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Antiquarian Column. We have at numerous times received sug- gestions from readers interested in antiquarian matters that we should devote a portion of our space to these subjects, which have a wide range and furnish topics of daep interest to a greai number of persons We have decided to reserve a. column for this purpose, and cordially invite all parties interested in antiquarian sub- jects, of whatever nature, to send notes within their own personal knowledge, or reading, for publication in this column. We have no doubt I' that the contributions tbemselvea will fre- quently suggest others in which much informa- tion of an enlightening character, and having the interest of novelty to 4 vast number of Tea,de.ra, will be forthcoming. Matters relating to the counties of Glamorgan, Monmouth and Brecon will naturally have a special interest, hut there is no reason why others of a wider and general bearing should not find a place in the col man. THE EARLIEST DIRECTORY OF MERTHYR TYDFIL. Our first contribution is from the "Universal British Directory of Trade, Commerce, and Manufacture, comprising Lists of Inhabitants of London, Westminster, and Southwark and of all the Cities, Towns, and Principal Villages in England and Wales," a work of 5 vcls publish- ed in London. The year of publication Lis given as 1792, but that probably would be the year in which the first volume appeared, and the complete publication %,as evidently a slow pro- cess, since February 8th, 1794, is mentioned as the date of the opening of the canal between Merthyr and Cardiff. The list of names of gHuacipal residents and tradesmen should be of special interest and probably some of our readers may be able to identify amongst them the predecessors of present day inhabitants. The "village of Pen-y-darran. adjoining which is Herivian Furnace," obviously is intended for Penderyn and Hirwain This is the earliest known directory of Merthyr Xvdfil There is nothing in the number, from which the follow- ing extract is taken, to denote the significance of the letter F in parenthesis a taehcd to some of the names. iMERTHYR TYDFIL, GLAMORGANSHIRE Merthyr Tydfil is twenty-five miles from Car- idiff. seventeen from Llantrissent, twenty from (Brecon, twenty-five from Abergavenny, twen- ty-four from Neath, and 179 London. It is now a considerable place; and has two mark- ets weekly, viz-, Wednesday and Saturday, and fairs November 18 and December 2 There are also fairs May 13. Trinity-Monday, Septem- ber 3, and October 21; and great markets, every other Monday from May to Michaelmas, which are Lopfc on a large mountain called jWavn, about a mile above Merthyr. No place in the kingdom has increased so touch in trade and popularity, within the same number of years, as Merthyr, and, it is certain. that the different iron-works of Cyfarthfa, Dowlau, Plymouth, and Pcn-y-darran, collec- tively. make on tho average about 253 tons of iron per week The quantity of coal consumed for that purpose is 245 tons per day The iron- stone. coal, and lime-stone, at eomo of the works, are within one hundred yards of each other. The canal from this place to Cardiff was cpened on the 8th of February, 1794, with the greatesi rejoicings. It. was a work of great magnitude and ingenuity, and is now carried one mile and a half below tho town of Cardiff, «o that ships can sail in and out of the canal- ba-son daily. Some particulars of this canal are inserted under the article Cardiff (vol. ii p 638 ) but the who!e cost to the time of com- pletiori was about 120,0001 Before this canal was cut, there were upwards of twenty waggons employed in conveying iron to Cardiff, from -whence it is shipped to different parts of tho iincdom The parish of Merthyr is very extensive, Met contains five hamlets. The Earl of Bute is lord of the manor, has the presentation to the rec- tory, and receives a chief-rent from every tene- ment of land therein.—There is a regular post from Cardiff to Merthyr three times a week, vnd one to Brecon every Tuesday, with a cart for the conveyance of goods.—The following are the principal inhabitants.