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:Mountain Ash District Council.


:Mountain Ash District Council. RAILWAY CROSSING TO BE IMPROVED. The meeting of the Mountain Aah District Council was held on Tuesday, under the presa- dfincy of Mr. W Millar The members present -ere Messrs. Thomas Jones (Dr.), R. D. Mor- D. Rogers, J. Bruoe Jones, Griffith Rev. E. V. Tidman, Messrs. John KYT T W Jones, William Evans, G. A. J.P., Evan Morris, Silaa Williams, Geo. Wai, > William Lamburn, William Daviee, as S* Messrs. H. P. Linton (cleric), Fred (accountant), and W G-. Thomas (sur- vey011), Dr E. P. Evans (medical officer), and £ 1 Harry Jones (sanitary inspector), of L Council further considered the question the contract for the erection of the Ynysy- electricity sub-station, and whether pen- nies should "be enforced against the oontr&o- j"8- It was stated that there had been delay :? carrying out the work, but Mr. Linton said j y had extended' the time before and there- wre they would not have much of a. caee.— lr- Silas Williams said the building was an ^cellent one. There migfct have been delay *0 sending some of the things which were ne- T^ary. No one would blame the contractors.— **fter some discussion Mr. Silas Williams Proved that the balance due to the contractors Daid and that the penalties be not imposed. ~~Dr. Morgan seconded, and the motion was to. The Medical Officer reported in reference to Cubical space per person in each dwelling house, pointed out that 250 cubic feet would be vPPle- Replying to Mr Silas Williams, the radical Officer eaid minus the furniture it be about 300 cubic feet. -lenders received for various purposes for the ending March 31st, 1911, were next opeo- When the tenders for scavenging in the gbercynon Ward were being considered Mr. **va0 Morris referred to the horses used for *his work. — The Surveyor confessed that he T'a? not an authority on horses, but he had fisted that all horses used for the work be not less than fourteen bands, and weigh not less than 14 cwts. He would Jfaroine all horses before they were put into shafts, fp ^he secretary of the Abercynon Chamber of *rade wrote that it had always been the wish Jv the Chamber that private street works ehould be carried out in Honey Hill, Aber- J^OD.—On the motion of Mr. W. Jones, it decided that the Clerk should communi- with Mr Morgan, the agent of the Ynya- •kfurig Estate, with regard to a certain agree- n?k relating to this street. The Chairman proposed a vote of condolence "WJth Coun. John Powell on the death of his Mr. Millar remarked that Mr Powell was in indifferent health.—Mr. John Charles, yho seconded, said that all felt extremely sorry °r their colleague in his bereavement. The was carried, all the members standing. « communication was read from Messrs. C r°d W. Kenshole, solicitors, Aberdare, call- attention to surface damage done to pro- Berty belonging to Mr. John Morgan, of Tai- parm, Hinvain, in sinking trial holes SSr the proposed reservoir at Penderyn.—The ~leik was instructed to reply to the effect that he Council would be prepared to entertaixj a when the trial holes were finished. fho Surveyor reported that it was the inten- of the G.W.R. Company to improve the S,ridge crossing over their railway near the ,°wn Hall He had met the Company's en- gineers on the bridge, and they bad explain- eel to him the way in which the work was to be parried out. The engineers had also referred fp. the Council's mains, which passed oyer the b*ldge. He thought that the Council should attend to these, and do what was necessary. £ s to who should pay for this the Clerk would able to say.—The Clerk replied that this de- ^nded entirely upon what terms were made when the mains were laid down.—It was 4e- that the Clerk should communicate with Company. r W Phillips, the assistant overseer, wrote gating that at the last County Council meeting **e was able to get a reduction in the county ^<»te assessment of £ 5,673, which was equiyilant *an annual saving of £ 240 in the raijes. In his, Aid. W. Jones. Mountain Ash, had contin- uously interested himself.—A vote of thanks was accorded to Mr. Phillips and Aid- Jones.

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