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Family Notices



Advertisement Tariff FOR SMALL PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. THRU six Villi. MCI. IIIIn. riuss. a. d. 6. d. II. d. 16 Words STiVf 0 6 1 0 Vi 16 24 Words 0 9 1 6 2 3 32 Words 10 B0 h. 3 0 40 Words 1 3 2 b 3 9 48 Words 16 3 0 4 6 These Charges apply only to the classes of adver- tisements specified below, and are strictly confined to those which are 'ordered for consscative insertion and paid for previous to insertion; if either of these conditions is not complied with, the advertisement will be charged at double the above rate. APARTMENTS WANTED, HOUSES WANTED, APARTMENTS TO LET, MONEY WANTED, BUSINESSES FOR SALE, MIS- CELLANEOUS SALES, BUSINESSES WANTED, PARTNERSHIPS WANTED. HOUSES TO LET. SITUATIONS WANTED. PRIZE DRAWING and PERSONAL NOTICES are charged at double the above rates. ADVERTISERS using this office as an address for receiving replies to their advertisements under nitials, etc., are requested to call for same, or enclose stamps for them to be forwarded. FECIAL NOTICE.—Applicants sending replies for Advertisements addressed to initials or fict tioas names at this Office, are requested not to send original testimonials with their applications, but to enclose copies only. PERSONAL. NOTICE. Purse left at "Gwalia" Stores, Dowlais. may be obtained by owner giving description and contents.—JOHN GF-mmra. A 2 REWARD. C^RtJEL OUTRAGE. £ 1 Reward offered. On the 27th j March a Lamb, in a shed, at Hafod Farm, Pant, was found with its brains knocked out. Above reward offered for information which will lead to a conviction.— WM. WIIJUAMS, Hafcd Farm, Dowlais. A 9 LOST AND FOUND. LOST between the Avenue and Roberts's Post-office, Gwaelodysarth, a sable fur. Finder rewarded.— 16, Gwendoline-street, Merthyr. A 2 PRIZE DRAWINGS. WINNING Numbers of Peter Price, Gellyraer. Prize DaawinjE.—2259. 839. 1872, 8, 422. 2814, 562, 316, 442, 2715, 2940, 2238. 2325, 2718, 1391, 23 £ 176E. 2787, 2236, 2015, 440, 133,1918, 2354,168, 940.—JOJN WILULASSS, Secretary. A 2 RIZE Drawing in aid of the Ebbw Vale Northern Union Football Club will be Postponed until Monday, May 30th, 1910.—T. J. WATKIKS. A 2 WINNING Numbers A.S.R.S., MounUin Ash, Prize DrawiDg.—611, 2636, 2972, 532, 290?, 2180, 35, 1606, -m, 44, 1464, 763. 653.18*0 "52, 14.* 3857. 1941. 2983. 1255, 2ir54, 735, 140a*01, i 2C~* 1397, 640, 753, 1698.—W. O. SHBLDOK, Sec. A 1 L SERVANTS WANTED. WANTED, immediately, good*strong day Girl; re- ferences necessary.—Apply, Mrs. JKLLEYMAN, 3, Old Church-place, Merthyr. A 2 WANTED respectable Girl about 15 as Nurse; used to children.—Apply, 15, Newcastle-street, Mer- thyr. A 9 APPRENTICES WANTED. ARCHITECT and Surveyor, having good all-round* practice, with oflices in Brynmawr and Abertillery, requires well educated Youth as pupil for Brynmawr office.—Apply, first instance by letter only. N. GASEMUS LEWIS. F.I.A.S., Architect and Stirrevor. Abertillery. A2 SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED- sharp Office Boy. — Apply, JENKINS, Thomastown Brick Works, Merthyr. A 16 WANTED, temporary Clerk in office Surveyor of Taxes, Merthyr. Applicants must be over 21, 'and should apply in writing by 11th April, stating quali- fications. A 2 WANTED capable Woman for Washing and Ironing Mondavs and Tuesdays.—Address, M 206, '• Ex- press" Offlce. Merthyr. A 2 WANTED, sharp office boy, at once.