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EVENTS OF THE WEEK. Sir John Dickson-Poynder has been appoint- ed Governor of New Zealand. Hundreds of meetings are to be held in London in the course of the campaign against the Lords' veto. A verdict of "Accidental death" was re- turned at the inquest on Monday on Mr. Tomkinson, M.P Al r. T. E. Scrutton, K.C., has been ap- pointed a judge in place of Mr. Justice Sutton, who has resigned. The Queen arrived in London from Sand- ringham on Monday, and was present at the sitting of the House of Commons. Thomas Anthony Evans, a cattle salesman, was fined £ 20 and costs at Swansea on Mon- day for having unsound meat in his possession. One of the largest and most striking pro- cessions ever in the streets of London is to be organised at the end of May by the sufFragettee. It is stated that Fred Welsh has received an offer by cable from California to fight "Battling" Nelson on July 2nd for a 5,000 dollar purse. Mr. Tomkinson, M.P., died on Sunday morning as the res j It of an accident sustained in the Parliamentary steeplechase at Epping on Saturday. Lord Brassey, who is 74 years of age, has accepted tho mastership of the Bexhill Har- riers. He rides regularly to hounds, and is a fine horseman. For murdering Mrs. Mary Purcell in a Dublin slum on March 6th, Thomas Coleman was on Monday sentenced to death. The exe- cution has been fixed for May 11th. In his annual report to the Foreign Office the British Consul-General in New York gives details of unemployment and high prices, and issues a warning to British emigrants. Councillor It. Campbell (Woolwich), the Conservative working-man candidate for the Swansea District .seat at the last General Election, has pro vie.on ally consented to con- I test Stockport. Mr. Asquith, in the House of Comons on Monday, replying to Mr. John Redmond, strongly condemned the action of Sir Robert Anderson in cotincoi :OP with the "Parnellism and Crime" episcode The managers of the Roman Catholic School at Lianellv have made a claim of over £ 600 against the Llaneliy Education Authority and allege that this sum has been withheld from them by the Committee. As the result of a gas explosion on Mon- day, at the residence of Mr. Hewitt, at 2, Bonfield-road, Lewisham, a domestic servant named Clara- Yallop was badiy burned about the. head, face, and hands. The new Dreadnought H.M.S. Colossus was lauched at Greenock on Saturday, and on the same day the torpedo boat destroyer Yarra, the second unit of the Commonwealth fleet, was launched at Dumbarton. It has been decided by the Swansea Hospital authorities not to admit to the institution in future cases of attempted suicide, owing to the pressure upon the accommodation. Such cases are to be sent to the workhouse. At the annual meeting of the Tin and Sheet Millmen's Union at Swansea the sec- retary reported that there had been an in- crease of over 100 members during the year, and there had been a net agin to the Society's credit of £ 1,000. Although unable to swim, a Reading resi- dent named Henry Martin has rescued sever- al people from drowning, and he has been presented with £ 5 from the Carnegie Hero Fund for plunging into tho Kennet and rescu- ing a man aged RO. At a meeting et the Sussex Territorial I Association, presided over by the Duke of Norfolk, it was decided to endeavour to raise a new cyclic battalion at Brighton, which, it is thought, would be an admirable centre for patrolling the coast. Orlando Tr-snto Sparrow (58), a shoemaker, of Drydcck, Dea.n Forest, slipped off a bench and fell dead on the platform of the G.W.R. station at Cardiff on Saturday. Ho ^suffered from heart disease, and had been warned by his doctor against leaving home The Great. Western Railway Temperance Union, hieh has a membership of 11.193, on Saturday at Cardiff inaugurated its 27th an- nual conference. The delegates and members ware welcomed at a public gathering by the Lord Mayor of the city (Aid. Chappell). The Rev. \V D. I. Mackintosh, Vicar of Pontnewydd, in presiding at an assault-al- arms il1 his parish, in aid of the local harriers, said he was there in the name of athleticism. He knew tha no man could keep fit for that sort of thrng unless he lived a good, clean, and pure life Speaking at the annual meeting of the National Democratic League, on Saturday, Mr. Masterman said, witii reference to the conflict between the two Houses 01 Parlia- ment, that it would be the faul' of democrats if the present situation was not ended as speedily as possible. Upholding the claim of the Swansea and Neath Law Society that limited liability societies should not appear without a soli- citor or counsel, the Registrar of Swansea County Court on Monday decided that a law employee of r company could only appear in the capacity of a witness. Buglars broke into the premises of a jewel- ler in Cann Hall-road, Stratford, and got away with J6150 worth of jewellery. Two assistants sleep on the premises, and by their bedside they keep a life preserver and a poree whistle. They awakened in time to see the thieves get through the roof with their booty. Mr. Alfred H. Rees was on Saturday ap. pointed clerk to the Newport Board of Guard- ians and the St. Mellons' District Council, in succession to the late Mr. Ithel Thomas. He has been in the service of the Board since 1880, when he was appointed relieving officer. There were 55 applicants for the position. A case of tinned fruit opened on Saturday at the shop of a Newport grocer contained a show card on the back of which was written: "If this should fall into the hands of some nice young man who wants to correspond with a jolly good girl. address, Miss Carrie Kleiner, Grove-street, Oakland, California. Sufficient money has been received at the Bethnal-green Coroner's Court to allow 10s. a week for over a year to Mrs. Brewer, who, after being deserted by her husband, lo3t her child, aged 3, through its clothes catch- ing fire. The child got on the fender during the mother's absence, and offered up a prayer to Father Christmas to send him some f: *v as he was starving. His clothing caught' nie and he was burned to death. Early in December las. it was reported that Miss Hetty Vaughan, a teacher engaged at Tutshill Village School, near Chepstow, was missing from her lodging. No reason could be assigned for her mysterious disappearance, and though every inquiry was made, she could not be traced. The mystery has now been solved by the discovery of h?r remains, in a very de- composed state, in the River Wye, not far from the ruins of Tintern Abbey. So far as can be ascertained, the young teacher was not in any trouble. She was very popular with the school children, as well as with the towns- folk. Miss Vaughan, who was only twenty-one years of age, was a native of Brecon, and I prior to going to Chepstow she was engaged at Birmingham.