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- Pretty Wedding at New Tredegar

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!Organ Recital at Treharris.-



_..---L-.....---i DOWLAIS.


-L- DOWLAIS. IF YOU HAVE DEFECTIVE ETEGIGET, tonsnlt tho most experienced Kycsitlrif. Testing Expert in Mer- thyr. Mr. HENRT M LLOYD, Ophthalmic Optician and Chemist, Merthyr iojipaaiiie Market doors). "'WESTERN MAIL" MUSICAI. SCHOLARSHIP.— Will all those int-erT"StJ"¡r in tlw ,e.r,(Liriature of Miss Annio Reps, Dowtais, 42nd all the, final coupons, No. !2, ito- the Sacpetary, D. B. Evans, 40 Bronhoulo#, Penydarren, battoro April 18th, 1910. As tt, s OOUDOn ends the com- petition, it is hop^d a prca-t eiTort will 1>3 mado to obtain overy ^v^ilablo coupon. THF POSSRBN.FTTES AND PROBABILTTITS. — It will be well Ic,, .>* by the time thpso lines are perused by our readers that the colliers' strike is not to bp. and numerous expressions of thankfulness will be nia;de -w• tho final rr- r.ult is decldnThe figures m f- ? fmblishcd ■vre well on the side pf sensible negotiation?, Messrs. T, S. Davids an'' Dowlais 'r-oer*?, congratulate avery tiie happy Now it is ex^jccte J good trade will -(ner,-p ii. • "y bratach of industry, and the -öJJt.("Md anxiety'^ill •'•havfe d«pA -.od. DAVTES, 19, Dowlai?, r2fcn., writ Ii? on ''thd.' '23rd FVbmary, 1910, cays Our i imily have used Htr. Tibbies'; "7i-Cocoa for many years, ever, <hy. We fouml always good, and the] best that we can ha\^?i be satisfied with boin;» <l Pretty weJ0»[ think you." Vi-Cor,.pa. will • you to say, •?-.j first rate. Chief amung foods is the ■yyr recognised national beverage, Dr; Tibbies' 7 i-Cocoa, which is. or should be, found on the .,reakfr.st,dinn(,r and t^a taibles of every well- ■"egxdated family. Dr. -Tibbies' Vi-Cocoa in tova and country. will be found the most nelpful commodity, in ev ry home, it is so easily :nade. It is so modefafc, in price, Gd a packet, •wat to rich and poor,alike i i. has proved a national boon. DOWLAIS LITERARY SOCIETY.—The last nFt-- inof the session was held at tl)e Dowlais J brakry last Friday. A "Mock Trial'' was orig- inally intended to have t aken place, but it has been postponed until the commencement of next session. The evening was consequently d- ^ted to a few miscellaneous leadings, and ex- :icnt contributions were given by Messrs. H. Ll;, Jen- kins, W. J. Canton, D. LI. Jones, end S. H. Watkins, the litter's selections from Tennyson being esr»»ciaHy instructive. Judging from the enthusiasm of the members, and the splendid attendances which have been maintained throughout the winter, it is evident that thero was a need for such a society in the town, and there is every prospect of the next ?es3ion being more successful (if this is possi- ble) than the first. An outing is being arrang- cd +° take place at Gilwcm on the 18th June, .vhen it is hoped all the members will join in ■>. pleasant ramble at th« delightful spot. SINGING: FESTIVAL.—The annual gatrpering of the choriterrs of the different Welsh Baptist churches of Dowlaia and Penydarren met at Gwernllwyn Chapel (kiudly lent for the occa- sion) on Tuesday. The afternoon meeting was Presided over by the Rev. D. C. Griffifcha, Moriah, who, in his opening remarks, em- phasised the prominent pa-rt the a-rt of music held in the religious gatherings of the Jewish nation. Then the following tunes were sung; —"Whitburn." 