—Apply, X.Y.Z., Express Offlce, Merthyr. T S. WANTED, four Lady Canvassers, improving position and permanency,—Apply, M.R.W., "Express" Office, Merthyr. A 9 INSURANCE. Certificate, British Homes toow Cit7 Life Assurance Co.), for sale; £ 30 paid up im- mediate advance available: what offers ?-Addrow, M, 204, Express Offlce, Merthyr. A 9 APARTMENTS TO LET. WANTED two respectable young men, board or lodgings.—Apply, 5, Milton-terrace, Merthyr. A16 LODGINGS for two respectable young men, 6, Dixon- street, near Baker, Coachbuilder, Bethesda-street, Merthyr. A 16 A QUIET refined Home has vacancy for two boarders. XI —Apply 8, The Avenue, Merthyr. A 16 COMFORTABLE Front bedroom and sitting room to c Let, suit one or two gentlemen-W, Thomas-street, Merthyr. A16 TERETE unfurnished Rooms to Let, 4, Monumental terrace, Cefn. A 9 ROOMS, to suit gentleman, vacant after Easter.— Apply, 1, Dyke Street, Merthyr. A-9 (COMFORTABLE Sitting room and Bedrooms to Let, j near station, board or otherwise. — 53, Upper Thomas-street, Merthyr. A 16 APARTMENTS to Let in Thomastown, suit one lady or two willing to share room, with piano terms moderate—Address M 195, "Express" Office, Merthyr. A16 HOUSES WANTED. WANTED to purchase, House in Matthias'-terrace, Penydarren.—Price, etc., letters only, "House," c/o Cartwright, Dowlais. A 9 HOUSES TO LET. TO Let, 2, Union-street, vacant April 25th.—Apply Mrs. WILLIAMS, 2, Themvyn-cerrace, Parade, Pooty- pridd. A9 HOUSES AND LAND FOR SALE. BBW VALE.—Caerwent, Libanus-road Dining room, i drawing room kitchen, large scullery, five bed- rooms every convenience; 94 Ye&Apply, W. LEWIS, Sunny Bank. Ebbw Vale. A 2 BUSINESS PREMISES TO LET. LONG ROOM to Let.—Apply EVANS, Wyndham Arms, Merthyr. A 2 HOUSE and Shop, large size, main street, Merthyr Tydfil.—Apply, THOS. WAKE, Aiona, Clevedcn. A23 TO Let large rooms suitable for warehouses or work- shops immediate possession.—Apply SWEET, 13, Victoria-street, Merthyr. M 26 CASTLE Chambers. Offices to Let.—Very fine room to let as Offices over 101, High-street, Merthyr.— Apply WM. HARRIS. T S HORSES. TRAPS. ETC. d-I OVERNESS CAR for Sale. suit Cob 14 hands; in kW use four years; condition good best make. Lamps, Cushions, etc., also brown Harness to match together or separate. Price of car, £ 13.—Apply 6: A,bermdrwe-terrace. Merthyr. A9 R SALE. good crank axle Bread Van, good con' dition, cheap.—W. T. HATCH, West End Bakerv Ebbw Vale. AS STABLING. TWO Stables, 3 and 4 stalls, to Let on April 9th — Apply, SWEET, Boot Shop, Plymouth-street, Mer- thyr. A2 FOR SALE. ENAMELLED P.O.P. Postcards, customers' negatives 9d. dozen and postage, best work; Cabinets 2s. 6dU half-dozen; send photo and castL-Anr Coy, Seatao. Jn 4 FINE Indian Carpet, size 12 ft. 3 ins. by 8 ft. 2 ins.: perfect condition bargain, £ 4 15s, — PRICHARD. Auction Mart, Merthyr. TS LL PAPEK3 from I A. per nI1.. Any quantity, .'r 1I',R:i, at hoka1p. Prices. our Stock all Wiitc for i'atiir, ;1; fnu.) v.<|i«irsd.-i»ej[>t, Jus DAR^'iY W9.tJ.l,4-" L .1, li I t"" 1 HOLIDAY APARTMENTS BLACKPOOL. Mrs. Waddington. 6e, Albert-road public and private apartments nejir centra! station and eea pianos. A 2 TORQUAY.—Comfortable Apartments near sea, town TORQUAY.—Comfortable Apartments near sea, town and station home comforts piano. Moderate.