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Presentation to Mr. W. Roberts,I…


Presentation to Mr. W. Roberts, I Solicitor. At the Town Hall, Merthyr, on Wednesday, I Mr. Edward Roberts, solicitor. Llmx-lais, late of the Town Clerk's department, ,v-es presented with a roll-top desk and chair, the Town Hall Staff, on the occasion of his leaving the employ of the Corporation. Mr. T. Aiienryn Rees, the Tow a Clerk, who presided, and with whom Mr. Roberts served his articles, in making the presentation, said that he had watched the career cf Mr. Roberts during the whole time he had heen in the office with him, and he prophesued a brilliant career for him. To-day was his Emanci- I pation Day," and he had now thrown off the f fetters of municipal life, and wall free to follow his own course unhampered. He reminded him of a fresh-run spring salmon. He had quitted the rough tidal waters, and was aboat to ascend the river, over crag aad torrent, until he reached the placid watcm at the top, where in the fulness of his time he would enjoy the honours gained by means of Lis abilities and perseverance. The Borough Controller (M. W. R. Harris), Mr. T. Gilbert Evans, Dr. Dcrcan and Mr. Thackeray spoke in eulogistic terms of the abilities of Mr. Roberts, and the whole-hearud manner in which he rendered them assistance. They all hoped that they would see Mr. Roberts return to municipal life, not as an employee, but as master. Mr. Evan Price (Cynog) caretaker of the Town Hall, read appropriate verses, wh ch were received with much applause. Mr. Roberts, in replying, said he feared that moment. He was fearful upon his first appear- ance before Sir Marchant Williams, but he had never feared so much as at that moment. He felt that words could not express his grati tude for the kindness shown him by his late fellow employees. He did not think he had had a cross word with anyone during the many years he was with them. He would like to take that opportunity of thanking the Town Clerk and his Deputy, Mr. Biddle, for the help and training which they had so readily afforded and training which they had so readily afforded him, and which would be of great benefit to him in future years. The desk and chair, which are handsome- pieces of furniture, were supplied by Messrs I H. W. Harris and Son, Merthyr.


Britannic Assurance Company,…