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ABERDARE. If YOU HAVE DEFECTIVE EYESIGHT, consult the most experienced Eyesight Testing Expert in Mer- thyr. Mr. HENRY M LLOYD, Ophthalmic Optician and Chemist. Merthyr (opposite Market doors). INQUEST.—At an inquest held at Aberdaro on the body of William John Howlett, three and a half years of age, who died on Friday as the result of burns received on the previous day, a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned. "AMOS."—There was a large attendance at the performance (in full character) of the dramatic cantata, "Amos," given by the Trinity Choir at the New Theatre, Aberdare, on Thursday night. A full report will appear in our next issue. I BURGLARY,-The Abernant Station of the Great Western Railway was broken into on Sunday night, and a large quantity of choco- lates was taken from one of the automatic machines. Entry was gained by breaking the panes of one or the windows. The locks on several of the drawers were also broken. "WESTERN MAIL" MUSICAL SCHOLARSHIP.— Will all those interested in the candidature of Miss Annie Rees, Dowlais, kindly eend all tho final coupons, No. 12, to the Secretary, D, B. Evans, 40, Bronheulog, Penydarren, before April 18th, 1910, As this coupon ends the com- petition, it is hoped a great effort will be made to obtain every available coupon. ANNIVERSARY.—The anniversary services at Calfaria Welsh Baptist Chapel were hold on Sunday and Monday last, the preachers being Rev. Dr W. Morris (Rhosynog), Treorky, Rev. G. Evans, Ffynonwen and Rev. J. Nicholas, Tonypandy. There were good attendances, and the collections, which were made in aid of the renovation funds of the church, realised close upon 2300. DEATH,-Readers will learn with deep re- gret of the death of the Rev. Thomas Manuel, Wesleyan minister of Porth, Rhondda Valley, who passed away after a brief illness on Sun- day morning last. Mr. Manuel had been in in- different health for some years past. He la- boured in the Aberdare circuit with much suc- cess a few years ago, and was a frequent visi- tor hero. He was greatly beloved by all who knew him. STRIKE.—Owing to the fact that the manage- ment refuse to pay in accordance to the price list arranged between them and Mr. C. B. Stanton, the miners' agent, on behalf of the men some time ago at Blaengwawr Level, the men have been on strike since Monday morn- ing. Hopes are entertained, however, that the stoppage will be only temporary as Mr. Stan- ton is seeking an interview with the manage- ment in reference to the question in dispute. FREE LiBRARY.-The ordinary meeting of the Library Committee was held on Tuesday even- ing, at the Library, Mr. A. P. Jones in the chair. The librarian reported that 2907 books had been lent out of the library during March, and 354 consulted in the reference department; 15 books had been presented to the library during the past month, and there had been added by purchase some 200 odd. There were at present 8797. volumes in the Library. Ar- rangements were made for the annual meetings to be held during the month. cYR" YMOFYNYDD."—The April number of "Yr Ymofynydd;" the monthly organ of the Welsh Unitarians, is to hand. It contains an excellent photograph of the late Rev. J. Ha- thren Davies, of Cefn, and a biography from the pen of thp Rev R. J. Jones, Hen-Dy-Cwrdd, Trecynon, and a brief article on "H athron as a man" from,the pen of Mr. E. Walter Thomas, Tonypandy. There are other interesting articles in this number, including Hath ion's sermon at the Unitarian- quarterly meetings at Ciliau Aeron in ^October last, his text' being Luke 11, 2, "On earth as in Heaven." TEA. -On Thursday evening last, at the Cafe Mona, the employees of Mr. T. Lloyd sat down to a splendid tea, and made a presentation, to Mr. Hugh Davies (manager), on the occasion of his marriage. Mr. W. T. Owens presided, and speeches were made by the Chairman, Messrs. F. May, W T. Jonss, and J. New- oombe, extending to Mrs. Davies, who is- a native of Llanwrda, a hearty welcome to Aber- dare, wishing the newly-wedded couple every success and a harmonious life. Miss Burges then presented a pair of bronzes and marble clock (suitably inscribed) to Mr. Davie>s. An expression of thanks frbm Mr. and Mrs. Da- vies, and the rendering of songs by Miss Burges, Mr. W. T. Jones, and Mr. J. New- ooftaoe, concluded a very enjoyable evening: QUARTERLY MEETING.. On Wednesday even- t jng the quarterly meeting of the Aberdare Welsh Weslevan Circuit were held at the Welsh Wesleyan Chapel (Sion). Rev. A. LI. Jones presided, and there were present a full' atten- dance of delegates, etc. Rev. D. C. Jones open- ed the meeting with prayer. It was resolved among other matters, to establish a Sunday School Union for the Circuit, Mr. Edward Wil- liams being elected president of the Union, and Mr. T. Thomas secretary. It was resolved that the ministers in the circuit be asked to assist the Rev. Dr. Hugh Jones to complete the his- tory of the Welsh Wesleyans by collecting all available facts in connection with the circuit and the chapels therein. The invitations to "J• Pritehard (Glen Dyfi) to Aberdare, and Rev. A. C. Pearce, to Mountain Ash, were confirmed. Some discussion ensued as to the desirability of inviting a third married, minis- ter to the circuit, but the matter was deferred. FORTHCOMING CONCERT.