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THE NORTHERN UNION GAME NORTHERN UNIgN international. BRILLIANT VICTORY FOR WALES. .Northern Union teams representing Wales atld ^ft&land met at Ebbw Vale on Saturday, when ales gained a brilliant victory by six goals, nine nl>es (39 points) to England three eoals, fonr tries points) It was greatly to the liking of tbe crowd, the fast and brilliant game played by the fetors and the ideal weather conditions ail contri- r?y'ng to the success of the match from the Welsh J*>int of view But to the Saxons present the day ™as one for painful reflections. The thirteen tries *ere so well distributed that the match was brim- Lu of interesting and exciting incidents. In the l^st half England predominated, but even then ''TaJes opened the score, weak defence by the left Jp'ig presenting Williams with a simple try, which uoung could not improve. » t England soon recovered, and before the interval R'~s were scored by Smith and Jukes (2). Lomas na Leytham each placing one goal Wales' try due to a fine run by Llewellyn, who, wheD op- threw to Jenkins. The story of the second is one continued run of Welsh successes. In urii Williams, J. Thomas, B Jenkins, Llewellyn, y Jenkins, Williams and Llewellyn scored tries; ^onng dropped a goal, placing two from tries, and t,nomas helped to add to the points by improvine Wee tries. r Even when their aggregate reached thirty-one £ >'nts the valiant representatives of Wales perse- ei^K?u for Young's determined work enabled the KQth try to be made. A last despairing rally, ANRI T,v led by Ramsdale, and helped on by Ward Jukes, resulted in the Hunslet player nunting and Lomas being in attendance the Salford aptain had only to field the ball to record the He was equal to the effort. and also placed ne goaL reverse by eighteen points to thirty-nine can- tip satisfactorily explained, nor can the deba- attributed to the premature retirement of Jr» wll° ,t;t ttie aftfir half an hour's play. MPaf' t,le weakening of the scrummagers enabled shoiiM to moi-fc frr-quently obtain possession, but it «uid he renumbered that behind the forwards nve backs whose abilities in attack and de- have brought them selection for the Colonial R (B tries in the second half is, I imagine, a for "'h'ch will stand for Northern Union Wales «sVe time, and. what is more to the point, dp-Bcf Snccess was thoroughly worked for and justly fcasvVec*' wonderful aecuracy of the Welsh ofai?8 *'he thorough anderstanding of the methods Ulav and the admirable support given to the th» w'th the ball continuously kept Wales on en,. attack, and the most desperate of defenders thp not on Saturday have successfully stemmed e advancine tide. #i"tost credit for the brilliant victory must be fi}*cn to tbe two half-backs. Itees Rees, the Mer- half-back, made a perfect partner to Thomas. }he k forwards obtained the upper hand and commented to come to the waitine hands, tioiv wd it away in a flash. There was no hesita- lilJg attempt at time wasting or useless jug- Thorn, lie bad confidence in his partner, and John ■4 (jj 38 waS happy Wigan's half-back was seen *>r sl best. He took tho passes .high or low, slow r,airablrl), and always made progress. He was ad- »ith supported by centres who in turn handled eJlyn dazzling precision, and Williams and Llew- skJi] bad ample opportunities of showing their the han hen wflen by chance English energy sent three beyond these nippy half-backs and finished ^'Quarter backs, Young was there, 11 the as thoroughly tested in the first half with aii(j ^'nd assisting the attack, but he persevered, •ttent n turn came after the interval his judg- 'onini 'i1 Pacing the ball and his brilliant fielding fc«rp ii tho story. They were a happy famil.v 1**nt Welsh backs. Every man was intelli- tcorJnuall that he did, and the nine tries were all k -T? by the backs, a fitting reward to as brilliant wmbination as one could desire to see. A task w°r<1 of wraise is due to the forwards. Their v0*i_ J'as lighter than they expected, and they at tim a Even burly Shugars ran the s 'ike a back, and the whole six throughout Same were desperately in earnest. A* hoi,? England. They were (greeted with musical but the inspiration would not come. Even wind tkey failed to extract tbe full mea- W lrom the favourable conditions, and much aim- first /°ng kicking was indulged in during .the iofp.j e"ty minutes. Then their passing was ttfuch thro'^ to that of the Welshmen, and knocks on and | Vj}k ST forward were far too frequent for men Wnf ntemational 6tatus. In combined move- taclcc v wer? as a third-rate team to the Welsh and the second half in no way exaggerates Celtic superiority. 8h his ^r'°.ck improved as the game progressed, and *as bi{i°ns. considering the extreme pressure, Ja""iy creditable. Lomas and Riley also work- tei,i''a,rd> but the wingmen—even before Batten's jJon.r^ent did not possess the finish of their op- ilL White and Smith were not an ideal pair "le i opposition, although with the exception of if °.veniei!t, when the Oldham man min'ht with breai. ,1ave passed in preference to attempting to feat, through, there were few sins of omission, a Hr-ere was a something lacking in attack and clevp °f understanding in defence of which the t*en[ Welshmen' took full advantage, and for 8eu»'y' winutes in the second half England's repre- 'ves were woefully weak in all that they did.' Sn the *'>th the forwards. They appeared to give np the trn»gle when their numbers were reduced, and .^Position six appeared to possess all the arts "erp acconipJished hooker. Occasionally there '"dividual flashes of brilliance, but tho dash JHjjjSl^ring of typical English scrummages were T # >Ori- teams were as follow —E.ngland r J. Shar- '^igan); J. Ix-ylham (Wigan), J. Lomas J- Riley (Halifax), W. Batten (Huns- A?. Smith (Hunslet), T. white (Oldham), A. E. II«m\ (Oldham), F. Webster (Leeds). W. Ward let\ B- Ramsdale (W'igan), W. Jukes (Huns- Boylen (Hull). Wales. F Young (Leeds); fe. Tw'Uiams (Halifax), C. Jenkins (Ebbw Vale), J. lij^nkiris (Wigan), L. Llewellyn (Ebbw Vale); flick "omas (Wigan), R. Rees (Mertliyr), G. Rud- fint,f„(?roughton Rangers), F. A. Shugars (War- WhI D- Lewis (Mertliyr), I). Galloway (Tre- '^aie^ D- Davies (Merthyr), J. Foley (Ebbw '^feree, j H. Smith (Widnes).

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