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CORRESPONDENCE. I MERTHYR EDUCATION COMMITTEE I AND THE SALVATION ARMY. Sir,—Allow me to draw your attention to what I consider to be harsh treatment at the hands of the Education Committee of Merthyr. With the consent cf the schoolmasters and mis- tresses of Merthyr I supplied them with leaflets, which they promised to give the children at- tending the schools. One clause on the leaflet asked the child to contribute one penny toward the Salvation Army Self-denial effort. The children took the leaflets home, their mothers gave them pennies, which they brought and gave to their teacher. The Education Com- mittee upon hearing about this effort, decided against the action, and ordered the return of the pennies to the children. Now, I should be pleased if you could tell me whether there is a bye-law in Merthyr which forbids any acts of charity being taught in our schools (this would make a grand object lesson). If there is no bye-law, then upon what authority could the Committee interfere, as no one was being bene- fitted but the outcast and those in the direst need? For instance, the public cannot be aware of the fact that 20 girls have been taken from Merthyr from abominable surroundings (some of them) to our Cardiff Home during last year. The cost of maintaining them has not oome upon the Merthyr rates, not a penny of it even. nor upon the rates of any other town, but because an effort was made to ask for pen- nies from children, which the parents freely and voluntarily gave them, these gentlemen, who should have the welfare of the children of Mer- thyr at heart, have ordered the children's mite to be returned to them. The old adage says, "Charity begins at home." Where does the Education 'Committee's charity begin? I am of opinion that if Merthyr could be can- vassed, and the vote taken for and against this act of the Education Committee, the great pre- ponderance of votes would be given against them, for as far as I have seen. the spirit of I Merthyr is charitable, and kind—taking the people as a whole. I do not refer to isolated cases. If the Education Committee are so much interested in oaring for the young, why is it we do not hear their voice about their spending pennies at the roundabouts, the penny afternoon performances at the Temperanoe Hall, the school penny higgler that occasion- ally comes round, Dr. Barnardo, Dr. Steven- son's Boys, and the many more, the penny field charge for children going to football matches, etc. The Bible, best of all books, says we are to train up the children in tbe way they should go. The ways marked down in the I rules of this Book are to love mercy and relieve the widow and fatherless. It teaches the uni- versal brotherhood of man, and Paul writes of the different graces wo may have, the greatest of which is charity. In conclusion, let me say that I imagine there must be some misunder- standing, or else some one has blundered. I cannot make myself believe but that if these II gentlemen only took time to make themselves r acquainted with the facts of the case they would readily admit they had blundered, and haste J to rectify the wrong they had done.—I am, yours faithfully, IT. DAVEL, Adjutant. Salvation Army Headquarters, Salvation Army Headquarters, U, Garth-terrace, Merthyr

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