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Merais of Monmouthshire Teachers,


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Ex-Soldier and his Family.


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Health of Gellygaer.


Health of Gellygaer. NEW HOUSES SAID TO BE UNFIT FOR HABITATION. At the meeting of the Cellygaer District Council on Tuesday, the Medical Officer of Health reported that during the month of Feb- ruary, 105 birt?t and 41 deaths were registered, the birth-rate being 41, and the death rate 16.1 per 1,000 per annum. During the previous three months, the infantile mortality had been low; but in February 25 deaths of infants under one year of gave an infantile death rate of isi8 per 1,000 births. Referring to the preparation of his annual report, the doctor stated that the estimated population of Gellygaer is now 30,512. During the year there were 1,242 births, giving a birth-rate of 40.7 per 1,OCO, which was a trifle above the average since 1901. The deaths numbered 432, giving a dath-ra.te of 14.1 per 1,000, which was the lowest on record for the district, and 31 per 1,000 less than the average since 1S01. The infantile mortality was also much below the average. During the month of February thare were 19 cases of scarlet fever, principally in the Bargoed and Bedlinog wards, and 3 oaaes of entesrie fever, and 2 cases of diph- theria at Deri, and one case of puerperal fever at Bsdlipog. An important feature of the Medical Officer's report concerned six new houses, built about a year ago at Penallta-road, Yatrad Mynach, known as Pantycelyn. The doctor stated that he had visited these houses and found them in a state quite unfit for habitation. The walls hs stated, reeking with moisture; the woodwork was so bad and so badly fitted to- gether that the rain poured through in all dir- ections, and some of the rooms could not bo used at all. In his opinion, the houses should be closed until they were put in a condition fit for habitation.—The Assiatant Surveyor was in- structed to inspect and report on the matter. The Health Committee having- considered an unfavourable report by Sanitary Inspector Da- vies. concerning the water supply at Trelewis, recommended that the Council take legal pro- ceedings against the Rhymney and Aber Val- leys Gas and Water Company to compel them to give an adequate erupply of water to Tre- lowis.—The same committee also recommended that the Clerk be instructed to write to the fiamo Water Company stating that legal pro- ceedings would be taken against them if they Again cut off f-he Isupply of water in any parr of the Council's district without first giving iiotice.-This recommendation was caused by such action on ths part of the Company on March 11th, at Bedlinog. A letter from the Water Company was read stating that a new main was now being proceeded with from Trc- harris to Trclevm. — It was decided to write to the Company and ask theig to complete the work in Jwo mgnthfc

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South Monmouth.

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Advance of Steelworkers' Wages-

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