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Mr. E. T. Davies, F.R.C.O., I Conductor Merthyr and District Choral Society, Honorary Examiner and Local liepreaentative Royal Academy of Music and Royal College of Music, Member of Council of the Incorporated Society of Musicians, Local Secretary Trinity College, London; Music Master Merthyr County School, etc., etc., GIVES LESSONS IN Singing, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Orchestration, &c. PUPILS PREPARED FOR THE R.C.O., R.A.M., AND ALL RELIABLE EXAMINATIONS. Recent successes of Pupils include:-A.R,C.O., L.R.A.M. (2), Advanced Honours Associated 74o&rd R.A.M., R.C.M. Senior and other Certificates Trinity College, London First and Special Prizes Royal National Eisteddfod, &c., &e. S oLne38a0!ls Fine 3-Manual Organ. v- 8 '*—i d- :-2 TfolT £ am RE MR. W. J. WATKINS, F.R.C.O., L.R.A.M. (PIANO) j (Organist St. John's Parish Church, Conductor Dowlais Male Voice Party, Member Incorporated Society of Musicians, Solo Pianist and Accompanist), GIVES LESSONS IN- Singing, Organ and Pianoforte Playing, Harmony, Counterpoint, Musical Form, &c. Engagements accepted for Organ Recitals, Concerts, Eisteddfodau, &c. Ior Terms apply 18, MORLAIS STREET, DOWLAIS; or at BURR'S MUSIC WAREHOUSE, MERTHYR. -on visited Mondays—3, Mountain A<-1 nad. Burr's Music Warehonse, Merthyr, Tuesdays EASTER FURNITURE. BARGAIN HARRIS'S, IN NEWPORT MARKET ARE OFFEKIXG SOMK WONDERFUL BARGAINS. Smart SITTING ROOM SUITES, in Velvet, complete foe £ 5 5a. BEDROOM SUITES, complete with Wardrobes, for JB5 5s. Handsome MIRRORS, New Designs, 17. DRAWING ROOM CABINETS for -03 3s. Handsome BRASS KERBS. 16s. BRASSES, 17s. the Set. Handsome Presents. CLOCKS, BRONZES, ORNAMENTS. v' the thin" for Wedding Presents. Always acceptable. Harris's Furnish THREE ROOMS for L12 12s. Suit Workingman. Whao you buy at Harris's you get. the best value for your hard-earned cash. N o paying other peoples' debts. Harris's Deliver Free. Trainfare Allowed. Harris's the LABGEST FURNITURE DISPLAY in Newport. Son PARTlOULARLT-Ib is only a minutÚ walk from the Station, no need to take the tram. Awt but not least—Harris's are making a Special Show of BRASS BEDSTEADS, witrt Beddinpr complete for 28. BLACK and BRASS BEDSTEADS, 21a. Marvellous Offer. Also bear in mind that Harris's do not employ any canvassers or touts to worry you on your door step. You are a free agent to buy where you like. Call and see Harris's in Newport Market. You Trill he glad you came. HAVE YOU A BAD LEG 4Vith wounds that discharge or otherwise. per- haps surrounded with inflammation and swollen, that when you press your finger on the inflamed part it leaves the impression ? If so, under the ekin you have poison that defies all the remedies you have tried, which, if not extracted, you oerer can recover, but go on suffering till death wjleases you. Perhaps your knees are swollen, 'he joints being ulcerated; the same with the mkles, round which the «kin may be discoloured, r there may be wounds; the disease, allow- d to continue, will deprive you of the power » walk. You may have attended Various hos- pitals and had medical advice and been told our case is hopeless, or advised to submit to imputation; but do not, for I CAN CURE YOU. I DON'T SAY PERHAPS; BUT I WILL. Because others have failed is no. reason I should. Send at once a P.O. for 2s. 6d. to M. E. ALBERT, 73, FARRINGDON STREET, tON. DON and you will receive. a. box of Grasshopper Ointment And Pills which is a sure remedy for the cure of Bad Legs Housemaid's Knee (Juloe rated Joints, Carbuncles, Poisoned Hands, Tumours, Abscesses, Sore Throat, Bronchitis, Bunions, and Ringworm. (Copyright.) -gRi There's many a little IJL one lost who would be here tojday if their Mothers had not neglected them. Their j pitiful screamsand restless- i ness by day and night denote pain which ean be stopped I and the danger reinovea by JONES' JSS&wa- RED DROPS Sarar! Tiie Famous Specific for flfissffji Wind, Gripes, Coovulsif.ns fflaBegiLp 1 Sfigg etc. They are iu*aluaUe I liMn as a soother and healtbgiver. S$SEbMb i Bgw Where there's a baby there .Mi L |Kef« should be Jones' Rfd Drops |MjU l&Sgi to Save Pain and Sorrow. iMj jgjfPft 1-lJ per Bottle from tbe vBHBr Merthyr, Mr. V. A. WILLS, ^SsSMUhi Chemist, 3a, Victoria St. iB vBHBr Merthyr, Mr. V. A. WILLS, ^SsSMUhi Chemist, 3a, Victoria St. A -»fflDowlais. Mr. EVANS, A BOON IO jffl Chemist, Union Street. HXroedyrhiw, Messrs. J, 1), BAStES I iff JONES Jc SONS, Canton J0OBBBEBBNBSS& House. tfF Ueaufort Mr.. Price. Post-officc. II Hargoed Mr. I'ritchanl, Chemist. 83 ■ Caerau Maestcg. Mr. Howells, Chemist, ra B Pontypridd From all Chemists. 8* 9 Tonypand.v .Mr Emrys Richards, Chemist, s| m ■ Llwynypia ..Mr. J. W Richards, Chemist. 8 B Treorcliy .Mr. Prothero. Chemist. | B Treorchy ..Mr. Davies, Ciiemist. I H Ferndale —Mr Burgess, Ohejnist. I B Tylorstown. Mr. W. R. Williams. Chemist. B ■ Abercynon.. Mr. W. C. Williams1, Chemist. R B Mountain Ash. Mr. Williams. Chemist* 9 H Mountain Ash Mr. Jones, Chemist. B B Perth. Fcom all Chemists. B B JONES & SONS, Manufacturing g| J Chemists, LLANIDLOES. Jg r:

New Tredegar Police Court.


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