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Aberdaro and District Notes.

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Detailed Lists, Results and Guides

CRICKET. HILL'S PLYMOUTH CRICKET CLUB. This week-end this club will start the season with a match, Married v. Single. A very success- ful season is expected as in both batting and bowline the team has been strengthened. A. S. Wbb, who has for many years assisted Ramp. shire will appear III the team. The teams for Saturday's match will probably be as follows: Married »• Watts, A. S. Webb, J. Williams, J. i> T)avey, II. Moore, F. Roberts, Iv. Harris, T. jIAwlley, W. Rod son. W. Home, D. 11. Joues. ]KTCkets pitched at 2 p.m. | iC EBBW VALE CRICKET èmm. PROSPECTS FOR SEASON 1910. We are within easy distance of the opening of the cricket season, and lovers of the great national game in Ebbw Vale can look forward to many pleasant matches on the Bridgend Field. Durintr the close season the officials of the club have not been idle. Extensive aJterations have been made to the playing area; besides re-laying the old nitch 3,000 square yards have since been added afld tbo ground is now second to none in the district' Mr. Sidney H. Irish has arranged a spielidid list of fixtures-the most ambitious that has ever been undertaken by the club. There is also a prospect of having a powerful cleveii. All last year's players are available, including Wright, Gibson. Clarke, E-ai Davies, Graham, D. J. Rich- ards, Bull, and it is rumoured that the services of Watkins, Abertillery, one of the best bats in the country, have been secured. The practice match Vill take place on April 30th. The fixtures of both elevens are as follow First Eleven. April 30.—Practice match Home May. 7.—Hill's Plymouth (Merthyr) Away 14.—Ynysddu Away 16.-Tredegar Home „ 17.-Hill's Plymouth (Merthyr) Home „ 21.—Brynmawr Home 28.—J. S. Barrie's Newport XI. Homo June 4.-Beaufort Home „ ll.-Ystrad Mynach « Away „ Ia.-Abergavenny Home Z5.-Newport Second XI. w" c. A w,.A v July 9.—Ynysddu lionic „ g.-Beaufori. Away „ 16.-Ystrad Mynach Homo „ 23.—Brynmawr Away „ 30.—Pontymister Home Aug. i,-Tredegar Away 6.-Cardi,f Camerons Home 13.-Newport Second XI Home „ 20.-Aber-,avenny, Away 27. -Beaufort Homo Sept. 3.-Pontymister Away „ 10— Second Eleven. April 30.—Practice match Home May 7.-Tredegar Seconds .-JT, Home ,,14.-Govilon Home „ 21.—Brynmawr Seconds Away 2B,-Tredegar Lilies Away June 4.-Tredegar Seconds v Away u ii.Nantyglo Home „ Ia.-Abergavenny Seconds Away 25.-Beanfort Seconds Home July -Govilon Away „ 9.-Hill's Plymouth 2nd XI. Home „ 16.—Beaufort Seconds .-v Away „ 23.—Brynmawr Seconds Home „ BO.—ChckhoweM Away Auff. i.-Breconshire Sports Club Away 6.-Gilwern I Awav 13.-Hill's Plymouth Second XI. Away „ 20.—Abergavenny Seconds Home „ 27.-Heaufort Seconds Away Sept. 3.-Pontymister Seconds. Away Sept. 3.-Pontymister F-eoonds Home SARON (TREDEGAR) CRICKET CLUB FIXTURES. iApriI 30.-Dei{!hton Iron Works w—Home „ 7.-Tredegar Lilies Seconds Home „ 14,-New Tredegar Lilies Home „ 17.-Cyfarthfa (Merthyr) '1' Home „ 21.—Ebbw Vale Away „ 28.—Twynyrodyn (Merthyr) Home June 4.—New Tredegar Lilies Away li.-Tredegar Wesleyans Home H ,13. Tredegar Lilies Seconds c. Away „ 18.—Rhymney Away 25.—Ebbw Vale Home July. 2.-Foelriw Away „ 7-St. Thomas C.C. (Sirhowy) Away 9.-Cyfarthfa (Merthyr) -„t Away „ 16.—Sirhowy Firsts Homo „ 23.—Tredegar Weslcyans Away „ 30.—Ebbw Vale Y.M.C.A. Away 'Aug1. 6.—Rhymney —'Home „ 8.—Sirhowy Firsts Away m 13.-Fochriw A Home 20.—Twynyrodyn (Merthyr) Away 27.-St. Thomas C.C. (Sirhowy) Home Sept. 3.—Rhymney sL.Away „ 10.—Ebbw Vale Y.M.C.A. Home „ 17,-rFochriw Away




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