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: Merthyr Corporation Finances.


Merthyr Corporation Finances. COST OF INQUESTS. EXPENDITURE AT CYFARTHFA PARK. The monthly meeting of the Finance Com- nittee of the Merthyr Corporation was held on Monday afternoon, Coun. Thomas Wil- liams presiding The Borough Controller (Mr. W. R. Har- m) presented a return of local taxation li- tfnces, showing a reduction as compared with the year ended December, 1909. The following figures show the number of licences and re- venue from 1st January to 31st March, 1910, the figures in brackets being the number of li- cences and revenue during the whole of 1909:— hogs, 2,714, £1,017 15s. (2,948 and 1,105 10s.; carriages (four or more wheels), 15, JB31 10s. 949 and £ 102 18s.); carriages (less than four wheels), 61, £ 45 15s. (153 and B114 15s.); Hackney carriages, 27, 220 5s. (46 and BM 10s.); rnotors (not over one ton), 12, £ 25 4s. (15 and £ 31 10s.); motors (exceeding one ton), 0 and B15 15e.); male servants, 30, J322 10s. '40 and £ 30); armorial bearings, 7, 95 5s. (6 1-id £4 10s.); dogs exempted, 44 (60). And .h(,re were issued in districts, other than the Merthyr County Borough, 46 licences for dogs itcpt in the Borough and three licences ,for car- riages. The gun and game licences are not in- cluded in this statement, as they fall in July. The total value of the licences issued last quar- ter amounted to 21,177 19s., whilst the value of the licences issued in the corresponding quarter of last year amounted to £ 1,233. It ill be seen that there are a large number of tioo- licences, carriage licences and motor cycle still to be taken up, unless the dogs, cycles and carriage have been disposed of. —Aid. D W Jones moved that a close inves- tigation take place, and that the necessary Pteps be taken for the collection of the licence money.—The Controller said that already 110 Summonses had been issued in respect of dogs. -The Chairman said the weather was near at hand when people would turn out with their motors and motor cycles. The motion was Agreed to. It was reported that tne Secretary of State had forwarded to the Local GoTernmertt Board a certificate, that during the year ended 29th September, 1909, the management and effici- ency of the Borough Police Force, and the ad- ministration of the pension fund were satis- factory, and a further certificate that the amount payable as the Exchequer contribution the pension fund for the financial year 1909- 10 was 2146 3s. lOd. The Borough Controller reported that the Clerk to the Magistrates had handed to him a statement of the whole of the fines and fees received in the Stipendiary area for i.he three mont'ns ended 31st March, 1910. The unap- propriated fin-1- for January were paid to the Glamorgan (Juniuy and for February and March to the Merthyr County Borough. The statement showed Morihjr's share since the end of January last, and that there has been paid over £ 178 16?. 3d. During the month of January it showed that there was paid to Glamorgan County1 fund. £ 107 7s., and for f^bruary and March, £ 128 65. 6d He h-.d ^«ed for an appointment to enable him to rx- his bocks and check these figures.—This );fas approved. bThe Controller reported that Mr. R. J. "hys, the Borough Coroner, had submitted an Account of £ 27 5s. Id. for his fees and mileage iflo-ivance, on inquests held between the 4th of "eoruarv and the 18th of March, and a further Jocount of C37 10s. 4d.. for expenses incurred at the foregoing inquefts. He (the Controller) Understood that the Town Clerk had received a Communication from the, Coroner, with efer- to the mileage allowance, and until this has been settled the accounts for fees and J^ileagc could not be checked. Of the £ 27 5s. id. ho^eYer> the sum of £ 24 13s. 4d was correct, fIJng the statutory fees for 18 inquests, At 26S. 3d.. and the issue of two permissive war- rants, at 6s. 8d. — Coun. H. M. Lloyd asked whether there was rn understanding that in- vests should be h^Id in public houses.—The 'Chairman: That is the only accommodation Provided.—C-onn. W Lewis thought other places should be provided.—Coun. D. J. I.wis fought, the committee should recommend the ™atch 'Committee to, order the holding of in- quests in places other than miblic houses when Convenient:—Coun. J. \V L""vis thought that .l"e inquiries shouM he hold in a central place, "lalsrnuch as the Coloration were going to pay ^*5 Coroner nccor^irp to mileage. The W*»tch ^mmittee should l.'»v«j a voice in determining Jhere inquesfs should be he'd, inasmuch as Corporation had 1o pay. —The Borough V"°ntroller said the charge 9d. per milt* 01' the first two miles, arid a mile ard tb;-ty ^rds would be charged as two miles.- Aid. a'k^d whether there would b« *.ny /faculty in holding inquests in police "ta- | 'ions.—it was agreed that the Watch Com- Ittee be to consider the question, and tho Town Clerk was nsked to ascertain the nr- ^fijrements between the Coroner and the Coun *y Council. The summary of the accounts showed a bal- lee tt the ;,Ank in favour of the Corporation °* £ 9,940 6s. lid. In poing through the ac- Oll,nt,al Aid. Berry called attention to the ,rf a,rthf a. Park. --The founts bei»c spent at Cyfarthfa Park.—The Chairman: Jf the ratepayers knew what we spendine there it would be an eye-opener them.—CVmn. H. M. Lloyd said the peo- P'e would 1 —rfit in the summer. It would do health good.—The Borough Controller ^omitted a return showing that since the ac- quisition of the Castle and park the amount _lPended upon improvements, etc., was £ 2,425 1* 5d.. and after deducting revenue the ex- amounted to £ 1,763 3s. 6d.—Aid. Eerry: ypd we cannot get any of that money back.— gjd. D. W. Jones: You cannot obtain a beau- park for the public for nothing. .\oun. D. Phillips said he had heard com- P^lnta that goods had been ordered from tradesmen without tender? being invit- and he particularly referred to blinds, bed- t etc., for the Castle.—The Borough Con- p°'ler said that was ordered by the Museum ^ttimittee.

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