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ABERDARE. IF YOU HAVE DEFECTIVE EYESIGHT, consult the most experienced Eyesight Testing Expert in Mer- thyr. Mr HENRY M. LLOYD, Ophthalmic Optician and Chemist, Merthyr (opposite Market doors). "JUDAS MAccABErs. "-Drill Hall, Merthyr, Thursday 21st, by Park Choral Society. Con- ductor, Mr Dan Davies, DINNER TO SIR S. T EVANS.-T-he High Con- stable of Aberdare has received an invitation from the Committee of the Welsh Club to dine with the new Welsh Judge, Sir S. T. Evans, at Whitehall on the 26th inst. Councillor M. J. Harries, Councillor Lewis N. Williams, Mr. Frank Hodges, and Mr. D. M. Richards have also received invitations. PRESENTATION.—A successful smoking con- cert was held in connection with the local Operative Bakers on Thursday evening at the Prince of Wales Hotel. Mr. S. lies presided. A silver watch was presented to Mr F. Harbon, one of the staff at the Foundry Town Bakery, upon his departure for Americfu The presenta- tion was made by Mr.- G. Ryeal, and Mr. Har- bon feelingly responded. ABERDARIAN IN THE STATES.—The Rev. Dd. Jones, minister .0Vthe Congregational Church at Scranton, Utica, U.S.A., a native of Aber- dare, is about to return to Wales for a length- ened vieh this summer. Mr. Jones was for some years minister of the Welsh Congrega- tional Church at New Quay, Cardiganshire. He commenced to preach at Bethel (Gadlys), and studied at Bala College for the ministry. BABY SHow.-A movement is on fopt to hold a baby show in Abardare Several medical gentlemen are taking a keen interest in the movement, especially Dr. Evan Jones, Tymawr, whose wife has already promised prizes amounting to R10. Undoubtedly, other prizes will shortly be secured. It is proposed to hold the show in October, and as such shows have been very successful and very beneficial in other town, there is no doubt one will be equal- ly sucoessful in Aberdare. LOCAL WILL. Mr. Robert Lilwall, of 30, Gloucester-street, Aberdare, timber merchant, who died on February 1st, left estate of the gross value of E2,949, with net personalty 22,914, and probate of his will, dated January 24th, 1908, with a codicil, has been granted to Mr. Richard Francis, of Aberdare, foundry manager. The teetator left two houses in Dean-street, Aberdare, and ;C5M to his niece, Lily Francis, L200 to the said Richard Francis, £ 100 each to Hettie and May Francis, and the residue of his estate he left as to one-fifth each to his sister-in-law (Luèy Lilwall), his brother (Tom Lilwall), his nephews (Arthur and Charles Lilwall), and his niece (Lily Francis). "THE ABERDARIAN.The April number of "The Aberdarian," the organ of the Aebrdare County School, is to hand. Reference is natur- ally made to the success of Mr. Willie Oxen- ham, who has won a Commercial Scholarship of £ 50 per annum for three years, awarded by the Glamorgan County Council. Young Oxen- ham purposes to enter the -Birmnigham Uni- versity to study for the degree of Bachelor of Commerce. A brief and sympathetic ref-erenoe is also made to the loss the school has sustained by the death of Mr. Griffith George, J.P., a member of the Board of Governors from the commencement. A very interesting article fol- lows on "The Civil Service for Women," which will be. helpful for. girls preparing for that career. Tho Past Students' notes, as usual,- re- cord the success of a number of the past stu- dents at various examination, etc. BAND OF HOPE.—On Thursday evening, an entertainment was given by the children of the Tabernacle Band of Hope. The Rev. J. M. Jones (pastor) presided, and there was an ex cellent attendance. The chief feature of the evening was the character play, ''The Babes of the Wood," got up by Miss Bronwen M. Grif- fiths, Park Schools, and a bevy of little boys and girls; Miss Rona Wilson and Master Wil- liams being the babes; Mrs. Griffiths, who has for some time worked with the Girls' Guild; Miss May Morris, who had got up a few pretty action songs; Miss May Hopkins and Miss Wil- liams, teachers of the Band of Hope; along with Miss B. M Richards, who had, with some of the boys, prepared choruses. Mrs. J. M. Jones (the president) and Mrs. W. D. Morris (another teacher of the Band of Hope) deserve special mention. The following programme was gone through :-Pianoforte solo, Master Gwynne Howells; recitation, "Naming the Baby," Master Johnny Williams; chorus, "Marching to Georgia," Band of Hope Boys; action song, "The Whiting and the Snail," Guild Girls; pianoforte solo, "Butterfly," Mas- ter David Thomas; chorus, "The Butterfly," Band of Hope Girls; recitation (in character), Mi&s Rona Wilson chorus, "Stay in your own backyard," Band of Hope Boys; dance. "High- land Reel, Guild Giris; recitation, "Florence Nightingale," Miss Margery George; play, "The Babes in the Wood," Miss Griffiths's party; solo, Master Tom Forey; chorus, "Good Night," Band of Hope Girls; song and chorus, "Hen Wlad fv Nhadau, Miss Emily Williams. —On Friday evening a tea was given to the children attending the Band of Hope, under the presidency of Mrs. J. M. Jones; also those of the Girls' Guild, carried on by Mrs. and Miss Griffiths, Park Schools, and the Boys' Club, under