— Mrs. LITTLE, Cottismore, Banipfyeld-road. A 16 BUSINESS PREMISES REQUIRED. WANTED, Premises in Merthyr with Stabling and Yard; low rental.— Apply, M 201 "Express Office, Merthyr. A 2 MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. UPRIGHT Iron Grand Piano in lovely walnut case, foil trichord, under-damp tape check action by first-class London maker; sacrifice, E20.-Appl3, M 207, Express Office. Merthyr. A 16 FOR SALE, Second-hapd Piano, in beautiful rosewood case, iron frame, full trichord, under damper tape, check action, £ 15 10s. rare bargain.—Apply, Ateade Music Shop, Merthyr. A 9 CATTLE. A FEW young Cows and Heifers with calves for Sale. —RICHARDS, Abercriban, PontsticilU A 16 DOGS BLACK Smooth-coated Retriever Dog, 9 months old, must be sold, cheap. F. STUCKKY, 2, Howelt-street, Merthyr. A 9 CYCLES FOR SALE. BICYCLE for Sale. never been used, great bargain.— JD WILKS, Furniture Stores, Castle-street, Merthyr. A_9_ { QTO Dunlop-Palmer Clincher Tyres, also Covers, 3s. 3d. guaranteed Air Tubes 2s. 3d. each; Cvcle Accessories, 1910 goods. Send for list.—W. A' GORTON, Manufacturer, Wolverhampton. M 26 POULTRY. XT0 DEAD CHICKS.—ARMITAGE'S DRY FEED j CHICKEN FOOD the original and the best; to insure success, no other food should be given for first 14 days. Chickens reared on this food weigh 20oz. when five weeks old; pullets commence to lay at 5 months. In bags, 4el., 8d., Is. 4d., 2s. 6d., and 5s. Manufactured by Armitage Bros., Ltd., Nottingham.—Sold by Wm. Harris. 144, High-street, Mertbyr, and at High-street, Dowlais Hopkins Bros., ATwynrrodNn. Merthyr Tydfil D. Jores, Carmarthen Stores; C. J. Black, Chemist, Tre- degar; W. Harris, 38. Taff-street, J. Protheroe and T. Harris & Co., Ltd., TaC-street, Pontypridd P. A. Lewis, 32, Cardiff-road, Caerphilly; F, Williams, Household Stores, Senghenydd. A 4 EGGS and day-old Chicks.—White Wyandottes and White Orpingtons, bred from 1st and 2nd prize 12 months, U.P.C. competition winners and trap-nested hens, with records 220 to 245 eggs in 12 months. Eggs 3s. 6d. to 7s. 6d. Chicks 7s. 6d. to 15s. 6d.-Mrs. PREECE, Cresshill Farm, near Shrewsbury. A 2 MEDICAL REMEDIES OROPSY AND ITS TREATMENT. Sufferers from Dropsy, Asthma, and kindred ailments, should read this book on self cure, by a former sufferer of years standing, whose caie had been given up by doctors as hopeless. By post, 7d.-C. J. GRESORT, Lochaber," Weston-super-Mare. A 23 TEAGUELINE Herbs, wonderful medicine, thousands' of testimonials from grateful sufferers as to relief obtained for Indigestion, Constipation Headache, Back- ache, Liver, Stomach and Kidney DLAorderr, post free, one packet, 10d., three for 2s. Illustrated Herbal Book. 2d. Look Look a sample packet of Cough and Long Herbs sent, post free, for 3d.—TSASCE, 23, Station-street,. Newport, Mon. A 2 MPORTANT TO MOTHERS. Every mother who values the Health and Cleanliness of her child should use HARRISON'S "RELIABLE" NURSERY POMADE. One Application kills all Nits and Vermin, beautifies and strengthens the Hair. In Tins, 41d. and 9d„ Postage Id.