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:Mountain Ash District Council.

Mountain Ash Water Bill.

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Aberdare, Education Society.


Dog Show at Cwmaman.1



CWMBACH. MCTGAII TMFKOVEMENT SOCIETY.—On Friday evening lapi- an interesting address was delivered at the Brvn M.I.S. by Mr. Wm. Rees, Godreaman. on tb of the faith." SMOKER.—On Tt'tusday evening last a smoking concert was held "hø Ship and Castle Inn, under the auspices of the Pontypridd Imperial Friendly Society. The chair was occupied by Mr. William Matthews. CVmbach, supported by Mr. Arthur Harris. Mr. Thomas John Phillips (Ap GwiJym Cynon* Abaraman, was accompanist, and the hou. '.eor-v'ary was Mr. Evan Edwards, secretary of lodge. An interesting pro- gramme was gone fcbrougb. RE-OPKNING SKP.VICKS.—On Saturday evening, Snnday, and Monday services were held at Bryn Seion Congregational Church to commemorate the re-opening of the edifice after undergoing extensive renewals and repairs. The cbapel has been re-painted throughout, and besides the additional porch made at the front of the building, a magnificent pipe-organ has been installed. The meetings commenced on Saturday night, when a preaching service was held. It was well attended, and the preachers were the Revs. R. H. Davies, paster of the church, and R. Roberts, pastor of Fibenczer C.M. Church, Cwmbach. On Sunday afternoon the Rev. Silyn Evana, Siloa, Aberdare, was the preacher. The introductory portion of this service was conducted by Mr. D. Chas. Lewis, a student: of Bryn Seion. The occupants of the pulpit or. Sunday night were the Revs. J. Bowen Dav, Abercwmboi, and H. P. Jenkins, Saron, A be rp,man. In the absence of Mr. D. R. PaAie?, the' m-peentor during the day was Mr. John Daniel, and Mr. Herbert Davies presided at the organ. On Monday afternoon an exceedingly large number attended. The ceremony of unveil- ing a tablet in memory of the late Rev. Jonah Morgan, first pastor of the church, was carried out. It was unveiled by Mrs. Shelby, the oldest mem- bet of the Church. The subsequent proceedings were presided over by the Rev. D. Lilyn Evans, Aberdare, and appropriate addresses were de- livered by the following.;— Mr. Morgan John, Preswylfa, Abernanv (a former deacon of the Church); Mr. Wm. Rees, Godreaman (one of the former senios deacons) f Rev. John Thomas, Zoar, Merthyr; Rav. H. A. Daviea, formerly of Cwmaman; Rev. R. H. Davies, B.A.. Pastor, and the chairman.— Another preaching service was held bn Monday night, when the officiating ministers were the Rev. Joseph James (B.), Bethania, Cwmbacb, and the Rev. Jno. Thomas. Zoar, Merthyr, BETHANIA.— On Sunday last the half-yearly preaching services of this church were held, when faiHy large congregations attended. The preacher was the Rev. Morgan Jones, Whitland, whose sermons were much appreciated. The precentor was Mr. John Vaiighan, and Mr. D. J. vaughan presided at the harmonium. The Rev. Joseph James, pastor, conducted the services.

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