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-.?')- I; t J J .ri f1 f Every Picture t Tells a Story.)i- 11 Facing the day's work with a Bad Back— I || Tired out before you begin-Head bad, Nerves bad— f Limbs dragging—Joints Rheumatic. f ,1 We give.below an interview with Mr. Lee, of Merthyr,, who was f <' helped by Doan's Backache Kidney Pills. |j MERTHYR CASE an1 J I have suffered considerably, on and f off, for the past eight or nine years," f says Mr. Henry Lee, of 17, Queens Road, Twynyrodyn Road, Merthyr, with pains I* in my back, and other distressing symp- I1 toms of kidney trouble. At times I had sharp stabbing pains which would almost ( bring me to the ground. <1 "I had medical treatment, and was (I told I was suffering from lumbago the 11 medicine I had did me no good. I tried other remedies, but got no relief. < Reading about Doan's Backache 11 Kidney Pills, I resolved to give them a {1 trial, and after a few boxes I felt a differ- (1 ent man the pains had disappeared, and < I was able to resume work. Whenever I catch a cold I take some of Doan's Back- (1 ache Kidney Pills, and they soon put me right. H I have the greatest faith in Doan's Pills, and have recommended them to several people. (Signed) Henry Lec." WRITE FOR ILLUSTRATED {' BOOKLET, SENT POST FREE. J The kidneys are so delicate that the least cold, strain or excess, affects tHetiL Then they fall behind with their great work of filtering kidney poisons out of the blood, and these, poisons spread sickness work of filtering kidney poisons out of the blood, and these, poisons spread sickness and disease all through -the system. I You grow dull, hea and irritable; 'you wake up in the mornings with a bad back and baggy eyes. Every cold excites the kidneys and disturbs the flow of urine; there may be a scalding pain in urination, or gravel, ct S dropsy. Doan's Backache Kidney Pills succeed (as in Mr. Lee's case) because they are solely for kidney and bladder troubles. They gently heal the kidneys, keep the 1 bladder active, and flush out all clogging impurities from the urinary system. They root out every sign of kidney and bladder trouble; but as long as the least j trace of the dread disease remains yon are never safe from sudden collapse of the kidneys. Doan's BacJcache Kidney Pills are ijS a box, 1 6 boxes 1319; all dealers, or from Foster-Mo CleUan Co., 8, Wells street, Oxford strict, London, W. v 11 2 Be sure you get the same Pills as Mr. Lee had* DOAN'S Backache Kidney Pills

YGOLOFN QYMREIG. --"'""""""""-,"',,