—On Thursday even- ing next, the W. J. Evans' Orchestra purpose givinfr their annual concert. The proceeds are to be devoted to furthering the musical educa- tion of Master Brinley Lewis, Aberaman, a very promising young player on the French horn. The orchestral items will include the Ballet Egyptian (Luisrini); Suite Espagnolo (Lacome); Humoresk (Dvorak); Czardas (Michiels); overture to "Spectred Bride" (Sme- tana). Mendelssohn's pianoforte eonoerto in G Minor will also be played by Miss Phyllis Jones, Cardiff, a dauchter of one of the editors of the "Western Mail." Amongst the players engaged to augment the orchestra will be found ivir. Winterbottom, the celebrated oontra-bass player and profossor at the RoyaJ College of Music. London. The leader of the orchestra will ba the ever popular Mr. Arthur Angle. This con- cert promises to bo one of the finest ever given in Aberdare, and we hope the enterprise of the Societv. will meet with ths reward which they are entitled to, and that complete success will attend their efforts to better the prospects of orchestral playing in the town of Aberdare. WHIST DRIVE.—A social evening and whist drive took place on Wednesday evening in con nection with the Town Evening Continuation School, Absrdare. Mrs. Lloyd and Mr. Red, managers of the school, were asked to present on behalf, of the pupils a beautiful pair of silver and cut-trlaas flower vases to Mr. D. G. Davies (the headmaster), and a silver cake dish to Mr. Jack Thomas (the assistant). Both presents were suitably inscribed. Mrs. Lloyd and Mr. Reed spoke highly of the work and character of this school, which has been typed one of the largest and best in the country. Messrs. W. C. Par- ker, Brychan Thomas, and William Jones spok-3 on behalf of the pupils, and Messrs. D. J. Da- vies and Jack Thomas suitably responded. Then followed the whist drive, which resulted in the following winners:—1st prize, "Gems of English Poetry," Mr. Percy Hearne; 2nd, "Reminiscences of Sir Henry Hawkins," Mr. Samuel Davies; 3rd, ash tray. Mr. P. Jones; 4th, bachelor's sewing companion, Mr. Spencer Williams. A very pleasant evening was drawn to a close by a visit to an art exhibition and museum got up by Mr. J. Howard Morgan. The catering was admirably done by Mr. Caunt. PRESENTATION.Tl>e monthly meeting of the Aberdare and Dietric Master Bakers' and Millers' Association was held on Tuesday at Pugsley's Temperance Hotel, C«rdiff-st>eit. Among those present were: Mr. E. G. Harris "d (president) in the chair; Mr. D. R. Jones, vice- president.; Mr. F. W. Caunt. ex-pics dent: Mr. J. H. Merritt, Cardiff, president of tho Feder- atiop; Mr. T. Phillips, treasurer; Mr. A^ U. Lane, secretary; Messrs. T F. Hayter, J. Jones, L. Miles, D. Evans, T. Caswell (itey- nolds and Co.), C. R Vicary, and W. Richards. —Letters of apology for unavoidable absence were read from Messrs. W. H. Palmer, H. J Wiikiris (Swansea), W. J. Travers (Cardiff), and T. E. Jones (Merthyr).—The ohief event of the evening was a presentation to Mr. F. W. Caunt (ex president). This took the form of a hand- some silver cup, with the following inscription, "Presented to Mr. F W. Caunt by tho Aber- dare Master Bakers' and Nlilicrml Association, as a slight recognition of his valuable services as their first president for the three years— 1907, 1908. and 1909."—Mr. E. G. Harris, in making the presentation, said it gave him great pleasure to do so, as Mr Caunt during the time of his presidency had very ably per- formed hi3 duties. Tho thorouoghness with which he attended to the smallest matters re- fleeted great credit upon him, and was a. lesson to others. Ho (Mr Harris) d:d not enyy Mr. Caun' tho beautify! cup, but ho really did envy him the goodwill and esteem of his fe!low townsm,-n.-N,I- Oannt, in replying, said the handsome cup should have a treasured p Ia among his choicest possessions:, and would, be greatly cherished all his life. I-e wished toi thank them all most sincerely for. the present, as it conveyed t« him the good feeling and kindly regard they had towards him. If he had in any way benefited the Association dur had in any way benefited the Association dur ing tho time he had boan in office, he was very glad, and though for some reasons he regretted vacating the chair, he wished Mr. Harris, his I successor, every sucoess, and a pleasant 00:1 of offico. — Mr. Merritt, in proposing the heal!11 of Mr. Caunt, said it gave him great pleasure to attend to see his old friend honoured!, as tho giving of such an present was unique and showed how much Mr. Caunt was beloved and respected. Ho trusted Mr. Caunt's hea-l' would improve, and in the forthcoming year he hoped to weicor.e him as his successor r' president of the Federation (applause)- M:- Caunt suitably replied, and warmly thanked M- Merritt for b-;n- present, and also for ti), kind remark- 11. had made—Messrs. L. Mil". C. R. Vicarv, T. Phillips, and the Secretary aW paid a glowing tribute to Mr. Caunt's ability, and recognised h:.s valuable services to the trade, and hi" courtesy and kindness to the members at all times.—Mr. D. R. Jones (vice- president) proposed the toast of "Tho Visitors." -Mr, D. Evans, Abercynon, responded, and thanked the Aberdare friends for their kind invitation, and said all were pleased to be pre- sent on such nn occasion.—Mr. T Caswell pro- posed the health of the "Pres dent," and \vi;hed him a pleasant term of office.—Mr. Harris suitably acknowledged.—M^, Caunt generously offered a badge to the President of the Associa- tion, to be handed down to every successive president, the same to be presented at the next monthly meeting.—Mr. Harris accepted Mr. Caunt's offer, aad "ked Mr. Merritt to attend the next meeting, to present the badge on Mr. Caunt's b,-balf.-Th-s Mr. Merritt readily pro- mised to do. |

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