Mr. Evan H. Evans, were all invited to tea. After the tea, a musical programme was contributed to by the children, and songs and recitations were given by the Misses M. Hop- kins and B. t. Richards. "Amos- "-On Thursday Jaet, at the New Pub- lic Hall, a performance of the charming drama- tic cantata, "Amos, the Cripple of Caper- naum," was given by Trinity Chapel Choir. The following took part :Chuza," Mr. Ebon. Powell; "Barucl-i," Mr. W. Daviee, "Micah," Mr. Ivor Bryant; "Contunon," Mr. Steve Jen kins; "Joanna," Miss Maggie Phillips; "Widow of Nain," Mrs. Lewis; "Angel," Miss Row- lands: "Amos," Miss MildTed Davies; "Zilla, Miss Hall, "Phineas," "Reuben," "Ezra," and 1 "Lamech" were impersonated by Messrs. E. J. Williams, Ivor Phillips, D. Davies, and Newton respectively. Miss Phillips, as "Joanna," gave a really fine interpretation of the part. "Amos" was magnificently played by Miss M. Davies, who deserves, special praise, as her conception of the part was wonderful. Mr. Eben Powell, as "Chuza," was "ood, though the effect was somewhat marred by his reading the part. Mr. Davies, Trecynon, who 'took the part of "Baruoh," and Mr. S. Jenkins, Mountain Ash, who took the parts of "Barti- maeus'' and the "Centurion," both deserve nraise. Mr. Jenkins's magnificent voice was TToard to advantage in the "Centurion's" solo. Miss Hall, Messrs. Bryant, Davies, Williams, Phillips, and Newton are to be congratulated on the mastery of their parts. The choir ren- dered their, choruses ,magnificently. Credit is due to. MiM Phillips, Canon-street, for the' ad- mirable way in which the children had been trained. Mr. Dan Jones seemed to have im- bued his choir with his own artistic spirit, iaind the whole work went off without a hitch. There was a thorough understanding between the orchestra and the chorus Messrs. R. R. Price and C. Jones, as stage managers, did their work in the best possible manner.. The orchestra, which did its part efficiently, was under the leadership of Mr. J. Arkite Phillips, and comprised the following:—First violins: Messrs. E. Ashton and S. Evans; second vio- lins, M. Williams. H. Toughne, and T. Flooki; viola, Mr. J. Minnett; double bass, Mr. D. Jones; flute, Mr. T. LAWRENCE; oboe, Mr. J. Arkite Phillips, clarionets, Messrs. Morris and Davies, basso, Mr. D. Williams, piccolo, Mr. E. Hardiman Mr. D Rice Jones (the deputy organist at Trinity) was the accompanist RECHABITES.—The members of the Rising Star Ten. (No. 1397) of the Independent Order of Rechabites, who meet at Tabernacle Vestry, Aberdare, celebrated the twenty-fir year of the Tent's existence with 3 social tea meeting at Miles's Restaurant, Canon-street, on Thurs- day last. A the subsequent meeting, Bro. David Howells, the chief ru!er, supported by Bro T. Evan?, P C.R., and Bro F. Shackell, D.R., presided over a crowded attendance of members.—The Chief Ruler, in a short and appropriate speech, gave a hearty welcome, and congratulated the members on the pros- perous position of the Tent. Commencjn 21 years ago (through the aid of Bro. J W Harris, now of Abercarn), with no capital and very few members, they had to-day a capital exceeding JB500 exclusive of District and Order funds, and a membership of adults and juveniles of nearly 700. During this period, all legitimate claims, both sick and funeral, made on the Tent had been promptly paid according to the Tent rules.—Following the speech of the Chief Ruler, Bro. Thomas Frame gave a song.- Bros. J, Jordan. T. Jenkins, and J. W Younrr, in short speeches, put the Temperance cause very clearly, showing the great advantage living a temperate life, on health, character, and circumstances.—Bro. W G. Pink, the superintendent of the Juvenile Tent, in a very appealing speech, put forward the ol-aiirr of the Juvenile Tent, as during the few months there had been no less than 50 j liver i> members transferred to the Adult Tent. Ac cordingly, he appealed to the rneinbars of the Adult Tent for their assistance and co-opera- tion, not only to retain the juvenile member- ship, but to increase it.—Bro David Parsons, spoke on the relation of the Bndcet to Friendly Societies. He gave a detailed account of the national scheme of insurance against sickness mentioned in the Budget, and also a great deal of information on the schemes adopted by Ger- many. Norway, and Belgium. — Bro. Henry Powell, the secretary of the Holiday Club, in a very amusing "nd interesting speech, placed before the members the object and claims of that club, and also announced that it was in- tended to have an excursion i'1 connection with the Adult Tent shortly —Bro?. T Frame and T. Evans spoke on the impedance of increas- ing the membership, and explained what hnd been arranged to acknowledge the services of those that rendered services in that dircction- On the motion of Bro. Robert Davies, second-' by Bro. Jonathan Jones, a "ots expressing sympathy with Bro. J. W Har.i«, oi Abercsrn. in his serious illness was nnanir/>>>a«i.v r.assed. Votes of thanks to the :u; In-, caterers (Messrs. Miles and So.u- VJI &leo Ü) Mr. James (the manager) brougnt ? pl-, ant evening to a close.








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