1.St. Catherine." "Blaenoefn," "I/oeds, "Ashgrove," "Rutherford"; anthem, 'Clouni Mwvn"' (composed by th»» conductor); ''■Gogrerddan." "Olewydden": aiithem, "O'th Jaen, O Dduw" (by J. G. Williams. Mr. E. Thomas, Caer?alem, gave & r- <<Ar,ion. The Rev. J. M. Huglhes, EHm, occupied the chair at the evening servioe, and the tunes sung were: ^'Greenfield, "lienox." "Ynys Owen," "Galicia," "HoUuigside," "Clywch Hyfrydlais yr Iesu," 'Rha-i Ras," "Builtli"; ttlso the two anthems previously 3ung. Soles were rendered by Air. T. D. Morgan, Hebron, and Miss Annie Rees, Caersalem. Mr. T. D. Morgan (organist of Gwernllwvn) presided at the organ, and was complimented for the efficient manner in which he executed his part. Tlw conductor was Mr. D. Thomas, F.T.S.C., Dinag Cross, Pembroke. The conductors responsible for the preparatory work in the various churches were: Caeraalem, Mr. Fred Hier; Hebron, Mr. T. Iliil; Elim, Mr. T. Rees; Moriah, Mr. David Jones. The officials of the Festival Committee were: Presi- dents, Revs. D. C. Griffiths, Moriah, and J. B. Jones, Caersalem; treasurer, Mr. D. Thomas, Elim; secretary, Mr. T, EL Hill, Muriel-terrace, Dowlais. CONCERT.—On Tuesday evening a miscellan- eous concert was held in Caersaiem Chapel, at which & very good audience foregathered. The artistes were: Soprano, Miss Annie Rees, Dowlais; contralto, Miss Lizzie Davies, Tony- pandy; tenor, Mr. Tom Phillips, Dowlais; bari- tone, Mr W Morgan, Dowlai6; eolo pianist, Miss Magfrie Gething, A.L.C.M., Pontypridd; aocompan: 'ts, MT. J. Rhys Morgan, Dowlais. The chair was occupied by Councillor Isaao Ed- wards (Deputy Mayor). Appended is the pro- gramme Song, "Yeoman's Wadding March," Mr. W. Morgan (enoored); song, "II Bacio," Miss Anpie PoW; song, "Joyous Life," Miss Lizzie Davies; pianoforte selection, "Massa's in the cold, cold ground," Miss Maggie Geth- ing, A.L.C.M. (encored); song, "My heart hath its-love" (E. T. Davies, F.R.C.O.), Mias Annie Rees; solo, "Come unto Me," Mr. Tom Phil- lips (encored); duett, "Over the Hawthorn Hedgè" Misses Rees and Davies (vociferously encored); pianoforte selection, "Sonata No. 3," Miss Geihing; song, "Thora," Mr. W. Mor- gan; duett, "Blessed are they," Miss Rees and Mr. Phillips; song, "Iloft Wlad fy Ngenedig- aeth," Miss Davies (enoored); song, "0 na byddai'n haf o ihyd," Misa Rees; quartette, "A Regular Royal. Queen," Misses Rees and Da- vies, Messrs. Phillips and Morgan; finale, "Hen Wlad fy Nhadau." At the commencement of the concert, the Chairman announced that no encores would be granted for Miss Rees, as she was singing six times according to the pro- gramme, which he thought was quite enough for one night; but despite-that, the duett with Miss Davies was so vociferously demanded that it had to be repeated. Votes of thanks, were ao- corded the chairman, the artistes, and the com- mittee for providing such a rare treat, on the proposition of the Rev. J, B. Jones, seconded by Mr. F. EL Condie. Palms and other plants were kindly lent by Dr. Cresswell, J.P., and the platform was beautifully decorated by Mr. W. J. Thomas (of Messrs. J. S. Davies and Co., drapers, Dowlais). The whole of the ar- rangements were in the hands of the commit- tee, of whom the Rev. J. B. Jones, of Caer- salem, was chairman; Mr. A. Perivins, vice- chairman Mr. A. J. Lewis, treasurer?- and Mr. J. Edwards, Urban-street, secretary.,

Mass Meeting of Dowlais Miners.


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