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Merthyr Man Found Drowned.


Merthyr Health Committee.1

Theatre Royat Merthyr.

Appeals at Quarter Sessions.


Merthyr Board of Guardians.


Merthyr Board of Guardians. THANKS TO THE RETIRING CHAIRMAN. FRICTION BETWEEN AN OFFICER AND THE RELIEF COMMIT EE. The last meeting of the outgoing Board of Guardians was held on Saturday, 1\1r. David Hopkins presiding. The Rector of Dowlais (Rev. U. M. Williams) referred to the fact that that waa the last meet- ing the Chairman would attend, and he pro- poaed that a hearty vote of thanks be accorded him for his work as a guardian and as chair- man. of the Board. They all regretted that Mr. Hopkins would not return at the next meeting. He had been a most useful meihber, and they had boon singularly fortunate in having his sear- vices during the last sixteen years. He hoped that some day they would see Mr. Hopkins amongst them again, and in the meantime they hoped to sea him chairman of the Gellygaer District Council, and that the magistrates would have his assistance on the Bench, to help to deal with the Poor Law cases.—Rev. J. O'Reilly seconded the proposition, and said that Mr. Hopkins had discharged his duties to the satis- faction of the majority of the members. If a chairman did hia duty, he must occasionally step upon the toes of somebody. He (the speak- er) regretted very siopsrely that Mr. Hopkins would not return to the Board.—The Rev. T. Rees endorsed all that had been eaid, and pressed the hope that some day Mr. Hopkins would return. He (Mr. Rees) would be pre- pared to resign in his favour.'—Mr. J. Aurelius and Mrs. Richards endorsed all that had been said of Mr. Hopkins's good work, and the reso- lution was carried with acclamation. The Chairman thanked the members very much for their kindness. He said that the old cast-iron rules of Boards of Guardians were in vogue sixteen years ago, when h was first elec- ted a member of th-e Board, but they had been nearly wiped out. The barrack system also was fast dying out, and they were now on the right track for dealing with the poor. He re- gretted very much that he was leaving the Board. During the time he had been in Uie chair, he had been well supported, and especial- ly by the ladies. No Beard of Guardians should b? without lady members. He also thanked the Clerk for his assistance, and said he wsa thankful he was not leaving cn bad terms with anyone (hear, heaz). OFFICER REFUSES TO APOLOGISE. Mr. Dart, clerk in tha collector's office, ap peared before the Board with reierence to an allegation that he had behaved disrespectfully to the members of one of the relief committees that morning.—Mr. Hugh Jones said that the officer chided a woman about receiving relief when she had £200 compensation money, and when before the committee he snap his fin- gers at the members.—Mr. Dart said that Mr. Jones spoke insultingly to him, flared up, and asked what business he had to make any re- marks to the woman. The woman hereelf. in conversation, told him about the £200. and he naked her if she had the cheek to look for ro- lief, and she said she received relief for or- phl\Ð8.The Chairman: Did you aay you were independent of the /sruardians.—Mr. Dart: No. I said I didn't care for the guardians, or some- thing like that. I have nothing to expect from them. I felt a bit injured. If I snapped my finT. at the committee, I did so unconsciously. —Rev. J. O'Reilly: If you said anything, I sup- pose you would express your regret.?—Mr Dart: I am sorry if I said anvthing; but I think Mr. Jones ought to >ay he is sorry for addressing me in the way he did.—Itev. W. C. Thofioas: Mr. Jones did not insult you at alL-In reply to the Rev. T. Re-eo, Mr 1),arl said the woman told him she had JE300, and he made a reply to her. He did not think there was harm. in that.—Mr. Harris: You told the committee you were independent of the guardians.—Mr. Dart: I said I had nothing to thank them for.