— GENTRY, &C. Crawshay Richard, Esq. (F.) Ironmaster and Justice of the Peace Davies David, Gent (F ) Davies William, Gent. (F.) Evans Lewis, Gent. (F ) Hill Richard, Esq (F.) Iron-master and Jus- tice of Peace, Plymouth Furnaces Hcmfrny S., Esq.. (F.) Iron-master and Jris- fcce of the Pence, Pen-y-darran. ;Foreman Richard, Esq Iron-master. Rees Da.vid. Gent. (F.) Rees Thomas, Gent (F ) Skey Captain George, Royal Navy Thoma3 r-Aryrd, Ksq (F.) Thomas William, Gent (F.) Thompson Robert, Iron-master Watkin George, Gent (F ) Iron-mastex ,Williams D Esq (F.) Jusvice of Peace WiliiarLS William. Gent (F.) CLKEGY Danes Rev John. Curate Davies Daniel, (F) Dissenting Minister i Price William. Dissenting Minister I PaYSIC Levis Ab''n, Apothecary and Man-mid- pife 40am W., A^otLctary aud Man-midwife Williams Thomas, Surgeon and ditto LAW I Griffiths Phillip, Attorney Prichard John, Attorney Watkins William, Attorney TBADEKS. Birch James, Engineer Bowen Owen, Watchmaker Brown John, Butcher Brown John, Linen-draper, etc. Corbet Wm. Hair-dresser and Perfumer Cottrell William, Butcher Daniel Edward, Shoemaker David Hopkin, Mason David John, Harper David John, Baker and Cheesemonger Davies & Williams, Meroers and Drapers Davies David, Cheesemonger Davies David, Grocer and Tea-dealer Davies Eleanor, Angel Inn Davies Wm., Glazier and Ironmonger Edwards Richarjl, Carpenter Evans Thomas, Meal man Evans Wm. (F.) Vict (Royal Oak) Evans William, (F.) Carpenter Farnel Edward, Carpenter Gates Thomas, Shopkeeper Greenhouse John, Saddler Griffiths Robert, Taylor Griffiths S. Currier and Leather-cutter Harris Edmund, Taylor Harris Philip, Chandler Hemus Joseph, Brickmaker Higgins John, Taylor Hill William, Gardener and Seedsman Hopkins J.ohn, Taylor Hopkins Morgan, Mason Hunter Joseph, Miner and Victualler Huffey Thomas, Shopkeeper James Edward, Mason and Baker James Thomas, Mason and Vict. (Fox) James William, Vict. (Mason's-Arms) Jenkins Jenkin, Victualler, (Cross Keys) Jenkins Margaret, Star Inn Jones David, Taylor Jones Evan, Accomptant Jones Henry, Mercer, eta. Jones Richard, Taylor Jones Samuel, Carpenter Jones William, Victualler & Shopkeeper Lewis Daniel and David, Coal-merchants Lewis Lewis, Accomptant Lewis Morgan, Shopkeeper Lyndon George, Agent to the Pea-y-darraa Company Mahony F Peruke-maker Miles Thomas, Shoemaker Miles Thomas, Vict, and Parish-cleirk Miles William, Shoemaker Milward B. Shopkeeper and Forgeman Morgan David and Son, Butchers Onions Peter, Mathematical-instrument Maker Okey Mary, Ladies' Board-school Powell and Thomas, Mercers, etc. Powelis Misses, Druggists, etc. Probyn Ann, Vict. (Carpenter's-Arms) Probyn Edward, Joiner Probyn Thomas, Boot Inn Probyn William, Maltster and Boot and Shoe Maker Prosser John, Shoemaker Roes John, Shoemaker Rees William, Cooper Roes Thomas, Mason and Baker Reynolds William, Butcher Is Reynolds W illiam, Butcher Richards David, Cooper Richards David, Vict. (Greyhound) Richards Morgan, Butcher Richards Thomas, Brecon Carrier Richards William, Carpenter Richards William, (F.) Calciner Roberts James, (F.) Crown Inn Roberts David, Brazier and Tinman Rosser Elizabeth, Toll-gate Keeper Rosser Rees, Victualler (White Lion) Thomas Daniel, (F.) Malt-dealer Thomas Lewis, (F.) Carpenter Thomas Meredith, Butcher Thomas Robert, (F.) Farmer Thomas Thomas, Cabinet-maker Thomas Thomas, Boot and Shoe Maker Thomas William, Mason Trick John, Watchmaker Walters John, Gardener and Seedsman Way William, MeaJman Wayne Matthew, Accomptant Webber George, Vict. (Plymouth-Arms) Williams David, Cooper Williams David, Victualler Williams Edmund. Miller and Victualler Williams J., Shopkeeper & Officer of Excise Williams John, Skinner Williams Morgan, Weaver Williams Nicholas, Blacksmith Williams W. Painter and Stone-cutter Williams William, Chandler Williams William, (F.) Miner Williams William (F.) Shopkeeper Williams William. Shopkeeper Wood Richard, Nailer .0 In the vicinity of ivlerthyr are tne following villages, &.—Seven miles south is the village of Lanvabom-Six miles and a quarter south is the Quaker's Yard, containing an inn and tavern, and several houses.—Three miles west is Aberdare village, and the seats of John Knight, Esq. Hugh Lord, Esq. Richard Rich- ards Esq. and the Rev. Edmund Williams, B.L.D.—Six miles north-went is the village of Pen-y-darran, adjoining which is Herivian Fur- nace, belonging to Samuel Glover, Esq. Ifc makes about thirty-five tons of pig-iron a week. -Tiro miles north is Coed y Cummer Village.— Three miles north east is Vaynor.—Five miles north west i§ Gi%wtn, the seat oj William Mor- SM, SfiSL











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