticable. This clever young boy was the hero of the game. His clever bursts and daring saves were often applauded by the onlookers. Jack Proeser was a regular terror to the Scarlets, and should have scored tries had not he lost his head at the critical moment. Prosser at last dropped a goal, and Williams, the home half, kicked a goal from a mark. This caused the Rhymney boys to exert themselves, and in a forward rush they scored a* try which was converted. The game was continu- ed at a great pace, and resulted in two nasty acci- dents, and a young forward named Conway, of New Tredegar, had to be carried home. One of the visi- tors had a slight mishap. Monmouthshire Association Notes. [By "the New Boy."] Newport Barbarians experienced another set back in the race for the championship honours last Sat- urday, Cwm, who at present head the table, dividing the honours in a big scoring match at Uskside. True the Ba-Ba's have three matches in hand as compared with last season's champions, so much may yet happen. Harking back to the game, Cwm, aided by the elements made the pace warm from the outset, and a pretty passing bout between Whitoombe and Moore nearly resulted in something tangible accruing. Directly afterwards Pritchard, the home goalie, failed to stop a pot shot. Inspired by this success Cwm, for a time, were all over their opponents, and only Pritchard's good work averted danger, time after time. Later play became more even, but near half-time Moore increased their lead. After resuming the Ba-Ba's were the first to attack, and Bull was often called upon. Subsequently Buck scored from a melee, while directly afterwards Smith equalised. With the scores equal play became exciting. Cwm initiated a promising attack, and Ivor Davies netted. Not to be outdone, the Ba-Ba's again retaliated, and af- ter forcing several corners, Burns again equalised. Another fight for supremacy now ensued. and eventually Whitcombe put in a fine individual run and shot a great goal. Pratically in the last minute one of the visitors sinned in the sacred area, and Bridges again made the score even. Need. less to state, the game was one of the most ex- citing witnessed at Uskside this season, and seeing that so much depended upon the result, tbe play was of a very clean character. Possibly on the run of the game Cwm was the smarter side, and just about deserved to win. For Cwm, Garrett, Brown, Fudge, Moore, Whitcombe and Davies rendered splendid service, while for the Ba-Ba's Pritchard, Witter, Balk, Hommett, and Bridges. Blaina entertained Caerioon, and as nothing de- pended upon the issue, a splendid open exhibition was witnessed. Jones nearly scored for the visi- tors soon after starting. Chick Williams next re- hcved, and putting in a fine run nearly scored, Roberts saving splendidly, and sending out to Burns, who scored. Rust soon added another point. Nothing dannted, Blaina attacked soon after resum- ing, and a well-judged centre by Stone enabled Chick Williams to score, while some time after- wards the game player equalised. Caerleon now woke up, and splendid combination resulted in Rust again giving them the lead. "Next lime Blaina forced 0, corner, which enabled Noble XQ make matters even. Chick Williams, Stone," Bol- bijy wsl Sjsjto i&mOF; l! tI






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