-GBO. W. HARRISON, Chemist, Reading. Sold by Chemists. Agents for Merthyr, Rees Thomas and Son, 143 and 65, High-street, and J. Francis; Tre- degar, 0. J. Black; Aberdare, E. E Evans, 9 and 10, Victoria-square Aberoynon, W. G. Williams; Mountain Ash, D. Williams, Commercial-street; Abergavenny,. Phackleton and Co., 9, Cross street; Brynmawr, A. E. Evans, 43, Beaufort-street, and A. M. Jones, 42, King. street; Ebbw Vale, A. E. Evans, Ida-place, and T. Dougau, Bctbcar-street; Treharris, T. Thomas, The Square Dow lais, R. P. Rees. 177. High-street Blackwood, A. Enoch Llaubradach, W. J. Williams Merthyr, T. Jenkins, Pont morlais. All chemists. S 24/li) EMIGRATION. EMIGRATION—For Lowest Fares to South Africa by the Union Castle Line, to America and Canada by the Cunard, White Star, American, Dominion, Camadian Pacific, Allan aud other Steamship Companies, and to Aus- traiia. Reduced passages to New South Wales. Also for tripe around the British Telta and C{)ati" Assisted to Syiioi' Saui: ria;, im Agri- Domestic iiiiiers, Artisans,?' ,s and General Labourers. Agent for Barry Railway (lied Funnel Steamers), 1,000-Mile Ticket Books for One Guinea -Apply D. M. RICHARDS, Wenallt Aberdare. TSL MISCELLANEOUS. MDME, Elvira, F.C.S.. Teacher of Palmistry, Phreno- logy. <tc,—This Distinguished and Scientific Lady will shortly be returning to America. Clients who wish to consult her on business, speculation, change, travel,, or health may now have the opportunitv. Receptions daily, 2 till 9.—13, Queen-street, Arcade, Cardiff. DRUNKENNESS CURED quickly, secretly, perma- nently, unfailingly, harmlessly, cost trifling trial free; save loved ones-with certainty.—Carlton CHEMICAL Co., 722. Guildhall Buildings, Birmingham. T S CRAPS.-Belief Scraps in beautiful designs for child- ren's scrap bbOks. Large variety, Id. and lid. per sheet.—H W. Southey and Sons, Express" Office, Merthyr Tydfil. T S fTHHE "Swan" Fountain Pen, fitted with solid -old nib; I fine, medium or broad an elegant and popular pen from 10/6, post free.—H W. Southey & Sons, -1 Express Office, Merthyr. T7IRESH CONSIGNMENT of Artistic Novelties; all JL useful liues Trays, Trinkets, Liqueur Stands, Tea ¡. Cosies, etc. Come and see eln. -SOUTENT & SONS. Cosies, eta. Come and see them.—SOUTBST & SONS. PTVIE Music series of Japanese Serviettes for use at I musical evenings, soirees, dance parties. &3., con- taining fifty, price is.-IL W. Southey and Sens, Express Office Merthyr. ROUND Lace Desert Papers in boxes of three dozen. Beautifully embossed, assorted in useful sizes 6i<L per box, postage lid., extra.—H, W. Southey & Sons, Express Office, Merthyr. rjTHE Stylographic Pen English make, in Brown or JL Black, 2/6 post free.—HL W. Southey & Sons. "Express Offlce, Merthyr BOXES of Cruet Papers, containing 36 papers with lace edges, for three bottles, 71d. six bottles, Is.— H. W. Southey and Sons, Express Office Merthyr. OURNING Cards sample bok of designs sent on MOURNING Cards sample book of designs sent on receipt of 2s. fed., refunded on return of books. J s executed immediately.—H. W. SOWTHKT and SONS, Express Office, Merthyr. CUTLET FRILLS. Boxes of 3 doz., best quality, 6d. per box or separately at 2d. per doz.—H. Southey & Sons. Express" Office. Merthyr. mHE '• Tom-Tit Fountain Pen. Black or Brown, a I perfect Pen, 2J inches long, will fit in a lady's purse /6 pc&t free.—H. W. Southey & Sons, Express Omce, Merthvr. mHE Go-ahead Pen fitted with 14-carat gold nib' X Every Pen is a perfect writing instrument. 3/6 post free.—H. W. Southey & Sons, Express Office, > Merthyr. POPULAR Card Games. New pattern book of latest designs in Stationery for round Games, Progressive J Whist Invitation and Scoring Cards, Progressive Bridge, Golf Wbist, "Afternoon Tea" Game Cards, "Press Letter" Flower Romance, Primroses, Pansies, The Game of Ages," etc. The Invitation and Scoring Cards are boxed in dozens, and can be supplied in small quan- tities as required from 1/- per dozen.