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DRAUGHT NOTES By T, BENNETT. r. SOLTJTIOSIS. Problem No. 65.C. T. Jones, Merthyr Tydfil.-Blael.- men on 2, 4, 5, G, 7, 20; king on 26.-White men on. 11, 13, Id, 17, 19, 24, 27. 32. White to play and win. ) I 27—23 7-16 19-12 2-11 I 27—27 12— 8 16—19 17—14 I 16—12 4—11 32-r 7 11-16 etc.—White wins. I Problem No. 66.—By T. Bennett, Mountain Ash.—Black men on 7, 9, 23; kings on 24, 29, 31. White men on 8, 15,16,18, 30; king on 22. Whites to play and win, 16—11 31—22 30—25 15—18 7—16 15—11 29—22 4—25 22—26 22—15 8— 4 White wins. | raoBUois. J No. 67.—By H. F. Seharer, Draught Editor of the Dundee People's Journal."—Black men I on 17, 19, 22; king on 30. White men on 8, 27, 28, 29. Black to play and draw. As pretty a problem as we have seen for some time. No. 68.—By J. H. Collins, Ystrad Rhondda. —Black men on 1, 3, 21; king on 18. White men on 11, 14, 17, 26, 29. White to play and win. A neat demonstration of an old idea. The Adam Problem. Mr. J. H. Collins, Bhondda has brought this problem to our notice. It will, no doubt, amuse readers, as it appears to have done when first published in the Draught Board," on Npvember 1st, 1869, over forty years ago. It is by Dr. T. J. Brown, Limerick. Black men on 3, 4. White king on 29. Black to play and set" the king in 11 moves. \c, Answers TO Correspondents. -s T. Williams, Brithdft.-Your problem -is not original, as you will see by a perusal of our back nnmbers. We have already published this problem. Its author is J. EL Cbllina, Ystrad Bhondda. Problem '46. J. Craddock, Merthyr.—Sorry, we have no power to develope ourselves in the direction you indicate. Why not. write to the Editor. fe- J. H. Collins, Ystrad Rhondda.-WeTare deeply indebted to you for the batch of problems you have sent us. Re the problem which was allowed as a dual solution, you have decisively proved the Editor and the claimant toJbe mistaken. Will you please send us permission to publish your problem, for which Mr. Alexan- der is offering a prize after April 12th and kindly send along solution. Will write you shortly. J. Hanson and others.—Problems either not sufficiently problematical, or overcrowded. All communications should be addressedfto T. Bennett, 56, Glyn-Gwyn-street, Miskin, Mountain Ash,, and should bear the word Draughts" on the left-hand comer of the envelope. J