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'1 aff and Cynon Miners' Meeting.

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i J MOUNTAIN ASH. Yotr can search round the whole world, but can- not beat our prices.—IDRIS EYNON. Miskin Supply Stores. IN THE COMMONS.—Mr. John Picton, whilst in London (through the kindness of Mr. Edgar Jones, M.P. for Merthyr Borough) had the privilege of being for three and a half hours in the gallery in the House of Commons, and hearing speeches on the Veto, by Mr. A. Birrell (Chief Secretary for Ireland), Mr. A. J. Balfour, Lord Hugh Cecil, Mr. Ramsay Macdonald, and others. Mr. Picton also had an interview with Mr. Mat. Keating, M.P. for South Kilkenny, an old Mountain Ash boy. MINERS' MEETING.—A mass meeting of Messrs. Nixons' Cwm Cynon Colliery workmen was held at the Nixon's Hall, on Monday even- ing, Mr. Thomas Morgan presiding. The hall was crowded. A report of the district meeting was given by Mr. Lemuel Cobley, delegate, and of the Cardiff conference by Mr. John Picton. Both delegates were accorded a vote of thanks for their reports. The election of district delegate for the ensuing three months resulted in Mr. Thomas Lewis, Park-street, being selected. After some discussion Mr. John Picton was appointed vice-chairman. CATHOLIC YOUNG MEN'S SOCIETY.—On Thurs- day evening last a billiard match was played between the members of the Catholic Young I Men's Society, Cardiff, and the Mountain Ash < Y.M.S. The match proved very interesting, remarkable skill being shown by players on both sides. Eventually success favoured Moun- tain Ash. The members afterwards played several gameS of whist and were also entertained by songs by Rev. Father Irvine, Mr. Keane (Cardiff), and Miss S. Gleeson (Mountain Ash). | Mr. Turnbull, president of the Cardiff Y.M.S., I thanked the members of the Mountain Ash Y.M.S. for the very enjoyable evening they had spent. COMPLIMENTARY SMOKER.—On Tuesday even- ing, at the Volunteer Band Institute, a smoker was held in honour of Mr. Goodkin, manager of the skating rink, who is about to leave the dis- trict for America. Mr. F. Allen occupied the chair. Songs were given by Messrs. F. Mogg, H. Morgan, Moses Jenkins, J. Vaughan, Joe James, F. Allen and Wm. Evans (comedian), Messrs E. and J. Hardiman gave a very good account of themselves on the trumpet and euphonium. The accompanists were Messrs. Geo. Asplin, H. Thomas and W. Greenwood. Complimentary speeches were made by the chairman, and Messrs. D. Howells, H. Sparey, and Steward. BILLIARD TOURNAMENT.—Last week a billiard tournament took place at the Institute. Final positions:—Davies, Clydach Vale, played 6, won 6; Millwood, Mountain Ash, played 6, won 5, lost 1 Ball, Pontypridd, played 6, won 3, lost 3; Mackintosh, Merthyr, played 6, won 3, lost 3"; German, Pontypridd, played 6, won 2, lost 4; Chamberlain, Merthyr, played 6, won 1, lost 5; Connelly, Treorchy, played 6, won 1, lost 5; cup winner, C. Davies, received 165; runner-up, T. SJillwood, scratch; winner gold medal, J. Ball, scratch. After the tournament a match was played between Millwood and Davies, for a trophy worth £20. Davies received 330 in 1500. Both played carefully, but, unfortunately, the match had to come to a very unsatisfactory end owing to closing time with scores at follows :—Davies. 1450 MiJI. wood, 1342. EVENING SCHOOL SOCIAL.—On Friday evening last a very pleasant time was spent by the students and teachers of the Caegarw Evening Continuation School, when the session was brought to a close with a supper and enter- tainment. Abour 40 attended. A miscellaneous programme followed, which included songs, solos, etc., and selections on various musical instruments. The feature of the evening was the contribution by Mr. T. Roberts and his able accompanist, Mr. T. Morgan. Mr. Roberts. had ingeniously contrived a set of musical bottles, and the skillful performance on these charmed the audience. Selections on a set of bells also brought forth rounds of applause. An amusing competition, demanding skill and judgment, was won by Master W. Falder. Master David Davies lent a. gramaphone and Mr. J. Landeg his tonophone, an instrument which is an improvement on the gramaphone. Some of the selections were remarkably fine and delighted the company. TENNIS CLUB.—The annual ball of the Tennis Club was held at the Duffryn Hotel, on Friday evening last. About 70 couples occupied the floor. Dancing commenced at 8.30 and was kept up with a swing until 2.30. Mil. Fred Roberts, Cardiff, supplied the orchestra. The M.C.'a were Mr. R. Dowdeswell and Capt. G. A. Evans. The following were amongs those present:—Misses P. Evans, K. Evans, B. David, G. Lewis, A. Eynon, J. Rowlands, J. Davies Jones, G. Howells, G. Jones, Chubb, N. Thomas, Morris, D. Morgan, K. Richards, M. Evans, E. Hannah, N. Lewis, D. Lewis, M. Jones, J. Long, E. Long; Mesdames Atkins, Eynon" W. G. Thomas, T. James, Leyshon, Jenkins, Williams; Dm. F. O'Mahoney, L. Williams, M'Carthy, and Pring; Messrs Jardine, T: Farr, A. Jenkins, A. Evans, W. Evans, O. Williams, R. Williams, Pegle, Owen, C. Thomas, D. Lloyd Davies, W. Morgan, W. Evans, I. Williams, W. Heppell, G. Parry, E. Rees, C. Thomas, B. Roberts, Johns, A. Evans, A. James, E. James, W. G. Thomas, Ted James, Leyshon, W. Jenkins, R. Dowdeswell and Capt. G. A. Evans. LECTURE.—A very interesting lecture was given at the Workmen's Institute last Thursday evening, by Dr. Lynn Thomas, of Cardiff, on The Work of the Red Cross Society." Lady Aberdare, who presided, spoke in glowing terms of the work done in outher counties by the Red Cross Society, under the presidency of Lady Plymouth and Lady Llewellyn. Her ladyship, thought that nowhere was the sooiety needed more urgently than in Glamorganshire, where there was such a large area and scope for the volunteer workers in rendering first-aid to those meeting with accidents whilst following their employment in the collieries. She was pleased to. associate herself with such a useful and much-needed work, and trusted that all who possibly could do so would attend the. classes and take certificates for rendering first-aid^ Her ladyship, in introducing Dr. Lynn Thomaa said it gave her great pleasure to do so, and thanked Dr. Thomas for coming to further the Red Cross Society in Mountain Ash. Dr. Lynn Thomas, who was accompanied by Mrs. Thomas, was wall received. He said it gave him very gerat pleasure to see such a large number of people. Some very interesting pictures were shown, which he explained, illustrating his lecture on the work which he was most anxious to furth.1) in rendering first-aid to the soldiers in time of war. Mr. Thomas then went on to explain that in the South African war more than half the soldiers who perished died not through bullet wounds, as would be generally supposed, but through inattention. Lord Aber- dare proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Dr. Thomas for his lecture, and reminded the audience of the debt they were all under to Mr. Thomas for his great and valuable services in South Africa to his fellow-countrymen. He was one of the first of our doctors to volun. teer for the front. Colonel M. Morgan seconded the vote of thanks and Capt. F. N. Gray sup- ported. The latter said he trutsed that all who could do so would give her Ladyship all the help ahey could to further the cause of the society in Mountain Ash. A few very amusing pictures terminated a pleasant evening.


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