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Singing Festivals at Aberdare.1


Easter Vestries.



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CWMBACH. SIKGIXG FESTIVAL.—On Good Friday a suc- cessful "gymanfa" was initiated for th3 tiret time in connection with Bryn Seion Congrega- tional Church and its branch schoolrooms at Ynyscynon and Carmo!. The juvenile choirs had been preparing during ths winter. '±ce conductor was Mr. John Llovd, Cwmbach, the president for the day be in;: tho Rev. R. H. Davies (pastor of the church). Mr. Herbert Davies presided at the organ. The firc meet- ing was held at three o'clock, when a. large: number attended at Bryn Seion Chap?!. The Chairman questioned the children in Scriptural catechism. A special trio was contributed by Masters Trevor Evans, William H y. Phillips, and Willi? Evans; and Master Thomas Edmund Williams recited "Pan fydclaf fi vn fachgen mavvr." The following hymn-tunes were sung: —"Y Milwr Bach" (Dr. Parry), "Dis^vbiion yr Iesu," "Pwysa ar Ei fraich," "Cwymp Babilon" (Dr. Parry), "Plant Caersaiem," "Milwriaeth y Cristion" (Dr. Parry), "Mae'r Iesu'n dorbyn plant," and "Nyni sy'n filwyr bychain" (by the late Mr. Thomas Evans, Cwmbach). In the evening there was again a splendid attendance. In addition to the above items, the following hymns were sung:—"Deuwch, canwn idclo Ef" (D. W. Lewis) "Dvma Feibl Anwyl Iesu" (ivir T. J. Morgan, Cwmbach), which was rendered :wice; "Blcdau'r Iesu" (D. Protheroo \lius. >'aBc.); and "Fy ngwaith yw caru'r Iesu" \Ja.w Afan) proved popular favourites. Mr. n Price's anthem, "Cyssegriad," went suc- ul, and the questions on "The Lite of iz t: "were satisfactorily answered by the "e L-i.i.f.a-en. Other items in the programme were: —Recitation, "Teyrnas Nefoedd," Miss M. J. Moseiey; solo, "Caifari," Miss Sarah Williams; dialogue, "The Bible, the Monthly Publication, and the Newspaper," Misses Miriam Williams, Sarah Elizabeth Thomas, and Catherine Mary Jones; quartette, "Iesu, fy Ngwaredwr," Mr David Lloyd, Mr. Thomas Evans, and Misses Rachel Jane Thomas and Margaret Ann Wil- liams. The Rev. R. H. Davies offered prayer to conclude. Between the afternoon and even- ing meetings, tea was provided for the children at Carmel Schoolroom. The ladies who pre- sided at tho tables were :—Mrs. Ann Williams, Mrs. Sarah Ellen Davies, Mrs. Davies, Mrs. girl ?" Messrs. David Davies and Aneurin Davies. The following contributed to the programme :—Opening solo, Mrs. Samuel Wil- liams, Abercinro. solo, Miss Arianwen Leek, "Anywhere with Jesus"; recitations, Mr. David Stephens, The Scholar Mr. Tarre. Williams, Aberdare The Quack Doctor." The secretarial duties were carried out by Eurfab, whilst Mr. Gwilym Evans acted as treasurer. The prize bags were supplied by Miss Annie Evans, Miss M. A. Williams and Mrs. D. J. Jones. EISTEDDFOD.—A successful eisteddfod was held under the auspices of Saron Congregational Church, on Good Friday. There were 112 entries in all, and the competitions attained a high standard. The following were the officials —President, Mr. J. H. Powell, Aberdare con- ductor, Mr. Evan Jones, Nantgwawr; accom- panist, Mr. Brinley Lewis Ireasurer, Mr. D. Roberts and the energetic secretary was Mr. John Phillips. The adjudicators were :—Musical section, Mr. D. Evans literary, Mr. E. Ogwen; prize bag, Mrs. J. H. Powell. Awards:— Recitation for children under 12, open, divided between Misses M. E. Howells and L. Eynon recitation for children between the ages of 12 and 15, Ewyllys y Meddwyn (4), Miss Alice Maud James; recitation for those over 15, Brad y Llanw (13), Mr. D. Jeffrey Davies, Abercwmboi; essay for children, either Isaac, David or Samuel, (4), 1st Miss Sadie Evans, 2nd Miss Lizzie Ann Davies essay, Dyled- swydd Rhieni tuag at yr Y sgol Sul (7), prize withheld owing to plagiarism on the part of the competitors; letter, Disgybl at Athraw (3) divided between Messrs. James Phillips and W. H. Davies best prize bag, Miss Bronwen Jones verses, The Rights of Children" (6). Mr. James Phillips (Iago Aman) solo for boys under 14, Bu genyf fam a thad (10), Master Emlyn Davies; soprano sclo, Nant y Mynydd (8), Madame Lizzie Lewis, Aberaman; contralto solo, 0 rest in the Lord (8), Miss Morfudd Lloyd, Cwmaman; tenor solo, Llwybr yr Wyddfa (13), Mr. Watkin Phillips bass, solo, LATE DB. D. DAVTES, J.P., ABERT ARS.

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