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A TRECYNON CONTRACTOR. David Bufton, who was represented by Mr F J Caldicott, from the office of Mr. J. D. Thomas, solicitor, attended his adjourned ex- amination- Mr. W. Thomas watched the case on behalf of Mr. Morris, builder, Aberdare, and Mr. W. R. Edwards was present as a creditor. The debtor was further examined in reference to certain payments made to Messrs. Gregor Bros., and to the fact that he had given Messrs. Gregor Bros. and Mr. W. R. Edwards lien upon all monies coming into him from houses he had erected. It was pointed out that he had since then bought goods from Messrs. Roberts and David and other firms when it was impossible for him to pay. He was cross-examined by Mr. W. R. Edwards in reference to the sfat-ement made by him at a previous examination that he was not ware, when he signed an assignment to :Measrs> Gre- ornros. that he was doing o" He ad pii feted signing two papers, but ho thought they both referred to the same transaction, and that they really represented an assignment to Mr. Ed- wards. He still adhered to this story, and said that he did not remember signing any alter- ations upon the agreement. He thought they were mostly printed. When the two assign- ments were put into his hand he had to ad- mit that the initials upon certain items were his. He had quite forgotten this. — The ex- amination was further adjourned. A "MOUNT" TOBACCONIST. Elizabeth Waters, tobacconist, Mountain Ash, who was represented by Mr. S. Shipton. attended her examination. Debtor returned her gross liabilities at £35, expected to rank £135, assets £16 Is. 7d., deficiency, JE118 18s. 6d. She said she had been living apart from her husband since 1903. Since then she had been carrying on business as a hairdresser and tobacconist. She eventually sold up for j3150, and with this paid mcst of her creditors. In order to clear, she borrowed JB12 from the Swansea Finance Company, upon which she paid interest at the rate of £2 per quarter. She had also borrowed £20 from the same company, and had given in return a promisory note for £28. She had paid back J616 10s of this. Debtor attributed her failure to the de- pression in trade, and the maintenance of a heavy family.—The examination w»° adiour"- ed.


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