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Merthyr Man Found Drowned.


Merthyr Health Committee.1

Theatre Royat Merthyr.

Appeals at Quarter Sessions.


Merthyr Board of Guardians.





REVIEWS. Beautifully illustrated and containing a won- derful amount of bright reading, fiction, etc., "My Weekly," the first issue of which has ap- peared this week, will appeal to both sexes of all ages. Homely household ihints and a beautiful crochet pattern will be given every Friday. Other features include an unusually attractive serial by a well-known author, en- titled "The Girl from Nowhere"; a long com- plete novel every week, charming short stories, special articles on woman's work, and answers to correspondents by a London society lady. "Munsey's Magazine" for April opens ^very appropriately with a special article on "The Return of Halley's Comet." Other special articles deal with "The Exiles of Patriotism," "Bare Feet and Beethoven," "The Sons of Great Men," "Women in a Labour War," and "Famous Affinities of History. Several serial- stories are continued, and there are numbers of short stories of great interest. There is also a miscellaneous collection of poemis, storiettes, portraits, and stage gossip, which help to make up a most interesting magazine. „ We'"1 have received a copy of Health and Beauty for- Women and Girls, by Helena Gent, Is. net, from "Health and Strength" Library. 12. Burleigh-street, London, W.C. The book will prove an excellent guide for wo- men of all ages for the improvement of their health. In it are discussed the many obstacles that have prevented women from following the laws of nature. The arguments set forth in its pages conclusively prove that women should not only perform a few well-chosen exercises daily, but should pay more attention fQ the care of their health. The book contains 18 well-posed photographs illustrating the various chapters on the importance of deep breathing, reducing weight, increasing height, etc., and gives simple exercises for strengthening the- muscles, otherwise inactive and undeveloped. In "Harper's" for April, Miss Florence San- ville, of the Consumers' League of Philadel- phia, tells of her experiences as a worker in one of tho Pennsylvania silk-mills. Miss San- ville and a friend, Miss Cochran, obtained work as ordinary mill hands in order to make a thorough study of the conditions in the mills. Ford Max Hueffer, in his article oo the Pre- Raphaelites, prints for the first tIme some ex- cerpts from the diary of his grandfather, Madox Brown, the pa.inter, which throw an amusing light on many of the great men of tha day. Nehemiah Curnock writes of the recently-dis- covered Journals of John Wesley, which give, among other details-of tho great pr eacher's life, a. new view of his vieit to America. Professor Oscar Hecker also has an article on "Tides in the Solid Earth." There are only a. few of the sp2cial features of this bright monthly, which also contains several complete stories of great interest, and a. number of poems.

Mountain Ash Bill.



In Dolygaer Lake.