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The Watts-Hughes Voice Figures.


Poor Law Reform. j

. Dowlais Chamber of Trade.


Dowlais Chamber of Trade. THE ELECTRIC LIGHTING SCHEME. ACTION OF THE CHAMBER JUSTIFIED. The monthly meeting of this Chamber was held on Tuesday evening, when the following were present:—Mr. D. H. Edwards, president (in the chair), Messrs. Rees Morris, J. Picton, W. M. Davies, T. S. Evans, S. Schwartz, J. Rees, H. Hicks, Arthur Evans, and Edward Roberts (solicitor). A letter was read from the secretary of the South Wales and Monmouthshire Federation of Chambers of Trade (Mr. Isaac Edwards), informing the Chamber that the next meeting of the Federation would be held on Thursday, tho 5th of May, and the president stated that the place of meeting was likelY to be Merthyr. The officers, together with Messrs. W. Morgan Davies and John Evans were appointed as delegates to the meeting. The President welcomed Mr. Rees Morris (treasurer) back to the Chamber after his Recovery from his recent serious illness. The 'President gave a full and interesting report on the proceedings at the Board of Trade Inquiry regarding the overhead wiring. He stated that the action of the Chamber had been fully justified.. At the inquiry they learned for the first time that no scheme had been laid before the Corporation, and the plans which were placed before the Board of Trade inquiry had never been submitted to the Corporation or their officials. The agitation of the Chamber had resulted'in the Traction Company agreeing to light by underground cables all the narrow streets, the narrowest street in which overhead wiring would be fixed being 22 feet. The Borough Engineer had also agreed to submit the Traction Company's scheme to the Chamber for their inspection before the same should be approved.—The Presidentwa.s thanked for his report, and after other members of the Chamber had spoken it was resolved, upon the proposition of Mr. Rees Morris, seconded by Mr. Wm. Davies, that the best thanks of the Chamber be given to Alderman D. W. Jones and Mr. Thomas Lloyd for their assistance to the Chamber at the inquiry. In bringing forward his notice of motion re improper treatment of children trayelling in street cars, Mr. W. M. Davies stated that since the date when he gave notice to raise this question he had noticed that there had been considerable improvement on the part of the Traction Company, and he would now move that the Traction Company be communicated with and asked to place an indicator on the school car in order that the same should be recognised, and also that the children travelling by the cars should receive better treatment from the conductors. This was seconded by Mr. John Evans and supported by Mr. Rees Morris, and carried unanimously. In accordance with notice, Mr. T. S. Evans moved that the secretary communicate with the Rhymney Railway Company, and ask them to grant cheap fares from Dowlais to Cardiff, by the morning as well as the afternoon trains, on Thursdays and Saturdays. Mr. Evans stated I that this privilege was enjoyed by Bedlinog and other towns near Dowlais, and he saw no reason why the same should not be extended for the benefit of the people of Dowlais. After a discussion, in which Messrs. Rees Morris, J. Picton and H. Hicks took part, the motion was carried unanimously by the Chamber. Messft. W. J. Canton (solicitor) and Arthur Evans were appointed auditors. The next meeting of the Chamber will be the annual I meeting, and will be held on Tuesday, May 3rd.






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