—It was agreed thnt Mr Darl, be a-ksd to apologise to tJ; committee for h'$co~<<ct, or thai ho b? given a month's notica. —The officer, however, refused to apologise, and eaid he would himself h&ad in hi NO PUBLIC INSPECTION. Tho Clerk read a. circular letter from the Association of Poor Law Unions, asking the Board to consider the advisability of throwing open, on one or more days, for the inspection of the public, the Workhouse and any separate institutions belonging to them, with the view of enabling the residents in thiir district to form a sound opinion from the result of their personal observation, as to the incorrectness of many of tho allegations made against Boards of Guardians and their administration in tho Poor Law Commission reports, especially the Minor- ity Report, and also suggesting the holding of a public meeting at which the- working of the Board could be explained to those who attend, and the administration of the Board justified.— It was moved by Mr. John Prowlo, seconded by Mr. Thomas Andrews, and resolved that no action bo taken in the matter COTTAGE HOMES. A letter was road from Mr. J. LI. Smith (architect) stating that Mr. Windsor Lewis Vfould undertake to, bear the entire$o-;t of mak- lin the full width of ^cra;d on the north. de ,-the1 \cydcoed Cottage-Home site, the Beard to form at their own"cost a gravel footpath 6ft. wide "with kerb and channel; thaf Mr. Windsor Lewis expressed the wish that the Guardians wouid^SfcKxke the Cottage Homes as picturesque as possible by building them nicely and of im- prbved design, and also plant teees on the site, in which Mr. Windsor Lewis would gladly co- operat.e. when the time came, and that Mr. Lewis also desired a, clause inserted in tho lease making it incumbent on the Board to effectually control the children so as to prevent a. nuisanoa, or annoyance to the other tenants. —It was agreed that the Board agree to con- struct a gravel footpath and plant trees 3.3 sug- gested, but that the last-named condition be not agreed to. The Clerk submitted the engrossment of the contract between Mr. J. M. Jones pnd the Board for the sale-and purchase of the Hirwain site, and it was moved by Mr. John Prowlo, seconded by Mr. Methusalem Davies, and re- solved that the seal of tho Board be affixed thereto. The Clerk submitted the counterpart lease of Mie Bargoed Cottage Homes for sealing by the Board.On the motion of Mrs. Maria Rich- ards, seconded by Mr. John Prowlc, the eeal of the Board was affixed. OTHER MATTERS. The Clerk read notices of the appointment of overseers for the parishes of Aberaarc and Gellyga'-r as follows:—Parish of Aberdare: Messrs. Rees Llewellyn, Bwllfa. House, Cwm- dare, Aberdare; William Thomas, Station- street, Aberdare; Lewis Noah Williams, C&e- coed, Aberd-are; David Price Davies. Ynys- lwyd, Aberdare; Edmund Stonelcke, 22, Bel- mont-terraee, Aberaman, Aberdare; and Wm. Rees, 4. Bryrheuiog-terrace, Godreaman, Aber- dare. Parish of Gellygaer: Mes&rs. Edward 1 Lewis, Post Office, Bargoed; William Ham- monds, Craig-y-dydd, Tirphil; Rev. Thomas J. Jones, The Rectory, Gellygaer; Kcssrs. Jonah Evans, 36. High-street, Trelewis; Benjamin Hughes, Eagle Stores, Pontlottyn; and Rhyi Jenkins, 17, Dynevor-srreet, Fochriw. The list of Merthyr overseers has been published. William Scott, who was discharged from Bridgend Asylum and removed to the Work- house, appeared before the Board, and applied for the return of a portion of the money which the Goardians took possession of upon his ad- mission to the Workhouse.—The Clerk reported that the man was admitted to the Asylum from Bargoed on the 21st of May. 1909, and that the Board took possession of £2 2s. 3d. in cash, a silver watch and chain, and a Office Sav- ings' Bank deposit book with a crcdit balance of £14, and that the Board had subsequently received a sum of £5 19s. Id. wages which were due to the man from the Powell Duffryn Com- pany at the time of his admission.—It was agreed that the Board release their claim to the deposits in the Post Office Savings' Bank, and that the Clark be directed to return the deposit book and the watch and chain to Scott. The Clerk reported that the county call of £42,000 had been allocated as follows:—Aber- dare, :.Ð12,098; Gellygaer, Merthyr, Penderyn, £1,140; Rhigos, £688; Vay- nor, 1,054.-The offer of Mr. Edward Jones (the Board's treasurer) to pay the Board 2 per oent. on all balanoes in his hands was accepted.




Mountain Ash Bill.



In Dolygaer Lake.