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LIKE A STAB IN THE BACK I I 9 I is the pain of kidney disease. But that is only I one of the symptoms — ■ they vary in different a cases; others-are;— J Dropsical Swellings, | DoU Ache in the Loins* ] Lumbago, Bladder Disorders, I Scalding or Sandy Urine, 9 Gravel and Stone, I Uric Acid Poisoning, 1 Rheumatic Fains, I Neuralgic Headaches 1 Dizziness, Puffy Eyes I Impure Blood, 1 Constant Thirst, I b Heart Trouble, I Weak and Always Tired, • Inflammation of the | Bladder. m ) 43 ^TtlisaStory. Te,Us a I ■ Kidney complaint does not affect (everyone in the same way — no patient has all the symptoms, ^but every patient has some of the 0 symptoms. If, however, you have any trace of kidney and bladder t weakness, your trouble may already N have reached a more serious stage 11 < than you think-the kidneys may Ibe breaking down cell by cell, and the bladder may suddenly lose con- trol of the urine. Iln the next column a neighbour tells her experience with Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. | I Doan's Pills cure disease by cleansing the urinary system, keep- ing the bladder active, and helping | the kidneys to throw off the excess :| uric acid and other poisons that 0 cause the above symptoms and diseases. They reach the causa of r disease. V: .•■■• MERTHYR CASE On and off, ever since the birth of mjr 1 second child, I have had signs of kidney | disorders," says Mrs. M. J. Jones, of 38, Bryn Street, Twynyrodyn, Merthyr. m There was a severe pain right in the | small of my back, and after stooping I J found great difficulty in raising myself. I could not get proper sleep at night, and I' consequently I was always tired and I languid in the morning. 1 Reading of Doan's Backache Kidney Pills, I got a box of them to see if they would do me good. They soon removed V the trouble, and in a few days I was able 1 to stoop with ease, and do my house- 1 work without backache. I think Doan's Backache Kidney Pills are just splendid, B and I strongly recommend them. (Signed) K Mary Jane Jones. | WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED BOOKLET ON KIDNEY AND I BLADDER TROUBLE, SENT POST J FREE. ft S/9 a box, 6 boxes lSj9 of all deafer*, or post 1 free direct from Foster-McClellan Co., 8, Wells• ■ street, Oxford-street, London, W. LIKE Mrs. JONES HAD,. 'Roe I I 9 own 0 mh e saM■■■■■> • —wi ramiif ~n • BiiinmriiTi • feaasB&EJ c aa^BB •