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CENTRAL HOTEL, MERTHYR, Under New Proprietorship. JAMES FRANCOMBE, Many years with R. E. JONES, LTD., Caterers, Cardiff; HEAD WAITER, five years Queen's Hotel, Reading, and Metropole and White Hart, Margate. CATERING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES COMMERCIAL, COFFEE & DINING ROOMS. FIRST-CLASS CHEF. Balls, Banquets and Parties Catered for. I CARDIFF RACES 11 Easter Monday and Tuesday, March 28th & 29th. 1 I*1 FIRST RACE, 1.45. LAST RACE. 4.30. |J FIRST DAY CARDIFF HURDLE RACE A L200 ,1 11 SECOND DAY WELSH GRAND NATIONAL OF £400 i> Charges—COURSE, ONE SHILLING; Public Stand*, 39.; Tatterealla, 5a. j » (Ladies, 3s.); Paddock (extra), 2s. 6d. (> THEATRE ROYAL, MERTHYR. «// w-drrii! -c\dhr>lA "'¡/: '1"i "lf: MONDAY, March 28th AND DURING THE WEEK. MATINEE, EASTER MONDAY. Doors open 7.159 Consilience 7.45. FREDK. MELVILLE'S Grand New Production— "HER ROAD TO RUIN" Circle 2/- Stalls 1/6. Pit Is. Gallery 6d. THE MERTHYR SELECT SKATINC RINK ANGEL BUILDINGS (Entrance Gillar Street), Still has the Finest Quality and Best Laid MAPLE FLOOR within 100 miles. ELECTRIC LIGHT. ORCHESTRAL BAND. REFRESHMENT and CLOAK ROOMS. RICHARDSON'S and WINSLOW'S BALL-BEARING SKATES. FOUR SESSIONS DAILY-Morning, 10 till 1. Afternoon, 2.30 till 5. Night, 7 till 10. Special Session for Ladies and Children, 6 till 7.30 p.m. LESSONS GIVEN BY EXPERT SKATERS Free of Charge. MOUNTAIN ASH COTTAGE HOSPITAL. 16th ANNUAL EISTEDDFOD Will be held on EASTER MONDAY, MARCH 2Sth, 1910. CHIEF CHORAL (150 to 180 voices) Thanks be to God," JS100 SECOND CHORAL (60 to 80 voices) "0 Father, whose Almighty power L25 CHIEF MALE V OJ CF, (60 to 80 voices) The Rising Storm" B30 SECOND MALE VOICE (30 to 40 voices) Hymn before action" £ W GIRLS' CHOIR (40 to 50 voices) "The Shepherd" £ rb BOYS' CHOIR (30 to 40 voices) The Fairies" £ 8 ACTION SONG, Own Choice £5 ASS BANDS (Class A.) "Schubert" £ 41 BRASS BANDS (Class B.) "Rohm Hood £ 20 ELEGY to the late Dr. E. W. JONES, Penrhiwceiber L15 S Soprano. 2 Mezzo-Soprano, 3 Contralto, 1 Girl's, 1 Boy's, 3 Tenor, 2 Baritone and 2 Bass Solos, 62 2'1. and gi lA. each. 2 Open Recitations, £1 la. each; Children's Recitation, 10/6. Essay, 22 Zs. Eog]yn> -51-. Mining Examinations, L4 5s. 7 Pianoforte Solos, JE2 2s. and £ 1 Is. each. Violin Solo, 21 Is. 2 Harp Solos, J31 Is. each. Ambulance Competitions, JS5 5s. Adjudicators—Dr. H. WALFOBD DAVIES, London; Dr. W. W. GOODWOKTH, London; Mr. H. C. MORKIS, St. David's, Pem. Qt full particulars see Programmes, now ready, 2jd. post free, D. T. EVANS, Secretary. T. HPGHES, Assist. Secretary. THE EVENT OF IE ILSWIEN. —— AREDPAUPNNV Cha,r Eisteddfod, "DLiiUftV Llllv I Band Contest and Fete, EASTER MONDAY, March 28th, 1910. NSAKLY £ 400 IN PRIZES. Vea Choral Competitions—Several Vocal and Instrumental Solos—Poem, Essay, Recitation, and Art Teats. CHAMPION BAND CONTEST and CORNET SOLO COMPETITION for Two Silver Challenge Shields, One Silver Cup, and Cash Prizes. EXCEPTIONALLY ATTRACTIVE FETE, including the Famous La Dor Troupe of Seven Marvelleus Acrobats, and Mddle. Tudor with Troupe of Peiforming Ponies. FECIAL ENGAGEMENT OF THE FAMOUS FULL MILITARY BAND OF THE ROYAL ENGINEEBS. GRAND DISPLAY OF FIREWORKS. 0 TRIES close 14th March. Programmes 3d. Sec., Mr. R. H. JACKSON, 11, Priory-rd., Abergavenny. MARKET HALL, PONTYPOOL. SECOND GRAND CHAIR EISTEDDFOD tASTER-TUESDAY, MAJi. 29, 1910. OVER £100 IN PRIZES. A GRAND MUSICAL TREAT. ALSO 4 GRAND CONCERT. Come in your Thousands. All Particulars may be obtained from THE SECRETARY, sJ^NlCHOLAS STREET, PONTYPOOL. BARGOED ANNUAL E t CTF PM CRANOCHAtR ttotbUUrUM Wlùù BE ON FASTER TUESDAY, MARCH 29th, 1910. ljA.„ CHIEF EVENTS:— .