—H. W. Southey & Sons, Express" Office, Merthyr Tydfil T.S. mHE Very Latest Novelty! 1 doz. honeycomb pie I collars, assorted colours, Is. the box, postage 3a I extra.—H. W. Southey &Sons, "Express" Office, Merthyr PIE Dish Collars, best quality, Pink or White, Is. per box of one dozen, postage li<L—H. W. Southey & j Sons. Express" Office, Merthyr. OFFICE FILES of all latest improvements.—H. W. SOUTHEY and SoKg, Express Office, Merthyr. THE Belgravia" twopenny packets of embossed lace dessert papers, containing seven papers, size 9» laoh; containing nine papers, gi-tncb.-EL W. Southey tod Sons, Express" Office, Merthyr. CROCHET patterns of dessert papers, 6d. per dozen £ 5d. per dozen, and 4d. per dozen.—H. W. Southey uid Song Express Office. Merthyr. i THE Excelsior box of Dish Papers, containing a x dozen assorted sizes. 9d., postage 2d. extra.—H. W. Southey and Sons, Express OSice, Merthyr. SILVER-Cased Fountain and Stylo. Pens, suitable for presents moderate prices; 4/6, 5/6, 6a., 7/6, psot tree.-n. W. Southey & Sons, Express Office, Merthyr. rjpHE Belgravia embossed Dish Papers, six dozen, I size 194-inch bv 10-inch, Is., postage 2d. extra.— H. W. Southey and Sons, Express Office, Merthyr. THE "Jewel" Fountain Pen, fitted with 14-carat gold nib, iridium tipped. 8/6 post free.—H. W. Southey ft Song. Express Office, Merthyr. XUEPTIONAL NIALUF- The "Edelweiss" Cabine a of Table Stationery, containing :-2 doz. dish papers, Sf by 6j 3 doz. ditto, 10! by Si 2 doz. ditto, 124 by 10; !4oz. ditto, 15 by lli 1 doz. cutlet frills; L doz. pie collars 1 doz. 6 £ -in. plate papers; 1 doz. 7|-in. iitto; 1 doz. 8^-in. ditto 1 doz. 9{-iu. ditto.—Only Is. the box, cheap but good, postage 4d. extra.—H. W. Southey & Sons, Express Office. Merthyr. 1 ORCESTER CHINA—Splendid assortment of ele- gant designs at moderate prices, at SOUTHEY & t SONS, Express Office, Merthyr. Corae and see then*. PIFTY finest Crepe Paper Serviettes, only 6d., per box postage 2d. H. V». Southey & Sens, Express' Dfflcc. Merthyr. ^wm^—sor j. BJ ETA | (Ok 11have a BAD LEG, Ec- H £ zema, Old Sores,Wounds, Ring- i worm, Cuts, Burns, Sciirf, or my skin affection send to Maurice Smith, Ph.C.. F.S.M.C Kidderminster, for a free sample of HEALO Ointment. It costs you nothing, and you will not regret it. Try t, you _necd not send for a large box. A Shifcr.l Lady ays it is worth £ s a box. HEALO allays all Imuitiou. reduces inflamm:Iion, prevents festering, soothes and c 1; all "ad legs. Don't say your ease is hopeless without trying HEALO. Boxes i/i j & 3/9. Local Agents Wii}*, Chemist, Merihyr; f.evvip, Sufiplv ii-ore<, ikd'va*; 'lY.cmas, OhetnUt. Cicrphiliy; Thomas, I-st, KbW Vale Junes. Ohsiuijt, Alb i 1 'UiVvtiijfl. ihs &V9IW1 XlWttAt x | ASK YOU ft j FOR DEE & ESSl DEE & ESSl ;OCQA ESSENCE 1 4§d. per Mb. tin. MA:; CFACXCHED PACKED BT I The MAZAWATTEE TEA CO., Ltd. j AN be obtained frost ALL Grocers. I 11 '},8¡'JIt ■snurnTW.