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New Tredegar Police Court.


.----0.--lJ. LEGS FULL OF…

9■•' Gellygaer Bricklayer…

--Gellygaer District Council…


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Council. Whether this man is in, and that man is out, tho Council will go on that man is out, tho Council will go on and that man is out, the Council will go on passing their resolutions and resolving on this and resolving on that, but it is just for this reason that the parish should select the ablest men it can. I could say much, very much more, on this subject, for, although I may not know half re- specting the way things are being manipulated, nor of the influenoes being brought to bear in this Hengoed Ward, I know a great deal which causes r/ie to long for a day when loftier mo- tives and worthier methods will be demanded by a high-firincipled and intelligent electorate. RECORDER..

n. Honour for an Argoed Hero.

Bargoed Widow's Compensation.


Marriage of a Pengam Doctor.

. Fleur-de-Lis Compensation…

. Athletic Sports at Abergavenny;

. Alwrtridwr Husband and Revolver

Cycling in the Transvaal.