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-----. Rhymney Valley Echoes.


Rhymney Valley Echoes. -I [By ''Recoi IDEE- "J The Urban District Co un cil elections &r4 (tver and the strife of tongiu s has somewhat, ceas- ed, and once more Count il matters are in their normal state Bargoed has clected j.Mrt Benjamin JJones to the chair vacated bj'Mr. Walter Lewis, and Mr. Gus Jones, the n on ainee of the C ham- ber of Trade, to that frt 1m. which Mr. J 3. S. Jones has retired. Pontlo tt. yn by twelve votes more than was obtained fciy the Labour ( andi- date, Mr. J. Williams, has I returned Mr. Mor- gan. of the Picton Hotel, t o take the plat J8 va- cated by the Vicar of Pc T itlottyn, the Rev. Those Reei. Mr. William?, as quite a now candidate,. w warmly congratulated on th e, close run he gave Mr. Morgan. He remarked that the figh t had been conducted in good sj Mrit—as one would naturally suppose when th« proprietor c ff the General Picton wa& conecrj led. The keenest excitement was manifest ed at Hengoed. at the declaration of the poli i—the succ3ssful candidates being heartily cheei .red as the results were arLBooncett The cont,ist in the Hengoed Ward was. da spite the majority of the successful candidate, a L most deter mined one, and will live in the IDem ory as the-at ernest fight in the history of the wa xd. Mr. D. S. Jones, who has. now been < jlected to the Merthyr Board of Ctv ardians, is pecu- liarly successful candidate. Being < o well known in the life of Bargoe d, wheneve r he is a candidate people seem to 1 ote for hii n from force of habit, and so no efft >rt od his part is ever apparent- In Mr. John Jones, his ooll'eague, theire is a promising prospective Labour man brou; jhfc be- fore the public. The Gellygaer Council at their meet ing on Tuesday parsed the estimates for the < tnsuinj; half-vcar, to provide which a rate of Is. 6d. in the £ was made. This is a reduction ion -the last rate of 2d. in the E. "k The report of the Medical j Officer of Health concerning certain .new cottages at Ystrad Mynach seems to suggest th<' desirability of following the example of. Bed* relltv. by. adopt- ing the Housing of the Working Cla-ssfB Act. j Under that Act, as. the Risca Council h(as de- mom-irabed, better dwellings at lower se nn to be erected by Councils than by* pri- 4 vate enterprise. { # I Although buildinsr is developing rapidity inj this part of the district, it proceeds only at a j pr.ca which provides., and hardly .that, for pres- I ?r,t day requirements, and gives Abe minimum ,l accommodation whilst exacting the maxi- mum of rent. A few examples pf'the adoption I of the Housing of the Working Classes Act j p?ou!d -live a needed and healthy lesspn as to j wh.it can be done for th* coiofort of th# toil? j ing part of the community;. j T'e Rev. Henry James, ourilte, of., Gilfrfich* has !pcn appointed to.succeed the Rev. John Eva us as Vicar of. New Tredegar- He ■will thus tike the oversil-he of a very active .and 'lonri-hing church. To succeed the Rev. Evan?, famed in the district u « great oijgan- i^er nd eloquent preacher, will be no ^ht undertaking. Irj many respects Mr-James will boe fc.rd an extreme contrast to Mr. Evans, bui he is possessed of qualities which will ap- peal to man.?, possibly the majority. Hisquick and peaceable disposition, his gentleness, his sympathetic nature, and his transparent sin- ce: should make his task the lighter 1:> the number of friends th<;se epiafities should "bring to light, and into- active cooperation with j him. 1 t He has not sonsriifc crreat things for "himself; but hag hean *ough& for gredttlaings. I wish him gocd- success. _T"

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