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Mr. Keir Hardie, M.P.,on India4

Is Your Skin Disfigured? -'


Is Your Skin Disfigured? COVERED WITH MATTERY PIMPLSSi ZAM-BUK ENDS A COMMON SPRING COMPLAINT. --=-- Pimples, sores, and raahes on various parts OJ tne body, but particularly on the face, NEW and arms, are tM inevitable penalty of negl ing the skin in the Spring, when tne pores clogged through being overworked. AH value comfort and a good appearance will proS* by the experience of Mrs. Elizabeth BORMANJ make daily dressings of the skin with ZAM-BW! » A special care just now, and so reap the REWATF* of a clear and healthy skin. "Mattery pimples broke out on my left ARFLW came to a head, and then burst," said M Borman, who lives at 51, Brightmore STREET Sheffield, to a reporter "I tried home- remedies which, however, were too crude to DJI good. On the contrary, the inflammation 8°* worse,- and other-pimples appeared on my ARP'J and in enormous numbers on the lower PA^ of my body. The itching was so bad 10ft! found I had scratched the heads of THE piIDplei away in my sleep and caused them to bleed. "The doctor told me I had wet eczema. W- ointments and medicines didn't bring me a.Ø -relief, so I gave them up. Then, as one another cheap ointment failed, I lost hope became quite dispirted. IT was agony to NIO^ about, and I found it impossible to do ■HP^sework with my body covered with th wretched sores- I don't know what I have done if I hadn't been persuaded to TRJ* Zam-Buk. • "After my very discouraging EXPERIENC^ witointments I was surprised when ZAM-B^* relieved the itching and cooled and soothed inflamed sores almost at once. I saw TB#T Zam-Buk must be much more than a ointment, so I kept on with the which cleansed the sores and removed dead skin. As the scabs peeled off new skin grew in their place. This wonderful growing continued until Zam-Buk had away every sore and left me with a perfect* healthy skin." So-called blood purifiers cannot get to tfIØ root of skin diseases. Nor can those COA1^ concoctions of nasty fats and mineral called ointments,, salves, and creams. ZAM-B' is the one pure balm that is naturally sorbed by the skin. Zam-Buk is a pure unique herbal healer and skin remedy, and *H formula from which it is made is one of to" most carefully guarded secrets of to-day. ware of worthless substitutes UND frauds* -J imitations.