——a»l '='i MONIoV J020 to £ 1,000 "■* Without any Security, Reasonable Interest :ond DO delay. Strictest privacy .Applications from all parts receive attention, Apply direct to 12, TAFF EMBANKMENT, CARDIFF. CASH Accomrnodati^a, £ 10 to £1000. Interest 2s. ód. in the for carried period. JACIIIOX, 25,Tudcr-rc.i.J, CaldiE. lily 14 ALL J/er-O-.IS who want UJ bo trow money ua A UU;ple prer-iniasory COOE or ha.r.d, at CaE) repayments of Is. to 5s. per week, frciu a specially authorised Friendly Society (not a firm cf money lenders) should apply to J. L. CRXNIKGHAM, Secretary, The Borouga Honey Society, 19, Gleheland Street, Meruiyr. ? OllT'JAGE LOANS.— Persons who have bought ITJL houses, or require ADVANCES upon thfir properties, should apply to J. L. CdKSlKGHAit, Auctioneer, who has several sums of mensy from up to iO: immedi- ate advance upon freehold or leasehold securities, 4i aud 5 per cent. — Orfices, 19, Glebeland-street, kitrilivf Tydfii. X DO. MORRIS, Auctioneer, The Square, ithyinney- has several sums of money, amountiLg in ail tff ;S It, Ü\i(). to place out tor clients upon Leasehold or Free boid S'uriti'2.t HA 1. cent, or 5 PER tenr. T is MOiNiii'.—The Provincial Uuiou liauk contiawt to Lend large sums daily from £ I0 to £ 500 oa Aote of Hand alone, or on any other APPROVED se- curity, at a few hours' notice, to ail class in any, part of England and Wales, repayable by easy m stalments. With and ithout securities. NO good application is ever refased. An Communication* Strictly Private. This business having U.en estab* lialied a great, many years, aud coi;duciad in an HONOURABLE AND straightforward manner, has grown t UC ono of the best known and larges in l¡,;e king- dom, the uniform courtesy and prompt attention .1 our officials having gained tLe confidence and recoau mendations of onr numerous customers. If desired, one of our officials will altend at applicant's resi. dencc with cash, and carry oui the advance With* cut Delay. CaU or write to the MANAGER, Western Branch, Mr. STANLEY DOWDIES, 1, WUECU-SQUAIET Bristol. or to Mr. ia3, Kic morid-road, C&rditE, THE CHARES G CUOSS 13ANK ESTABLISHED 1870. CARDIFF BRANCH 73 ST. MARY STREET. Head OUUCES; 28, ISedford-street, Strand. London, W.C. & 39, Bishopsgate-street Within, London. Branches- Manchester, Liverpool. Leeds. Bristol, etc. AI!«eIê,£1,607,949; Surplu;£371,076 LOANS of £30 to £2,000 granted dot a few bears* notice in town or country, on personal security, precious stones, stocks shares and fur- attune, without removal. Stocks and Shares Bought and Sold. 2i per cent, all ou Current Account Balances DEPOSITS of £10 and upwards received AS unetari Subject to 3 M'nths' notice of withdrawal, 5 P.c. per ann. Subject to 6 m'nths' uotice of withdrawal, 6 p.c! per ANUL Subject to 12 ni nths' notice of withdrawal, 7 p.c. per &nn. Special terms (longer periods). Interest paid quarterly. Owing to the nature of our investments, we are able to pay rates of interest on deposits that will compare favourably with dividends paid on almost any class cf stock or shareholding insuring the safety of capital. Wo have been established for 39 years, and our position ia the banking world to- day testifies to the success of our business methods, and to the satisfaction of our customers. Write oc call for prospectus. A. WILLIAMS and H. J. TALL. Jeint Msitgin, MERTHYR AND DOWLAIS Permanent Benefit Building Society BE YOUR OWN LANDLORD. LOANS advanced to enable you to bay tbe House you occupy. LOANS on Buildings in progress. Repayments spread over from 3 to 17 yaMa. Loans may be redeemed at any time. No Survey Fees beyond out of pocket expenses* No Management Expenses. Borrowers Pay No Income Tax. Special Terms for Special Loans negotiated 011 application. Apply to Mr. DAVID DAVIES, Secretary, Gleheland House, Merthyr Tydfil, h_ i' f '9 iTHE MILBOURNE 4 PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, Incorporated under Ihs i*JBvtidmg Societies 4aI.. A-WE AND "SOUND HT7i$TM]S50$ FOB SAVINGS. 