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) SKATING CARNIVAL AT MERTHYR. A MAGNIFICENT SPECTACLE. j The Olympia Skating Rink was crowded on Thursday night on the occasion of ihe fancy dress carnival promoted by the management, and it may truly be that it was the prot- (iest. function of iis kind over held in the town, The attendance exceeded (ho most sanguine au- ticipatiors Every pal-t (Jf the hall outside: he rink was crowded with sp-i tators. and the rink itself was also well Almost every conceivable character was r«-;»^seated, and as the rinker, rolled .tleng-, displaying their pretty costitines to filII advantage, Mr. Cunningham's band played appropriate music. T'iie hlI, was prettily decorated with 8i,reall)fJrS and Chinese lanterns were suspended from the roof. Long before the line announced for opening the doors were hesie.ued, people coming from all parfs of the district, and eyen outside he bor- ouh, Kvery rsotnl of vantage was seized m- mediately 'iditiission was obtained. The rmk was ustvi only by ladies and gentlemen in fancy eostumo or evening dress, which made the pro- ceedings all the more interesting. As the skaters arrived and rolled into the the audience loudly cheered, which was ample proof that the costumes weve elejrant. and pleasing The Mayor of Mciihyr (Coun. F. T. Jamesl and his party were early in attendance, and oocup:eJ reserved *eats. Among those Iwent were:—Mrs. James (the Mayoress) and the Misses Jam; Mr. T. Aneuryu Clerk of the Peace, and Mrs. Rees; Dr. W W. and Mrs. Jones, Councillor F. S. Simons and Mrs. Simons. Mr Christopher James; Dr. \Villiams, Penydarren; Alderman and Mrs. Berry, Miss Mountjoy, Mrs. G. L. Thomas, Mrs. Griffiths, Miss Thomas, Miss Biddle, Miss Sandbrcok, aDO m1inv others. The Mayoress kindly acted as judge. Notwithstanding the fac" that the doors were not opened nntil 7.30. skating was commenced punctually at 8 o'clock, and the judging for the handsomest, most original, and the "best and cheapest" costumes began at 8.30. These taking part in the carnival came together in such numbers that, it was an impossibility to record the whole of the names and costumes, but we give below the names of those who wore the most conspicuous dresses:— Miss May Astle, Merthyr, My Great-Great- Grandmother. Miss Christobel Astle, Merthyr, Puritan Girl Master Willie Bevan, Merthyr, Page Boy. Miss Beechey, Miss Hook of Holland. Miss Nest Cnesswell, Dowlais. French Maid. Mr B Cohen. Penydarren, Evening Dress. Mr. Bernard Coleman, Yeoman. Miss Davies, Rhymney, Gipsy. Mr. Charlie Davies, Sailoj. Miss Davies. Rhvmney, Dancing Girl. Miss Marian Davies, Merthyr, Italian Girl. Mr. Herbert M. Davies, Morgantown, Torea- dor Miss Ethel M. Davies, Morgantown, Italian Peasant. Mr. D. C. Davies. Merthyr, Rolling Wave. Mr Ivor A. Davies, Japanese Warrior, 1864, vli-i won the first prize for the most con-picu- j ca« dress. Miss Dunstan Miss Nettie Dunsran, Merthyr, Dutch Girl. Miss Mav Davies. All Irish Co'leen. j Miss M. Davies, Dame Wales. I Mr. Jack Davies, Evening Dreee. j Miss E. Tydfil Davies, Red Riding Hood. Mr. David Davies. Cowboy. Mr. Ivor Davies, Spanish Dancer. Mr. Tudor Evans, Merthyr, Black Pierrot. Miss M. Evans, Merthyr, Annett?. Nurse Edwards, French Waiting Maid. Mr. Jack Edwards, Suffragette. Miss Ettie Francis, Manchester House, Union ■j <■ k. j Air. B. C. Ft'i;"?