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'1 aff and Cynon Miners' Meeting.

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¡Deafness Cured.

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MOTHER SUMMONED FOR NEGLECT. HOUSE IN A FILTHY CONDITION. Anne Dally was summoned for neglecting heir child, Spencer Dally.—Mr. W. Thomas prose- cubed on behalf of the N.S.P.C., and said they were anxious to have the case sent for trial, in order that the defendant might be sent to an inebriates' home.—The Stipendiarv asked de- fendant if she would not go to a, home, but she refused to do Stipendiary asked: de- fendant if she would go to a home, but she refused to do so. — The evidence was then called. Mrs. Agnes Hill, Kingcroft, Mountain Ash, said she lived next door to defendant, and had known Mrs. Dally since last September. Since Christmas she had been drunk often. She had been drunk every day for the last five or six weeks. She had a child 2! years of age, named Spenoer Dally, whom she neglected. She had a. son named William, aged 18. Once, when he came home, he found! his mother sitting by the fire quite drunk, and the little child was orying. A month ago she saw & man go in about nine o'clock to defendant's house. He had a bottle in his hand, and he gave her some drink. He then wanted to leave, but Mrs. Dally said he should not, and they went upstairs. Mrs. Dally and the son of eighteen slept in the same room. After the Inspector called, she washed the child at the request of defendant's sister. The child was very dirty. On Saturday, the 2nd inst., defend- ant came to her house; she wafi drunk, and unfit to look after her child.—Mrs. Margaret Sophia Jenkins, King's Croft-street, another neighbour, said defendant had been drunk daily for the last six weeks. Her child was neglected. At the request cf Mrs. Dally, on the 23rd ult., she cleaned upstairs for her. The bed was filthy. At the request of Mrs. Cheyne and Mrs. Morgan, in March last, she went in and found the baby on the dresser, very dirty, and lying between two dogs.— Catherine Mary Beale, a lodger with the last witness, gave similar evidence, and so did Ethel Porey, who, up to last Christmas, lived next door to Mrs. Dally. Porey said defendant was continually drunk. She had been drunk for a week running. Witness had seen the child outside the house without shoes and stockings, the mother being too drunk to come out for him. The house was full of dogs. Witness had seen 16 or 18 dogs there, including some pups.—P.C. Osborne George spoke to visiting defendant's house on the 14th ult., soon after noon. Mrs. Dally was then very drunk, and was sitting in front of the fire. The child, who was running about, was very dirty, as also was the room. There were two dogs in the room, and no guard in front of the fire. He had gone there to see if defendant had a dog licence. She had no dog licence.—Mr. John Thomas, the Inspector of the N.S.P.C.C., said be had had the case under his observation since January, 1909. On 23rd ult, be visit- ed the house, in company with Dr. Arthur Jones, about 7 p.m. Mrs. Dally, her son William, and the little boy were there. De- fendant was not drunk, but smelt strongly of drink. They examined the child, who was suffering from bronchitis and whooping cough. Ho was not badly nourished, but was very dirty. The house was dirty, as also were the bedstead and bedding. The tick was abomin- ably filthy. Some new, clean clothing had been thrown over the bed. The bouse was not fit to live, in. On several occasions he had visited the house, and found defendant the worse for drink, but not incapable. He had seen the child later in the day, uadressed. De- fendant was goinn- from bad to worse, and neglected the child; in consequenoe of this neglect, the child was suffering unnecessarily.— Dr. Arthur T. Jones spoke to visiting defend- ant's house on the 23rd ult. The kitchen was very foul, and smelt of a poisonous atmosphere. The child, Spencer, was very dirty, and had not been bathed for a long time. The chikl was suffering £ fom acute bronchitis. His opin- ion was that Mrs. Dally was an habitual initiative or without proper attention. The J only chance for her was to get her into a home. Defendant was committed for trial at the forthcoming Assizes, the custody of the child to be given to the N.S.P.C.C. Defendant was admitted to bail in, two sureties of £5{) each.

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. Cwmbach Minister's Marriage.

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