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'1 aff and Cynon Miners' Meeting.

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¡Deafness Cured.

f 'I IMountain Ash District…


f Mountain Ash District Council, —- SUNDAY CONCERTS. OUGHT THEY TO BE PREVENTED? The ordinary meeting of the Mountain Ash District Council was held on Tuesday, under the presidency of Mr. W. Millar. The members present were:—Messrs. D. Rogers, Wm. Evans, Griffith Evans, Evan Morris, Geo. Hall, Thos. Jones. Wm. Davies J. Bruce Jones, Wm. Lamburn, Rev. E. V. Tidman and Mr. Silas Williams; with Messrs. H. P. Linton (Clerk), F. Stock (Accountant), and v Thomas (Surveyor). On the motion of Mr. D. Rogers, seconded by Mr. Thomas Jones, it was decided to hold a special meeting to consider the question of the water rates. A letter was read from a Mr; Morgan, in reference to Stoney Hill, Abercynon. The writer pointed out that his client was prepared to go on with the agreement on the terms con- tained therein—that no private improvement charges be made in respect of Stoney Hill after the new passage had been made.—On the motion of Mr. Bruce Jones, .seconded by Mr. William Evans, it was decided to send a copy of the letter to the Abercynon Chamber of Trade. The Clerk of the Glamorgan County Council wrote urging the Council to provide a small-pox hospital. Mr. W. Lamburn: We are taking steps as fast as we possibly can. Upon the suggestion of the Clerk, it was decided to relpy that the Council were already moving in the matter. SUNDAY CONCERTS. The Clerk reported upon the Theatres Act, 1843, and the Sunday Observance Act, 1781. Mr. Linton pointed out that there was a heavy penalty for holding sacred concerts on Sunday, at which a charge was made for admission. In the subsequent discussion it was pointed out by 6ome of the members that it was the rule at such concerts to make silver collections. —The Chairman said that whatever methods were adopted for securing payment for admission the fact remained that they were arranged for the purpose of making money. They ought to be stopped.—Mr. George Hall said that these concerts were arranged in the chapels, at which silver collections were made. Were they going to put a stop to these ?—Rev. E. V. Tidman: The only thing to do is to put nothing in the collection. They cannot send you out.—Mr. John Charles said that collections were made at the doors and if people refused to pay they would not bo admitted.—Mr. Silas Williams: How is it that these people run into these concerts ? Are there no good preachers at Mountain Ash ?—Mr. John Charles: They are held after the services.—Mr. William Lamburn called attention to the horse-play which was being carried on by young men in the streets of Mountain Ash, on Sunday evenings. He thought there should bo some attractions provided at the chapels for these young men. If churches were making complaints about the sacred concerts they ought to do something to improve matters.—Rev. E. V. Tidman: You do not expect the churches to compete with this silly nonsense, do you ?—Mr. Lamburn: No, but they should do something.—The Chairman We are going off the mark in discussing this matter.—Replying to Mr. Tidman, the Clerk said that the police would see that there was no infringment of the Act.—The matter was afterwards dropped. DECLARATION OF POfcLS. The Clerk reported that he was obliged to employ extra polling clerks at the recent Guardians and Council elections in the district. A motion confirming the action of the Clerk was carried. Mr. William Lamburn asked the Clerk, as Returning Officer, whether, on future occasions, it would be possible to have the results declared on the same night as the poll was taken.—The Clerk: I appeal to you, Mr. Lamburn, as a representative of Labour, would you like to work eighteen hours in a day ?—-Mr. Lamburn If we pay extra time.—The Clerk (interrupting): I do not want any extra pay.—Mr. Linton added that when they counted the following day they were more fresh for the work and got through it in half the time it would take up if they counted on the polling night.—Mr. Lambum: It is done everywhere else—The Clerk (heatedly): No it is not. It .is impossible to do it here. It you want it done, then all I say is, you must get someone else to do it for you.—Mr. Silas Williams said that he fully recognised the difficulty of counting the same night, but could they not have some of the results made known the same night. He was aware that some of the boxes did not arrive until 11 p.m.—The Clerk The law will not allow us to do that. We must not begin counting until all the ballot boxes are in the room. If we counted in the night we would be here until three o'clock the following morning.—Mr. Williams Davies asked if, when there was only one contest, the result could be made known on the night of the poll.—The Clerk replied in the affirmative. YNYSYBWL RECREATION GROUND. A further communication was read in respect of the proposed recreation ground at YnysybwL It transpired that the landlord desired to reserve the right of running railways over a portion of the ground.—Mr. Silas Williams remarked that the conditions were thoroughly bad, but they were better than nothing at all.—Mr. Bruce Jones said the owner was willing to compensate for any land used.—Mr. D. Rogers replied, and said that was not the point. Perhaps after the portion required for railways had been taken up the remaining portion would be of no use as a recreation ground. On the motion of Mr. William Davies it was decided to accept the terms.—Mr. Silas Williams afterwards moved that a fencing be placed around the ground. Ynysybwl, he said, was the only place now without a recreation ground.—Mr. Williams And Abercynon.—Mr. Williams: But you are going to have a bridge (laughter).—Mr. D. Rogera: What will the election cry of the Abercynon members be. when this bridge is completed ? (laughter).—Mr. J. Charles: Oh, they will still have Stoney Hill (renewed laughter) —Mr. William Evans And the children's park. —Mr. Williams' motion was unanimously agreed to.



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Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P,, atI…


. Cwmbach Minister's Marriage.

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