- Boy Scout. i 'iii>* Enid Grl&tbs, French Maid. I W. Gr.filth*, solicitor. Mountain Ash, < Evening Dress. Miss Ruby Gaiiev, Merthyr, Old English Waiting Maid. i Mr A. Gibnev, Merthyr. Miss M. Griffiths, Pencaemawr. Mr. H. Griffiths, Pencaemawr. Miss D. Griffiths, Merthyr. Mr. G. M. Griffiths, Merthyr. Miss M. Hart, London, Milkmaid. Mr. A -7. Hughes, Jester. I Mr. C. A. Uarrie, Evening Dress Reversed. Mrs. Harris, Golden Butterfly. Mr. Hay ward, Bottle of Bass. Mrs. J T. Harrap, Cherry Girl. Mr. R. C. Harrison, Dowlais, Tea Planter, Mr. R. T. Harrison, Dowlais, French Cour- tier. M. G. W. Hobbs, Merthyr, Warder. Miss M- Hughes, Swiss Peasant. Mr. W. R. Harrison, Dowlais. Mr. W B. Harris, evening dress. Mr. T. B. Harris, Rhymney, April Showers. Mr Hunter. Mr. Lewis Isaacs, Penydarren, Ghoet. Miss Jardine, Cefn, Peasant Girl. Miss Rees Jones, Merthyr, Italian Peasant Girl. Miss Dollie Jones, Rainbow. Miss Violet Jones, Norwegian Girl. Mr. G. E. Jenkins, King of Hearts Mr. Stanley Jones, Trooper, Glamorgan Im perial Yeomanry. Mr J. K. Jardine, evening dress. Miss M Jenkins, Dutch Costume- Miss Lizzie Jones, Sheperdess. Miss L M. Jones. Puritan Maid. Miss Polly Jones, Rainbow. Mrs L. James, Royal Oak. Mr. T. LJoyd, Aberdare, Skater. Miss P Lewis, Merthyr, Rough-rider. Miss Lewis, Merthyr, Egyptian Girl. Miss Ella Lewis, French Fisher Girl. Mr. Lewis, Aberaman. Mr. Tom Meredith, Black Pierrot Mr. G. A. Munro, Clown. Miss Ruth Morgan, Gipsy. Mr. J. H. Munro, Gordon Highlander. [ Miss Gladys McGillv-ray, Manchester House, Russian Nurse. Mr. Mellinoff, Dowlais, Keir Hardie. Mr. G. Stewart Nash. Miss Nora G. Nash, Veronique. Miss Elsie Folly. Mr. Trevor Nash. Mr. R. G. Owens. Mr. Henry S. Owen, Copper Coloured Coon. Mr. J. C. Prag, The Whiteman. Miss M. Phillips, Gipsy Girl. Miss Pearce, Cefn, La Quellquechose. Mr. Sydney Powell. Mrs. Pankhurst. Mr. G. Phillips. Humorous. Mr. W. Prioe, Pierott. Miss Maudie Price. Miss Frances Rees, Folly. Miss Ermyne Rees, Japanese Doll. Miss W. Richards, Rough Rider. Miss Daisy M. Roberts, Artic Explorer Miss Rees, Ghesia. Mr. Smith, Town Hall, Evening Dress. Miss Ethel Thomas, Highland Lie. Miss Margaret Thomas, Rhymney, Dancing Girl. Nurse Townsend, Merthyr, June. Mr. Ben Vaughan, Captain Kettle Mr. Brinley vaughan, Clown. Mr. Whitehead, Artilleryman- Miss B. Williams, Bluebell. Mr. J. L. Williams, Mush. Mr. C. B. Walters, Twynyrodyn, Chinaman. Miss Janie Williams, Spanish Dancer. Miss Lillie Williams. Miss M, Williams, Brecon. PRIZE WINNERS, GENTS. Most Handsome Costume.—Mr. Ivor Davies. Original Costume.—Mr. Mellinoff, Dowlais, Keir Hardie. i Humorous.—Mr. T. B. Harris, Rhymney, April Showers. LADIES. Most Handsome Costume.—Miss Williams, 52. High-street, Brecon. Original Costume. — Miss Peggy Lewis, Courtland-terrace. "Best artdl Cheapest."—Mr. Lewis Isaacs, Penydarren, "Ghost." Graceful Skating.—Mr. Bryant, Merthyr, and Miss Clara Lewis, Courtland-terrace. Potato Raoe.-1—Mr. Lewis, Aberaman. Backward' Skating.—Mr. Ivor Davies, archi- tect Ladies' Balloon Race.—Miss Peggy Lewis. Wheelbarrow Race.—Mr. Hunter and Mr; Morgan. The whole of .the arrangements were under the able supervision of Mr. D. G. Jenkins, the manager, and great credit is due to Mr. F. X. DeVerall, the floor manager, for the able man- ner in which he looked' after the rinkers. The following selections were discoursed by the Band :—Grand march, "Sons of the Brave" waltz, "Choristers"; barn dance, "Ruffles"; grand march, "Triumpale"; waltz, "Tendre Baisers" waltz, "Snow Queen"; galop, "Rail- way"; two-step, "Futurity"; waltz, "Promen- ade" barn danoe, "Frolics"; two-step, "Happy Days"; waltz, "Message of the Violets"; selec- tion, "Pick of the Basket"; barn dance, "Mis chievous" galop, "Look Out"; two-step, "Tammany"; two-step, "Afraid to go home in the dark" extras—waltz, "D'Atoumme"; two- step, "Dixie Land."




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