^E VOICES: "Lead, Kindiy Light," O. James S25 0 0 tie I) CHOIRS: How Great is Thy Good- Edwin Ione.3 15 0 0 ."ENlLE CHOIRS: "Onward," D. Jones, AVWV' ••• 6 0 0 (ODE) (and a Valuable Chair) 2 2 0 tWt vd, Ambulance, £ 5; Quartette, £ 2 2s. *oet ^0s" • Solos and Pianoforte Solos, £ 1 Is. each w> Recitations, Musical Compsitions, &c., &c. Particulars see Programmes', Id, each (by post 1 Jd.), obtained from the Secretaries, W. WILLIAMS, 5, fc^'EET, Bargoed E. W. JONES, 40, Greenfield-street, blA.RBTEG AND DISTRICT COOTAGE HOSPITAL EISTEDDFOD. ,GRAND CHAiR EISTEDDFOD Maesteg, Tuesday, August 2nd, 1910. AGGREGATE PRIZES— £ 200. ^U<?!cators—Music: Dr. S. Coleridge Taylflr, London j/e'iininary; W. Thomas, Esq., Treorchy; Brass Bands: Otn Morgan, Esq., London; I.iteratur* "Gwili"; ^Wibulance Dr. D. J. Thomas, Nantymoel. (Ha !iKF CHORAL—" Hark the deep tremendous Voioe" Com n*,lst P'ize, £ 70; 2nd £ 20. SECOND Choral—"The 18 mrShepherd" (S. Davies, G. &L., Maestejt), Prise .MAJ,k VOICE—"Spartan Heroes" (Dan Protheroe), OF fKri2e, £ 20; 2nd £ 5. JIRVSMYS CHOIR—" Over the field, &AvJ°Ver (Adam Geibel), lst jirize. £ 6 2nd £ 2. Brass W s.("2ndClass)— "Memories of the Past" (W. Rimtners) Wprloe £ 10 2nd £ 5 3rd £ 2. Action Sons for children, 2 £ 2 2nd £ 1. Solos li gns. each. "Pryddest, j s«. & handsome Chair. Ambulance Competition, £ 4. het;5?ether with substantial prizes for other musical com- ll°ns, Essay, Kecitat.ions, Enslyn, &c. Full particu- B> 8ee programmes. 2d., frem the Secretary, J. P. James, 15. Brynmawr-place, Maesteg, Glam. W. T. JONES, High Street, Merthyr, Auctioneer & Accountant, HOUSE, INSURANCE AND GENERAL BUSINESS AGENT. RADESMEN'S Debts Bought or Collected. Rcuts Collected. Arrangements with Credi- Preparation of Bankruptcy Statements of Af- 'ader; Books Posted and Audited. Su-ent for C'iiief Life, Acciicut. Fire, and Plate lasutiuua Ojopaniea. MERTHYR TOWN MISSION HALL (Shiloh), CHURCH STREET. NEXT SUNDAY, GOSPEL ADDRESSES by Rev. H. O. HUGHES, Missioner. Selections by Mission Orchestral Baud. PARK BAPTIST CHURCH, THE WALK, MERTHYR. PREACHER NEXT SUNDAY: Rev. J. Lloyd Williams, Pastor. Services at 11 and 6 o'clock. HOPE CHURCH, Merthyr Tydfil h WAS JESUS A SOCIALIST ? Fourth Address of the Series BY THE REV. J. MORGAN JONES, M.A., ON SUNDAY EVENING NEXT, MARCH 27 1910. SERVICE TO COMMENCE AT 6 P.M. ALL ATiE CORDIALLY WELCOMED. ZOAR CHAPEL, MERTHYR. A GRAND ORCAN RECITAL Will be given at the above Chapel on THURSDAY, MARCH 31st, 1910, BY Mr. Caradog Roberts, Mus. Bac., F.R.C.O. SOLOISTS: Miss ANNIE REES, Dowlaia Mr. LEWIS JONES, Heolgsrrig. To commence at 7.30. Admission One Shilling. Proceeds towards Bethlehem Church, Taf Fechan. .l pRVA^CHER&G^lH GOLSEHRETURMS 1 tfiir ■ RECiaTi::ln!t-p Facsimile oj One-Ounce Packet. Archer's A. Golden Returns The Perfection of Ptpi Tobacco. Corn,, Sim, «FT> FKAQFAKT. •SERVANTS can easily be obtained by the use of a small Want Ad. in these columns. State your requirements, and you will be sure to set suited at once, WELSH ROMANCE- "TRAGEDY IN GELLI WOOD." Being a translation 01 the notfd book Llfruddiaeth yn Nghoed y Gelli," by Craigfrya Hughes. By all BookseUers, or by post, 7id. from D. DA VIEtS, Bookseller, Femdale. J. L. CUNNINGHAM AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, VALUER & FINANCIAL AGENT,} 19, CLEBELAND STREET, MERTHYR TYDFIL. Speciality-MORTGAGE LOANS F. A. PHILLIPS, AUCTIONEER, ACCOUNTANT, VALUER & HOUSE AGENT. Public Auditor under the Friendly Societies, Act, 1896, and the Industrial I and Provident Societies Act, 1893. Agent for the chief Life, Fire, and Accident Insurance Companies. OFFICE 34, Victoria Street, MERTHYR TYDFIL,

J Merthyr Express" Diary.

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