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-----. Rhymney Valley Echoes.

Merais of Monmouthshire Teachers,


-----------_6 IRHYMNEY.

Tredegar Man's Death.

Ex-Soldier and his Family.


I Rhymney District Council…

Dr. Roberts and Pontlottyn…


Gellygaer Urban District CouncilJ…

Health of Gellygaer.

-,.--"-----' ( ; , "'"! Water…


( Water in Old Colliery Levels. J At the meeting of the Gellygaer District Council on Tuesday, a recommendation was considered that the Clerk and Surveyor should report as to who is responsible for the water which collects in old levels.—The Deputy Clerk said the owners of the land were responsible.— Rev. T. J. Jones paid that if there were any- thing in that way dangerous to the security of the neighbourhood, the owners should be called upon to put them *Tli- Deputy Clerk pointed out that it was not for the officials to find out any such, old levels.—Rev. T J. Jones said that if there were any knowledge that there was danger, that- knowledge should not be ignored, and steps should be taken to secure public safety by compelling those responsible, to do what was necessary.—Mr. Lloyd: Any level, on the hillside, full of water is a source of danger.—Rev. T. J. Jones: If there are houses below.—Mr. B. Hughes having drawn attention to certain old levels at Pontlottyn, it was decided that the ^yveyor iEhould- make, enquiry as to,-there was any old level or--eulse-rts there fraught with danger to the public.

"♦ - ar Y.M.C.A. Anniversary.

.-----..---FREE TO WOMEN.



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South Monmouth.

.Sacrilege at Caerphilfyr

Advance of Steelworkers' Wages-

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