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New Tredegar Police Court.


.----0.--lJ. LEGS FULL OF…


.0. lJ LEGS FULL OF POISON. A Girl's Obstinate & Inflamed sores Healed only by Zatn-Buk. Badly crippled by poisoned sores on both legs, Misa Nellie Fido, of Atworth, Melksham, Wilts, .was threatened with permanent lameness until Zam-Buk drew out the poison and healed the sores that had defied doctors and ointments. Nellie, who is just 16," Mrs. Fido explained to a reporter, came home two years ago complaining of her legs. They were swollen and inflamed. Thinking that a rest and change might do her good, I sent her to some relatives I at Bristol. Nellie got worse, however, and was sent home again. Her legs had broken into ¡ sores a.nd the girl was very lame and in great pain. I took her at once to the doctor, who said she had blood-poison. Tho doctor's oint- ments seemed to heal the sores, but evidently without extracting the bad matte r. At any rate, the sores soon broke out again, worse than ever. "I next tried chemists' ointments, onlV" to be again disappointed. It really seemed as though Nellie's legs were full of poison, and I felt that until this was drawn away itwoud be useless to I expect the sores to heal properly. But one after another ordinary ointments failed and I learned from experience how useless these cheap prepara- tions are when used fora. severe and obstinate case like Nellie's was. It was not until Zam-Buk was used that my daughter made any improvement. Nellie said that Zam-Buk soothed her pain and irritation. She did not ask for the bandages to be taken off her legs as she had done when t ordinary -ointmeuts were applied. Zam-Buk drew the poison from the sores and thoroughly cleansed them. All inflammation and swelling went down and the troublesome sores closed up. Nellie has gone to work again at a place two miles from Atworth, and she walks there and bapk every day without feeling any pain or dis- comfort. We all marvel at this wonderful Zam-Buk core."

9■•' Gellygaer Bricklayer…

--Gellygaer District Council…


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n. Honour for an Argoed Hero.

Bargoed Widow's Compensation.


Marriage of a Pengam Doctor.

. Fleur-de-Lis Compensation…

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Cycling in the Transvaal.