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ELECTIONS AT ABERDARE. THE DISTRICT COUNCIL. Tuesday was the last day for receiving with- drawals, and as no withdrawals were sent in there will be contests in the Llwydcoed, Gad- Iys, Town, and Aberaman Wards. Ic is on all hands considered that the rate- payers have been put to an unnecessary ex- pense in Llwydcocd Ward by the fact that Mr. W. T. Harries, who was defeated in the recent County Council election in the Gadlys Ward. has come out in this ward against the two sitting members, Messrs. Rees Llewellyn and T. Walter Williams. There seems to be no doubt that the two retiring councillors will be returned with an overwhelming majority. In the Gadlys Ward matters are somewhat more complicated. The retiring councillors are Messrs. D. Tyssul Davies, who was returned three years ago as » Liberal, and Thomas Lewis, of Windsor-street, who was returned as a member of the I.L.P. The former is not seeking re-election, and Mr. Lewis is now coming out as a Liberal, having foresworn his alliance with the I.L.P. He has been adopted by the Ward Liberal Association, who have also brought out Mr. Henry H. Evans, the, manager of the Bwllfa Colliery, the treasurer of the Aberdare Liberal Association. Hie Trades and Labou" Council, who have one re- presentative in this Ward in the person of Mr. William Harper, have brought out Mr. Idwal Thomas, a checkweigher at the Wimbcr Colliery, and the I.L.P. have brought out Mr. Evan Parker. In the complicated state of af- fairs it is difficult to predict the result, but it is believed the nominees of the Liberal Associa- tion will head the poll. In the Town Ward the retiring members are Messrs. D. P. Davies, Ynyslwyd, and A. P. Jones, Florence Villa. and they are opposed by Mr. W. T. James, the vice-president of the Aberdare Trades and Labour Council. In the past the nominees of the Trades and Labour Council, whenever run in this ward, have done verv badly, and the return of tho two old members is expected. The return of Mr. A. P. Jones is, in any case, assured, and owing to the long experience and knowledge of local matters possessed by Mr. D. P. Davies, of y nyslwyd, it is believed that he will be an easy second. In the Blaengwawr Ward there is no contest, the two retiring members, Mes-srs. E. Stonelake, the present chairman of the Council and the secretary of the Trades and Labour Council, and D. Davies, of Cwmbach, both of whom are the nominees of the Aberdare Trades and Labour Council. being returned unopposed. In the Aberaman Ward the Trades and Labour Council have nominated Mr. Wigley, of Abercwmboi, against Mr. E. M. Hann. the agent of the Powell Duf- fryn Company, the retiring member, the other retiring Councillor is Mr. Illtyd Hopkins- the secretary of the Aberdare Branch of the South Wales Miners' Federation. The Trades and Labour Council have secured the whole re- presentation for the Blaengwawr Ward. and at present have three members out of the four in the Aberaman Ward, Messrs*. Hopkins and Wigley coming out as the nominees of the Trades and Labour Council. Although Aber- cwmboi has strong claims for reureser.tation it is predicted that Mr. Hann will bo rammed, and that the Trades Council wili find one of their nominees out. THE GUARDIANS. For the Merthyr Board of Guardians there will be conte3i-s in three wards. In the Llwyd- coed Ward the retiring- members were Kev. W. S. Davies, Congregational minister, Llwyd- coed; Messrs. D. Edwards, postmaster, Cwm- dare, and Hy. Lewis. Trecynon, and the three were again .nominated. Mr Lewis has, how- ever, withdrawn. The new candidates nom- inated are Mr. Jones, schoolmaster, Hir- wain, Mr. Isaac towards, the nominee of the Trade and labour Council, and Mrs. Annora Jenkins, of Tveoynon. The Ward Liberal As- sociation are supporting the Rev, W. S. Da- vies and Mr. David Edva.rds, the members, and Mr. D. achcMsnasts*, Hirwain. In the Gadlys Waj ■.< the retiring- members were Mr. John Prowle, th* nominee of the Trades and Labour Council, Rev. J. D. Rees, Salem, Robertstown, and Mrs. D. M. Richards, who has represented the Ward on the Board of Guardians for over fifteen years. Mr. Rees declined to be nominated, and the Liberal Ward Committee decided to nominate Mr. E. Ogwen Williams, Gwersyll, Broniestyn- terrace, assistant master at the Aberdare Coun- ty School. The Trades and Labour Council have nominated Mr. John Jenkins, Glan-road, who has been before a member of the Board of Guardians, and the I.L.P. havo nominated Mr. Edward Davies, an assistant master at the Park Council School. There are thus five can- didates for the three seats. In the Town Ward the retiring members, Rev. J. O'Reilly, Messrs. David Hughes and Morgan Williams, Abernant, have been returned unopposed. In the Blaengwawr Ward also, the retiring mem- bers, Messrs. Rees Rees, Ynyslwyd Cottage; Methusalem Davies, Cwmbach, and Idris Da- vies. Cwmbach, have been returned unopposed. In the Aberaman Ward the retiring members are Messrs. Augustus Davies, Ben Lewis, col- liery manager. Aberaman, and Thomas Hedge, Cwmaman. The latter has retired, and the Trades and Labour Council have nominated Mr. William Thomas, checkweigher, Cwm- aman, for that seat. Tho I.L.P. have also nominated Mr. Mat Lewis, assistant master at the Capcoch Council School. The doubt here is "whether Mr. Mat Lewis or Mr. William Thomas will be elected, the return of the two retiring members being looked upon as well- nigh assured.

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