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Singing Festivals at Aberdare.1


Easter Vestries.



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PENRHIWCEIBER. CARMEL M.I.S.-—Mr. Hugh Roberts read a very interesting paper on Tanymarian" to members of this society on Thursday evening. LECTURE.—Under the auspices of the Young Liberals a lecture was delivered in the Public Institute, by the Rev. J. Morgan Jones, M.A., Aberdare, on the New Liberalism." Councillor Dr. Ben PhiUips-Jonès occupied the chair. WORKMEN'S MEETING.—A general meeting of the workmen employed at Messrs. Nixon's Cwm Cynon Colliery, took place at the Institute, on Thursday afternoon. The chair was occupied by Mr. Thomas Morgan. The delegate to the Cardiff conference, Mr. John Picton, gave a very satisfactory report of the meeting at the Cory Hall, and a number of questions were put to the delegate which were answered satisfactorily. Mr. Picton was accorded a hearty vote of thanks for the excellent report, and was unanimously elected to attend the London conference, on Tuesday, and also the Cardiff conference on the following day. PRESENTATION MEETING.—A meeting was held at the Institute, on Wednesday evening, to distribute prizes to certain members of the evening classes. Dr. B. Phillips. Jones occupied the chair. The prizes were distributed by Mrs. D. Jones. Among those present on the platform were Miss M. Shipton, Mrs. Owen (New Quay), Mr. Alfred Morgan (Director of Education), Rev. D. Jones, Mr. Rees Morgan, Mr. Ifor Davies, Councillors E. Morris and G. Hall, T. Jones. There was a good gathering of young peolpe and an interesting programme was gone through. Mrs. Williams presented prizes to the following :—(1) Ambulance students, Messrs. G. R. Birch, Henry Britton, Henry Brooks, D. Mills, J. Thomas, Philip Jones, Thomas Brooks (2) mining students, Tommy Keen, Tim Price, H. Thomas; (3) geology, Tim Price, T. Keen, George Thomas (4) scientific dressmaking, Miss L. Owen, Miss M. A. Erasmus (5) cookery class, Miss E. J. Edwards, Miss Alice Griffiths; (6) practical mathematics, W. Gillard, Llew. Hughes (7) art needlework class, Miss Annie Lewis, Gwladys Thomas, Miss M. A. Walters; (8) evening continuation class, Wm. Rendall, Gabriel Jones, D. R. Hughes, Chas Pritchard. Mr. T. J. Lewis followed with a song, Sleep On and Master Hector Roberts sang Sleep, Baby, Sleep." Councillor T. Jones and Coun- cillor Morris gave addresses, after which Mrs. D. Jones presented certificates to the following —Mining, class 1, stage 1, George and Tim Price; class 1, stage 3, D. Keen Davies; practical mathematics, class 1, stage 1, Llewelyn Hughes and Emrys James; geology, class 1, stage 2, Edwardr Lewis and D. K. Davies; county mining, claas 1, stage 1, Edward Lewis and George Iorath; county geology, class 1, .stage 1, Edward Lewis; county mathematics, class 1, stage 2, Llew Hughes and J, Erasmus class 2, stage I, Wm. Gillard; class 3, stage 2, E. James. Councillor Hall addressed the meeting and spoke of the achievements of some of the Penrhiwceirber students in the examination. One boy named Edward Lewis hadfobtained four first-class certificates, and he had come second throughout the whole county of Glamor- gan in mining, and third in geology. He was a hoy worth taking note of. Miss Maggie Price rendered a soloa, and usual "votel: thattks ,'ell-5..9l<À"" ,t, A ø




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