2 ESrneSTMENT SHARES £10 EACH—: Payable in Full or by Instalments. Interest f per cent, per annum—Freo of Income Tax. bhares may be withdrawn at any tome on giving One Month's Notioe. LOANS in soma of £100 to £1,000 are made, to enable persons to buy House Property, or WI persons requiring Advances on Property already m their possession. Re-payable by easy Monthly or Quarterly Instalments, or on such other tienow a3 the Directors may approve. DEPOSITS, in amounts of £5 and upwards received, at 3 per cent, per annum. Full Pcpepectas -may be obtained úom" Secretary,v., < V \j' CRAS. L. STEWART, Milbourne Chambers, Mertbyr For v. • PRIVATE CASH ADV ANCESi Apply 1i AliBEKT E. GASHs r, At his prirate house, x 150, St. George's Terrace, Swansea. Mr. Gash is prepared to advanoe to respBCtJl. persons loans from £10 to any amcunn, upon theiff own Note of Hand. without Sureties or Bill 01 Sale, INTENDING BORROWERS in applying tiff Mr. Gash, have the satisfaction of knowing wit whom they are dealing, for Mr. Gash trades under his own name, and not under an assumed name, neither does he trade M a "Company" or ea jailed "Bank." EIKASE NOTE ÁDDRESS- 30. ST. GEORGE'S TERR^ui^ WALTER ROAD, SWANSEA. Che Hengoed, Maesycwmmer & Ystrad Mynach Permanent investment and Loan Society.. « i. (Registered under the Friendly Societies ActeX Safe and Profitable Investment. Loans to Trades* men, Artisans and others on reasonable terms. Prospectus and full information to be obtained rom the Secretary, JAMES LEVER, BANK CHAMBERS, HENGOED. ii* THE BOROUGH MONEY SOCIETY., O:mCES :-19, GLEBELAND STREET, MERTHYR TYDFI V.f ONEY ADVANCED TO TRADESMEN, WORK LVX_ MEN^ AND OTHERS upon the security of >rornissory Note on the following EASY terms of RGPAV- oenti— £ 10 Share, repayment Is. 2d. per week, I £ & •; ts ■„ ita •• Persons desirous of taking investing Shares fa ociety should do 60 immediately, as there is a great einand for these Shares. APPLICATIONS for loans or investing shaxes oUMt ba aade to-the Secretarj-, J. L. CUNNINGHAM, Accnotunat, MERTHYB. TYDFIL. Na.t. Tel. 245. TheSirhowy Valley Permanent Money Society. (RBGISTKBED UNDKE THE FkISNDLY SoeiSTtZf ACT, 189ó).. LOANS can be obtained from the aboveSociotJ t any time on note of hand. Terms of repayment— £ 10 share, 1/2 per weak* £ 50 „ 5/2 „ Sabecription night, every Monday, 7 to 8.30 p. M, legistered Office, Town Hall Chambers, Trfdegar. Applications for Loins or invegtiag Shares « made to the Secretary, EBENEZER THOMAS, Parkville, Trçdús Branches at Ebbw Vale and Blackwood. lOANS ON PEESONAII SECURITY. INV£Zi¡'t ANTED.—Those who require a Loan protSirf. ttod- » pnvate, to apply to the SOUTH WALES EQUITABLE MONEY SOCIETY, MONEY a lead at low Interest and exceptionally etsy ffcpav ents. 1/2 per week repays loan o! ILO. chare, etc, Don't be misled by those who ray, No INTCKEST ASA- o Fuols TO PAY." Apply for descriptive prosj-ectus an<i anv.N) bftlaao heet to District Agent, E. HAKHY KKK, VRRDCCAR. slwyn Terracs Tennjerance UaU. Uonvays 7