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--Present Political Problems.



ABERDARE POLICE COURT. WEDNESDAY.—Before Sir T. Marchant Wil- liams (Stipendiary), Messrs. D. P. Davies, D. W. Jones and Dr. Evan Jones. EJECTMENT.—Elizabeth Soliman applied for an ejectment order against Percy Bagshaw, 11, Regent-street. Evidence of the tenancy and of service of the notice having been given the order asked for was made. TRANSFERS.—Mr. T. W. Griffiths applied for the transfer of he licenoe of the Bridgend Inn, Trecynon, from Thomas Henry Dovey to Ed- ward Evans, and thjs was granted.—The li- cence of the Bunch of Grapes was transferred from Mr. Evans to Mr. William Davies.—The licence of the Rose Wenallt, was transferred from Mr. T. E. Bowen to Mr. Thomas Henry Dorey. DAMAGING A DOOR.—David Williams, Hayden Polneer, Dayid John Thomas, John Henry Thomas, Alfred Williams, Edgar Thomas, and David Jones were summoned for committing damage to a door owned by the Powell Duffryn Company at Lletty Shenkin Colliery. Mr. Charle, Kenshole prosecuted. — John Parfit, a haulier, at Lletty Shenkin Colliery, said he saw the defendants playing with a tram at the colliery. He told them to go away. They went and came back later, and let a tram run into and smash the chaff room door. — David Tho- mas, mechanio at the colliery, assessed the damage at 5s.—Defendants were fined 5s. each and costs. WILFUL DAK AGE.—David Meyrick was sum- moned for committing wilful damage to a win- dow owned by David James. Mr. W. Thomas appeared for the prosecutor.—Dd. James said that on Monday se'n-night between 9 and 9.30, defendant came up to the house, and wanted him to come out. Ho refused to do so, and a few minutes later he heard the window smash- cd, — Lewis James said he saw defendant break the window.—Defendant was ordered to pay 5s. and the damage (2s.), and cost*. MAN AND WIFE.—Charles Leek was summon- ed for deserting bis wife, Sarah Anne Leek. Mr. T. W. Griffiths appeared for the wife, and said that the desertion took place as far back as July, 1908. and defendant was cow living at Wakefield. Complainant said she was married sixteen years ago. Her hu left her in July, 1908. with h'is niece Lucy Jane Evans. She had three children.—Gross-examined She- did not turn him out. — Tha husband elicited frpm ,b§r il1. of tfcs disagreement be- ,0: ,1;' 1 tween them. The defendant had a series of questions to put to the defendant, but the Stipendiary replied to most of them, and made an order for payment of 10s. a week and coot. AFFILIATION. --Leo Parr was summoned to show cause, etc., by Elsie Minor. Mr. W. Thomas appeared for the complainant.-An order for 3s. a week and costs was made. ASSAULT.—Evan Rosser was charged with being drunk and disorderly on Saturday last in Green-street. Thi, case being proved, Evan Rosser and Henry Rosser were then charged with assaulting P.C. David Rees. When he tried to arrest Evan, Henry ran up to the offi- cer asd assaulted him. He then took hold of Henry and got him on the ground, when Evan kicked him. --Sergt. D. 0, Davies said he went to the assistance of the last, witness, and saw both defendants hit and kick the con- stable. Evan Rosser was on the black list, and there was a warrant out for a previous case. Both were fined C5 each. or one month for the assaults on the police. Evan was also fined 10s. and costs for the drunken- ness, and was ordered to find two sureties to be of good behaviour for two months in tho sum of £50, or to undergo a further term of two months' imprisonment. DRUNKENNESS. — John William, for bein £ drunk and disorderly in Trecynon, was fined 10s. and cas- Thomas Price and Samuel Sweet, for being drunk in Brecon-road, Hir- wain, were fined 10s. each and costs; John Collins, in Cardiff-road, Aberaman, IDs. and costs. -+-

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