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'1 aff and Cynon Miners' Meeting.

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¡Deafness Cured.

f 'I IMountain Ash District…



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.---. ¡ Refuge Assurance Co.,…

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—-———( FREE TO WOMEN, 1 -…

Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P,, atI…


. Cwmbach Minister's Marriage.

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- ---.. CWMBACH.

...:-",.';",,a—mm^—— ..'Abetaman…


a—mm^—— Abetaman Public Institute, PRESENTATION OF ILLUMINATED ADDRESSES. la accordance with the resolution passed at annual meeting of members, a banquet wm given the oomnrrttee-men of the Aberaman Public* Library and Institute last Thursday evening. The object was to, mark the public't appreciation of wn-en and a half years' arduous and unstinted work on the part of the meq who have brought the movement to a s-ioaasia ful issue. A company of about eighty mem» bers, including their wives, sat at the excellent banquet prepared in the basement of the build.. ing. After the spread, a convivial meeting was lield at the Lesser Hall, at which Countiliqs Tom Bowen (the present chaaonan) preside^ In his opening address, he remarked that -t-her, had cause for eelf-congratulation in tJle exceb lent institution they now had in their mi It was a source of great benefit to the workings men and the members of th& committee, wha had. striven so hard to obtain it were worthy oi the highest praise. The opening pianoforte eolo, Scotch" Airs,* was then played by Mr. W. H. Burrows, anA Mr. Charles TRhomas sang "Cartref."—Mr. Edk ward Howells, Griffin Inn, delivered a speech. He remarked that he was one of the first pfroo moters of the movement, and acted as honorary secretary for the first eighteen months. AfLat that tixneba was obliged to ^relinquish hiq duties, and Sir. W W. Price (the present secret tary) took up the work and fulfilled his tastf faithfully up to the present. A more piospep* cfufi institution they could not wish for.. Mr. James Phillips, ex-chairman of the corfw mittee, said be was glact fo see that rhe servjOOá Of Mr. J. H. Powell (ion. treasurer) aad Air,, J. Martin (mechanic) were being appreciated. They had done a great deal in their respective .spheres to promote the Public Hall movement,; and had done their task with dignity and credit. The Rev. Morgan Powell, Nlimr of Abor:t aman, next delivered an appropriate address* lie was followed by Mr. Wm. Collier, who re4 marked that he was present at the first meet-5 ing held to promote the Public Hall dovemenJi at Aberaman. They could well be proud 01 their institution, for it kept their young ment from attending places of evil influsnoe. He Stood one night outside the Institute, and eount* ed no fewer than 200 coming out from tjiS vaxious rooms. That proved the utility ckf-t-lieig building beyond all argument. Mr. W. H. Williams eang- .'The Lads of ilia Young Brigade," and Madam Wlliuuns, Curreoo street (formerlv of North Wales), rendei e*| ''Pwv fel mam-?o in capital style. In res.:or^sa to loud calls, she obliged with an encure. The presentation of an address was ribea made to Mr. J. R. Powell, Danygrai^, A dare. Mr. W. W. Price (secretary) rsad the. address, and the Rev. H. P. Jenkins (Sarong formally handed it over. The latter stated that Mr. J. H. Powell was a sound business man, and in this respect he had been of great service to the people. It was a p.easure to him (that speaker) to present, on behalf of the committee*- this tribute to such an unostentatious warimr.- Mr. J. H. Powell responded, and said that his sole aim in undertaking the treasurersrnp was to serve the movement for the benefit of the communityt Some people in the locality, he re- gretted to say, had been airaid to advance money towards the Building: Fund," bJt. he had sufficient eonfiden- all along in tie people of Aberaman, and knew that the venture would come to a (successful issue. Tribute should be paid to the Cwmbach Co-op^ative Sooi, and to its secretary (Mr. Evan Jones), for the vahl, able assistance given to the Institute Commit- tee. Mr. Joseph Martin was also presented witB an illumina.ted address by Councillor Torn Bowen, who remarked that from his close z-cn- taot with Mr. Martin for several years, he was' able to speak of him as one who was ever ready to oiler assistance and advice,—Mr. Martin, ia the oourse of a lengthy address, paid a high, tribute to the clerk of the works, the secretary, chairmen, and the oommK-teo in general. Her said he was always prepared to assist in iocai1 public movements, and lie,, in ccnj unction with another perron in the room tha" night, suocefxl-; ed in establishing technical classes in the placed which subsequently fell through owing Jo lack of support. He hoped, however, they. woraUl be resuscitated in the future. Mr. Charles Thomas sang "Bugsil ixafed yi Dwm," and Madam Williams again great!JJ? pleased with her pathetic rendering of the sokv- ''Waiting."—A hearty vote of thanks was ac- I jorded the artistes, on the proposition of Mr.) Williams, seconded by Mr. W W Price.—Mr. J. Martin moved a vote of thanks to the Chaii^. man, which was seconded by Mr. J- H. Powel £ j^


* ,Inspection of Territorials…