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'1 aff and Cynon Miners' Meeting.

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¡Deafness Cured.

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—-———( FREE TO WOMEN, 1 -…

Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P,, atI…


. Cwmbach Minister's Marriage.

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-=- i r I Z:7 i • Wrti4 A Miss Peters (from. a Photograph). HER DAUGHTER Sadly Anaemic & Weak made well by Dr. Williams' Pink PiU$ I "Fragile from childhood and always con- sidered w-one whose hold on life was ncuc too.sure." That is how Mrs. Petel's,.wbose testimony of her own curc will be found on this page, spoke of her daughter Cissie, who, new a healthy young lady of nineteen, had for ¡ years been "fragile and always ailing." "As Cissie reached her teens said Mrs. Peters, her health became the greatest worry to us. We had the opinion of clever doctors and Cissie took a lot of medicines; but she was always tired and ill. As time went on she wasted away and suffered from acute back- aches and headaches. Doctors said that Cissie was bloodless, and told her to take exercise but the poor girl t hadn't energy enough for walking; besides she was troubled with breathlessness and palpitation. A specialist said that her heart was affected. Thcnweto^k Cissie toaLondon Hospital for treatment,, hut she became so weak that we feared we should lose her. She lingered along like this until about eighteen.. At that time I was cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills, and I decided to give some to Cissie. Before she had taken the second box of Pills all listlessness and languor had passed away, and soon she gaineda a splendid appetite. Sickness was absent and she gained flesh and colour. Her face steadily became plump and rosy, and the backaches and headaches were not so acute. In time she lost them. As she persevered with Dr. Williams' Pink Pills her blood became rich, and her heart steady; she had no more breath- lessness or 'stitches' in her side, and soon gained full health and strength. She is now the picture of health." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills cure by reason of their tonic action on weak-blood. Also,, they nialve new blood, rich and red, and fortify the nerves. Of dealers or direct, 2s.9d. for one box, or I3s.9d. for six, post tree from Dr. Williams' Medicine Co., 46, Holborn Viacduct, London. But you must have the Pills that cure—namely Dr. Williams' Pink Pills -logo""

- ---.. CWMBACH.

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* ,Inspection of Territorials…