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ABERDARE VALLEY NOTES. [BY MXFTB DAS.) The District Council and Board of Guard- ins' elections are over, and my predictions a if/xnth- ago have been vary fully justified. The ooo of the elections is that the strength of ocialism in the parish is not as great as many Have estimated it to be in the past, and that the bulk of the electors are still Liberal. The outstanding feature is the defeat of the In- dependent Labour candidates in every oase, and the return of the candidates supported by the various Ward Liberal Associations where such were brought out. The only exception is the qskse of the v. W. S. Daviee, of Llwydooed —an old and faithful member of the Board of Guardians. His defeat was brought about by the fact that the Hirwain Liberals so largely plumped for Mr Daniel Jones, the local candi- p I date, and thai Mrs. Jenkins, of Trecynon, the lady candidate, also secured a large number of votes. < I pointed out this danger when I wrote on the subject a. fortnight ago, and dealt with the importance of all districts being fairly repre- rented. Now that Ward Liberal Associations have been established, I hop.a this danger will be guarded against in tho futu/f. I hev that the League of Young Liberals in the ^parish did good work in connection with the elections, and I trust that in future they will prove them- selves a power in the district. Liberalism has too long allowed matters to go too much as you please, but t*h?re are many indications that this will not be allowed in future. The Aberdare Welsh Wesleyan Circuit are Electing materials for the history of the phurcb and chapels connected with the Welsh section in Aberdare. May I respectfully sug- gest that those facts are just the kind that should be placed for permanent record in the Aberdare Free Library. I hope the Library Committee will obtain a copy- of that record when prepared to be placed in tho reference fiepartment of the library. .1 must once more revert to the Elections in jnder to congratulate the Liberals in the Gadlys r ard on their loyalty, in carrying out the de- ars of the Liberal Ward meeting, which de- nied to support Mrs. M. Richards, Mr. TOgwen */illiams as Liberal nominees and also to jjupport the Labour retiring member, Mr. John ^*rowle The great bulk of. the Liberals in the *Vard carried out this compact by recording their three votes in favour of Prowle, Richards, "nd Williams. Ti- action of the Labour sec- tion in running three candidates, however, is not calculated to induce Liberals to support t-Abour, and is certainly not calculated to en- ":Ourage the Liberals to allow the .sitting Labour members in other wards to go in un- .pposed. This is a matter which the Labour members themselves, and especially the mem- bra of the Aberdare Trades and Labour Coun- PA, should well consider before the next elec- tion. I have strongly supported Labour repre- gestation in the past and will do so as COD, uisently in the future, but if the Trades and Labour Council is definitely pledged to run only Socialist candidates, and to oppose Lib- ereal candidates and sitting members, then the question must be fought out whether oar local representatives shall be Liberal or Socialists. Couns. Morgan John Harries and William Thomas, the High Constable of Miskin Higher, are to be congratulated upon their unopposed return as County Councillors for the Llwyd- coed'and Town divisions respectively. Both are ardent Radicals, and already Mr. Harries has proved himself a power on the Glamorgan County Council. This is Mr. Thomas's first entry into that distinguished body, but I have no doubt he will prove himself as efficient a member of that body as of the District Council and Education Committee. Of the latter body he is at present vice-chairman. Aberdare will be once more represented by two ladies on the Merthyr Board of Guardians and from the excellent place secured by Mrs. Jenkins on the poll in the No. 1 Ward it is clear that the electors are becoming more and more awake to the fact that there is work on these Boards which women can best do. I also congratulate the Abercynon Ward upon returning a lady at the top of the poll to the Pontypridd Board of Guardians. The question of allocating a number of scholarships for the teachers attending the Summer School in Welsh is likely to come be- fore the Aberdare Education Committee at its next meeting. The work of the Welsh Lan- guage Society, which organises these Summer Schools, is so well known that I need not dilate thereon .but there has grown a kind of idea which should be dispelled that these Summer Schools partake too much of the nature of a holiday for the teachers, who are selected to attend. That is not the case. The work done at these various centres has been highly spoken of by His Majesty's Inspectors and other officials, and I trust that the AWerdare Educa- tion Committee will do 3., other committees have done, and grant a number of scholarships for this purpose. In this connection it may be pointed out that H.M. Inspector in his reports on the work of the various schools in Aberdare has on several occasions recently drawn special attention to the importance of using the Welsh language more, and especially in the infants' departments, and as some of the teachers en- gaged are not qualified to do so the importance of these courses of study is great.

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