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NELSON. TRANSFER.—The Caerphilly Magistrates, on Tuesday, granted the permanent transfer the Plough and Harrow Inn, Geilygaer, from Mr. Wm. Jones to Mr. Rupert Stanley Ham. HEARTS OF OAK DINNEK.—On Friday evening the annual Dinner promoted by members of the Hearts of Oak Benefit Society, was held at Penuel Vestry. The meeting was of a very successful and enjoyable nature, and the catering very praiseworthy. After the removal of the cloth the chair was taken by Mr. T. Every, who expressed his pleasure at seeing such a large number present and exhorted all to continue in their activities on behalf of the Society. Afterwards Mr. Ben Date sang in capital style, "The Norseman," followed by a cornet solo and selections on the violin by Mr. Whitcombe. The toast, The Hearts of Oak," was proposed and the district delegate, Mr. E. R. Williams, Merthyr, responded. — Mr. Williams, who was given a cordial reception referred to what made a good and sound Friendly Society, and the points that appeal mostly to prospective members. The chief things showing the advantages of a good society were economy in working, a favourable sickness experience, and invested capital returning fair interest. The Hearts of Oak, as a great cen- tralised society, was being worked on the most up-to-date method in the commercial world, and by the centralised organisation and sound busi- ness management the working expenses had during the whole of its existence only averaged about 5 per cent. of the income. Through care- fully attending to actuarial advice,, the sickness experience was kept well in hand. Upwards of 3i millions were so carefully invested as to bring in interest averaging from 3? to 5 per cent. per annum, which was during 1909 no less than 8s. lOd. per member, nearly equivalent to one quarter's contribution on a total membership of 300,000. Tbeae facts would enable them to recommend with the greatest confidence their society as one of the safest in the country. Passing on to review the legislative work accom- plished by the delegate board for the past year, Mr. Williams dwelt at length with the position of members who hereafter would seek employment in the mines, and explained the alteration of rules which permitted members to retain their membership, under altered condition, whilst work- ing beneath the surface, and how they would bcoome entitled to full benefits again npon return- ing to employment above ground.—Mr. H. Lewis having sang Good company," Mr. H. Anderson, Aberdare, one of the society's sick inspectors, spoke in eulogistic terms of the great work accomplished in the district through the agency of the society. Mr. Every gave a cornet solo, entitled Scenes that are brighetst," and Mr. Ben Date sang Hearts of Oak," Mr. Harry Lewis gave an excellent rendering of Cartref," and was voeieferoualy applauded. The ladies who presided at the tables were Mrs. Bonney, Mrs. Harries, Miss E. Harris, Miss B. Harris, and Miss Slade, who were accorded hearty thanks for their services, also the accompanist, Mr. E. Lewis. The carvers were Mr. W. Price and Mr. F. John. With the singing of the National Anthem an enthuaiaebio gathering was brought to a close.




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