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0 Aberdare Evening Schools. ANNUAL DISTRIBUTION OF PRIZES. The annual distribution of prizes and certifi- cates in connection with the Aberdare Evening Continuation School Classes took place on Monday evening at the County School. Coun- cillor 1VI. J. Harries was in the chair, and amongst those present were: Mrs. Walter Lloyd, Mrs. John Griffiths (Park Schools), Airs. Davies (Broniestyn-terrace), Messrs. D. R. Griffiths, Ebenezer Owen, W. R. Williams, B.Sc., and J. D. Thomas (clerfc to the governors of the County School. The Chairman, in his introductory remarks, said he was pleased to be present and to ob- serve the good work these classes were doing. In the whole of Wales in 1903, the number of students attending evening classes was 8,257. There was considerably more than that num- ber at the present time. Mrs. Walter Llpyd, in handing cut the prizes to these who attended the classes, said know- ledge was no burden to carry about, but it always proved useful. A war with Germany, was much talked of at present, but when that war did come, it would ba an intellectual one. Germany were doing all they possibly could towards getting their children properly edu- cated. In davs gone by, England had been supreme, and to hold her own, more attention should be given to, what was termed "the arts of craft." —Other prizes and certi_cates were handed out by Mrs. Griffiths and Mrs. Davies. On the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. E. Owen, a vote of thanks was accorded to the ladies for distributing the prizes. A' similar compliment was accorded to the Chair- man, on the motion of Mr. J. D. The (solicitor), seconded by Mr. D. R. Griffiths. Appended is a list of those who received tha certificates, etc. :— Board of Education Exaniination,Perspeo-i tive (Mr. F. J. Kerr, teacher): Virgil R. Da* vies, 1st class.-Applled Mechanics (Mr. A. Cryer, teacher): 2nd Class Stage I., T. Eras* mus, Emrys James, and T. M. Williams.—Free' hand Drawing (Mr. F. J. Kerr teacher): 1A class, V. R. Davies; 2nd class, William Mackin- tosh, C. S. Cameron, and Leslie Br-dgeman.- Freehand Drawing (Mr. E. O. Williams teach- er) 1st c'ass, S. R. Jones; 2nd cnasa, L. T* Morgan, E. Jones, Tom Evans, Richie Evans. —Light and Shade (Mr. F. J. Kerr teacher): 2nd class, L. T. Morgan, Leslie Bridgeman, and William Mackintosh.—Model Drawing (Mr E. O. Williams teacher): 2nd class, L. T. Mor- gan and John Jenkins.—Machine Construction and Drawing (Mr. A. Cryer teacher): 1st class, Stage I., LI. Hughes, W. J. Gilliard, E. A.; Morgan, A. G. Evans, M. R. Morgan, and 1L) F. Anderson; 2nd olass, Stage I., H. J Evans, D. R. Masters, S. A. Smith, E. F. Stubbs, Do J. Ashford; 2nd class, Stage II., R. G. Davies, E. A. P. Evans, H. M. Hughes, Emrys James, S. C. Lewis, and S. J. Millar; 2nd dass, Stage III., J. Bowen and T. Erasmus.—Building con- struction and Drawing (Mr. G. Bosher teacher) 2nd class, Stage II., T. Jones.—Building Con-* etruction and Drawing (Mr. G. Davies teacher) t 1st class, Stage II., Tom Evans; 2nd classy Stage II., John Thomas, E. Powell, T. Miliert Dan Thomas, John Davues, and W. E. Evans.— Botany (Mr. A. W Elliott teacher): 2nd classy- Stage II., B. Llewellyn and Hosuiah J. Wil- liams.—Theoretical Inorganic Chemistry (Mr* W. R. Williams teacher): 1st class, Stage :u.. p. H. David. County Council Examinations. Heat and Steam (Mr. M D. Williams teacher): 3rd class, D. A. Jones and W. M. Hughes.—Welsh (Mc, John Griffiths teacher): 2nd class, Stage I IT., W. T. Elias, Danie) Jones, and J. G. Davies; 2nd class, Stage II., T. Prosser and W. Wil- liams 2nd class, Stage III.. J. R. Davies; 2nd class, Stage I., Caradoc W.-Liters. -Electricity, and Magnetism (Mr. W. R. Williams teacher): 2nd class, D. A. Jones; 3rd class, I. Mackintosh' and B. A. Jeffreys.—Practical Mathematics (Mr. Ban Da.vies teacher): 3rd class, Stage U., W A. Jones; 2nd class, Stage III., E. J. Phil- lips; 3rd aass, Stage I., D. W. Jones; 2nd class, Stage I., Owen James: 2nd class, Stage HI., W. Morgan, H. F. Anderson, 2nd clasa, Stage I., Moses Jones and T. J. Walters; 1st class. Stage I., Thomas Powell; 2nd class. Stage I., A. J. Brittain; 2nd class, Stage II., R. I* Davies. City and Guilds of London Examination.—- Telegraphy: 2nd class, Mr. J. H. Hopkins; given out. Miss S. C. Evans.—Brickwork: Miss E. M. Powell, Taliesin Millar, and W. L. Evam, 2nd class; Shem Morgan.—Carpentry and Joinery: John Davies and Ed. W. Powell*

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