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Merthyr and District Ma) Horse Show. THE SHORTAGE OF SUBSCRIPTIONS. The annual meeting of the Committee, which was well attended, was held at the Castle Hotel, on the 16th inst, Mr. Hy. Owen presiding. Tne balance sheet, showing a surplus of £63, was unanimously adopted and recommended to be printed for distribution to all S I bribers. The Chairman, commenting on the balance sheet, and on the general working of the show, said that last ye&r was an experimental one in manv respects, and although they did not realise their antieipationa, still they had their experience to profit by now. He regretted, the fact that the show was not yet self-supporting, the subscriptions, as they had heard, being £ 41 15s. ed. less than the previous year, while the prizes offered were E25 6s. 6d. over. He attributed the shortage in the subscription iwt to the lack of zeal and exertion on the part -t the collectors, and not to any antipathy "r lack of lovaltv and support on the part of the townspeople in general. He could not help feeling that the May Day show was as populai now as ever, and certainly in as good a hnancv [position, but it was evident from tneir ex- perience—and they should profit by it—that the horse show element should be elimmaiea. The show should be regarded at a Day Show and Parade," pure and simple. There was a general simmering of a complaint through out the district and Glamorganshire that horses bought specially for show purposes sliou.d not be allowed to compete in this particular parade, I and that in previous years, and especial y of late, no opportunity was given to a bona ncie tradesman's horse. He was of that opinion himself, and trusted that in future the classes I would be arranged to meet the demand of the public and not any particular class of horse, or any particular class of trade. It was a- so mentioned that Merthyr, situated many miles from the main line, was not having the support it should from the railway companies m the way of conccssion in rates to exhibitors in ^ne open classes, and that representation should be ma e it should from the railway companies in the way of conccssion in rates to exhibitors in ^ne open classes, and that representation should be ma e at once to head-quarters, with a view of obtain- ing the privileges granted to other towns an. shows on the main line, and especially p*or> the schedule was prepared. He had hopea and wished that their surplus this year would have been such that a sum could be voted to the charitable institutions of the town, but unfortunately it was not so. He maintained that a. balance of not less than £.100 was required to carry on the show successfully, and in his opinion they would not bo justified in touching the reserve fund just now. Old faces were missed that evening, some through indisposition and others throuch the fortunes of circumstances. He wished them a speedy recovery and a speedy return as their services were indispensable, they could not very well do without them. The election of officers was then proceeded with, the retiring chairman (Mr. Henry Owen) being elected president; Mr. John Evans (the Roval Stores), chairman of committees; Mr. W. R. Lewis, Pontmorlais, vice-chairman Mv., i Edward Sones, London and Provincial bank, treasurer; Mr. W. T. Jones, secretary; Mr. Arthur Jones, honorary veterinary surgeon, Messrs. Harrv Millward and Harry Wariow, auditors. Th« next show is to be held on the 12th May. 1

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