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'1 aff and Cynon Miners' Meeting.

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¡Deafness Cured.

f 'I IMountain Ash District…



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ABERCYNON POLICE COURT. THURSDAY.—Before Sir T. Marchant Williams (Stipendiary). TRANSFER OF LICENCE.—Mr. D. Rees, Ponty- pridd, applied for the temporary transfer of the licence of the Ynysyboeth Hotel from William Williams to J. Evans.—Granted. VARIOUS.—Fredk Bishop and Alfred White, Ynysybwl, were fined 7s. 6d. for not having lioenoos for their doge. Evan Phillips was summoned for allowing a dog to be at largo. The dog was found worrying sheep on the Myn- achdy Farm.—The dog was ordered to be de- stroyed, subject to the cumulative penalty of 20s. a day. Maud Dawkin, of Ynysybwl, was summoned for leaving & young child in a room without a fire guard.—P.S. Griffiths said the child was burnt, and the mother ad- mitted that there was no fire guard in the room.—The Stipendiary in imposing a fine of 20s. and oosts, said that fines for this kind of offence would be increased in future. The defendant was liable to a fine of £10 and costs. John Griffiths, Ynysybwl, was sum- moned for defiling a wall, and was fined 5s. Mary Thomas was summoned for using indecent language.—The case was adjourned for a month. Thomas Jones, Penrfuwceiber, for being drunk and disorderly in Wall-street, Tynte-town, was fined 10s. and: Jones made a long speech,1 urginsr that he was not drunk, and brought a doct< 's certificate to that effect. The doctor, however, was not present, and as it transpired that Jones had been in the polioe force the Stipendiary told him that he knew the doctor musf be present. ALLEGED ASSAULT.—Frederick Evans, Rich- ard Evans, and David Evans, were summoned for assaulting Mary Elizabeth Moore. Mr. W. Thomas appeared for the complainant, and Mr. Richard Jenkins (Messrs. Morgan, Bruce, Nicholas, and James) appeared for the defend- ants. When the case was called it transpired that Richard Evans, the father had been served with the summons, and not David Evans, the son- This being remedied the case was proceeded with.—Mrs. Moore said that on Easter Tuesday she went from her home at Mountain Ash Pontypridd. On the way back, she carw cnt at Abercynon, and after calling ith at Hearbert-street, she and Mr. and Alr-v C-'ollins were coming up by the train. Onlr Collins caught it, however, and the tw-* -«rcnen were left behind. They decided to walk home, and a boy named Patteirson and a Mr. Grave walked with them. As they passed up the street, they heard some men in a house using vile language. Witness said, "Did you ever hear such language? If I had a stone, I would throw it through the win- dow at them." As soon as she said so, the three men m stocking feet ran after them, and beat them all unmercifully. She went to the police and they subsequently identified the de- fendants.—Cross-examined: The last train left at 12 o'clock. It was not half-past one when they passed defendant's house. She was not drunk. She did not fling stones at the window. She identified Richard and David as the ones who struck her — Ivor Patterson, who was with the complainant "TAlking up to Mountain Ash, corroborated, and spoke to the conversation he had had with defendants since.—Jennet Collins corroborated, as also did Robert Graves, who admitted that he had been drinking.—For the defence, David Evans swore that Mrs. Moore and her pjvrty were passing after one o'clock. He got up out of bed and heard them make use of vile language, and they threw stones tkrough the window. He went down to the door, and was attacked by the men who were outside. He never struck anyone.—Cross-exam- ined He did not see Patterson at his house.— Richard Evans, another defendant, corroborat- ed, and so did Frederick Evans, the other de- fendant.—The Stipendiary said that the case was perfectly clear; he believed the story of the complainant implicitly. It was a disgrace- ful assault.—Defendants were each fined £1 and costs, or one month.—Defendants attempt- ed to addxees the Bench, but were taken down below. DISMISSED.—John Lloyd was summoned to show cause, etc., by Cahterine Richards.—M<r. W. Thomaa for the applicant, and Mr. A. Prosser (Messnx C. and W. Kenshole, Aberdare) for the defendant.—The case was dismissed for want of corroboration. THEFT.—Albert Sully was charged with steal- ing a watch, the property of William Gardner. —Mary Gardner, Homertom-street, Tyntetown, said defendant was her nephew. On Sunday night, 3rd inst., her husband went to bed at nine o'clock. As he was going to bed, he asked where his watch was. She said, "It is upstairs, and be said, "No, it is not here." Defendant stayed in the house that night, and left next day, just before dinner. On Tuesday she saw defendant, and told him that the sooner he brought the watch back the better. The watch produced was tlve one lost.—Mary Penry said defendant came to her house and sold her the watch produoed for 2e. He said he had bought it at Pontypridd on Easter Monday for 5s. 6d.—P.C Williams gave evidence of the arrest.—Mrs. Gardner said she did not wish to press the charge against defendant, who was sent to prison for seven days. STEALING A HAMMER. — William Bett and William Bennett were charged with stealing a hammer, chisel, pincers, etc., the property of John Gibby.-David Hicks, Pentwynavemje, Tyntetown, said that on Saturday week he was on the main road, at Tynte, near two houses which were being built. When defendants came up to him, they said to him, "Why don't you go home?" and he went away. They went into the direction of the new houses, but he could not see whether they went in. He saw them twenty minutes later. Batt had some- thing under his coat.—Ellen Evans, Hebron- itfrraoe, Ynysyboeth, faw Bennett in the win- dow of the house that was being built.—John Gibby, Barry Dock, said he was building two houses at Ynysyboeth. On the Saturday in question, he took a parcel containing four locks into the house. Heleft it in the house about one o'clock, and fastened up the house. The paroeJ was missing on Monday morning. He also missed a number of tools, valued' in all about 26s—P.C. Evans having given evidence, defendants elected to be tried summarily, and called Alfred Edward Butt, brother of William Butt, who, however, had no evidence to give. —Defendants were sent to prison for twenty- 000 days. ALLEGED CRTTELTT. — John Edward Jenkins was summoned for persistent cruelty to his wife, Bridget Jenkins.—It transpired that the alleged cruelty took plaoe at Pontypridd, and complainant was told she must take a summons out at Pontypridd.


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. Cwmbach Minister's Marriage.

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