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_-+_ + + I MERTHYR WOMAN: t 4GONISING BACKACHE, DIZZY SPELLS. ♦ '■ E3I! Every Picture ♦ MTm-y Tells a Story." ♦ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + £ One long struggle against that worn-out, dizzy feefing those + 4. dragging backaches and neuralgic headaches-the + + bearing-down pains that make housework so hard J Mrs. Annie Pound, of 37, Primrose Hill, ♦ Merthyr, says :—" Ever since I had my + last child, five years ago, I have been + subject to terrible backache. My house- work was a difficulty to me, as at the least attempt to stoop I was in agony. I ▼ would come over so dizzy that I was + afraid I should fall. My head ached, and + there appeared to be specks floating in a front of my eyes. ♦ My father advised me to try Doan's backache kidney pills. I did so, and now + I feel I can't praise the pills too highly. ♦ One box of Doan's pills made my back so strong that I was able to stoop + and do my work, or carry in the coals without my back giving way. I became v brighter, and was better than I had been + for many a long day. I was determined + to be cured, so I kept on with Doan's + backache kidney pills, and I improved a daily. But it is not right for women to be always ailing. Mrs. Pound's cure by Doan's Pills shows that you top can be ▼ well if you keep the kidneys well. They + are the most important organs of the ▲ body because they have the most work to do. All the blood passes through X them every 3 minutes. They filter and ▼ purify it. + But when the kidneys are weak or + diseased, kidney poisons are left in the blood, and these poisons make you feel Jk tired, drowsy and low; they bring on urinary disorders, gravel, dropsy, and J rheumatism; they make your head bad, ▼ and your back weak, and you grow ▼ despondent and irritable. + If, therefore, you are ill, don't brood + over imaginary ills, but give your kid. + neys help in Doan's Backache Kidney JL Pills, the special kidney and bladder 7 J "At the end IT of six weeks + I was well + and strong, + and free k from all aches Y and pains. ▼ I can now + sleep well, + and do my a work with- X out feeling any strain." + ow LIKE Mrs. POUND HAD. medicine, of ▼ which your ▼ n e i g h b o u r speaks 80. highly, a Sj9 a box, 6 y boxes 1319; all + dealers,or from Foster Me. CUUan Co., 8, ▼ Wells street, + Oxford-street, ± London, W. X } A Heart to Heart Don't judge, sir, and don't r-ondemn U Park Drives" at Ii Ten for Twopence" tried them. Their flavour, their fragrance, their coolness is such that, not knowing, you'd never Fork Drive guess their price. There are thou- Park Drive lo/^d sands smoking Park Drives to-day who but a few weeks ago would have scoffed at the idea of getting ten such splendid cigarettes for 2d. PARK DRIVE CIGARETTES It's onjy a matter of making up your mind to give these Park Drive Cigarettes a trial after <. that it's a matter of reckoning up how much Park Driva enjoyment you've been missing all along. Park ihives sold by all gold aU Tobacconist. TEN FIR TWOPENCE. T*b*cc<mitts. Made by GALL iMR, Ltd., Belfast and London. /1'¡,, ¡:t;?!r?:T:í ;-0'<'r: > f" li[. y should you exhaust your strength unnecesrily in climbing hills and cycling generally ? Why not W&MW have your bicycle fitted with the genuin and UlfMr STORM EY MM ARCHER 3-Speed Gear or "Triceaster"? the gear that makes cycling easy and fascinating, the gear that Jcvels the hills and the gear that makes a spin in the country an e- bilaratiDg treat. Senti a P.C. for booklet to It STURMEY-ARCHER GEARS, LTD. "Makes cycling eaiy." f .( "Me* 7> L-7n CYCLCS r THE WORLD'S BEST. No cycle deserves better of the cycling public than the half. century old "Swift." Its designers are competent cyole engineers, its builders the best mechanics the world oan supply or money command, the material the finest, irrespec- tive pf cost. Yet despite its high grade qualities, prices are in striot keeping with the needs of the age. > From Ae, 10 0 CASH. Or from 10/- per month. t See the 1910 Models at J. LEWIS, 354, High Street, Penydarren, MERTHYR TYDFIL The SWIFT CYCLE 00, Ltd., coveffity. LoNDOJt1 15.10. Bolboru