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LOCAL INTELLlGENCEj (CONTINUED.) j COFNTY SCHOOL ENTRANCE SCHOLABSHIP j EXAMINATION.—For particulars as to this tea ruination beg io direct attention to an advertisement in another column. DANCING.—Don't forget the La, Rinka Ball, Thursday night, at the Drill Hall. Tickets Gents, 2s. iadies' 1 s. 6d. double, 3s. The ureekly class will be held as nsual next Tuesday, »t Bentloy's Central Hail. NEW MASONIC TI^HXE.—The contract for fee above has been let to Mr. John Jenkins, Canal Wharf, at £ 2,303, The site is in Penydar- *en Park, overlooking Pontmorlais, between the y.M.C.A. and the Forward Movement Hall. GLAMORGAN ASSIZES.—tt'e are desired to state that the Principality Educational Depot con- cerned in the ease tried at the Assizes i* not the ■am? organisation a-s the Educational Publishing Co., Trade-street, Cardiff, and late of Merthyr. F'IXTATA.—A grand performance of the •acred cantata, The Bliud Maid of Bethany," will be -riven by the choir of Market-square Congregational Church. on^Good Friday, Maiy>. | 25th, 1910, when a rare musical treat is ek Itec ted. BETKIAL FEES.—For sofaae time psst "'ftte' ■Cemeteries Committee of >Corporation considered the advisability of altering tie burial fees. On Friday last Mr. W. R. Harris, Borough Controller, reported that the rates bad to contribute a large amount towards the | east of each interment, and it was agreed to revise the scale of burial fees without further delay. L- & X.W.R. EXCURSIONS.—Thiscompany are as usisal oflerinpr special facilities for people j to \isit relatives and friends during the Easter' holidays. Cheap excursion tickets will be{ Issued to North of England, North Wales, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Isle of Man, cto., and ftLgo to London, Birmingham, Wolverhampton Jvetfincham, Burton, Derby, etc. Full par- tticKlars may be obtained at the various stations. PE^RHEOLOEKKIG YOUNG CTMEEICYDDION (SOCIETY.—At the last meeting of this sociiety Ki. Tom Prke (Merthyr) pave an excellent j fcctnre on Cerddorion Cvmreig." The lecturer dcait with Owain Alaw, Ambrose Lloyd, ?|?anymarian, Gwilym G went and the late Dr. Joseph parry. The meeting was woll attended. Mr. Lewis Jones (tenor) sang the Galwadd v l^-v.-vsog," and Mr. William Phillips Evaa sang Y "Bachgen Dewr." Mr. Price was heartily thanked for his lecture on the propoeitioa of Mr. John Howell Evans. Mr. Allen Richards presided. In the account of St. David's Day at Heolgerrig, in the 44 Express" last week, the name of Bac-hel Annie Rees, who recited <*tv roniaidd Cyniru Fyd," v.-as inadvertently Oriitted. } CALFAKIA, HECR.GERR.IG.—A performance of fee cantata, Y r Yscnl," was Liven last! Tinnsclay, by Calf aria Juvenile Choir, under tin- conductorshiii of Mr. Alien Richards, K*wcerrig. There had been a previous per- formance, and ou each occasion thtre ^as a laree nudienee, and the singing of t'o children «-as «rreat!v enjoyed. Those who took the different par's were :—Schooimastw. Mr. Lewis ones schoolmistress, Mrs. ?.L E. Griffiths; late •i holars, D. Davies and J. Pas^moro mitebers, p. P:iih, 31. WiiJiams, Brinley Griffiths and John Pv. Lewis teachers, Miss Jennet Tong. USae .Rebecca Pugh, Miss Beesie James and Miss lizzie A- Davies officer. 3Ir. John Morgan; mother, Mrs. M. Davies justices, Mr. Edward Griffiths and Mr, Ben Harries: complainants, iftr. W. Jones, Mr. J- T Richards, Mr. T,. Jvichards and Mr. W. Harries;.inspector, M. >ViHiani Jones. The accompanist was Mr. "(Johnny Thomas, ^.Twydfagwr, and the secre- tarial duties were .carried out by Mr.'Mathias James. HIGH STREET BAPTIST CHAPEL.—At a largely attended meeting 'neld at High-street Baptist ¡ Chapel on Tue.sclaii, the Rev. Thomas Phillips, 2B A-, of Bloomsb;ory Baptist Church, London, %»ho was accomR-anied Sister Maggie, gave Wi uitarestiog aocouut of the great social work j f -j? \{ n'jy-;? j^arneil on Ijy Ins church m that■ denselv-popu- lated district. In the unavoidable absence of the Mayor, the chair was taken by Mr. John Davies, solicitor, who, in the course of an ) introductory address, referred to the arrested progress of the Christian Church, and he urged the churches to seriously consider the situation with a view of devising Some means whereby they can more effectively do their work. Mr. J)ei-tes referred to the change taking place in the economic views of the community, and to the different outlook people have upon life genemlly, than was the Case thirty years ago. The churches, he said, should adopt new methods of work to meet the new conditions, and he suggested that one of the methods should be the kind of work carried on by Mr. Phillips at Bloosinburv. ■PRIZES FOR COUPONS.—Readers of the "'Sunday Companion" and "Sunday Circle" are earnestly requested to kindly assist the Merthyr Men's Adult School to secure one of the ten pianos offered to such institutions as prizes in return for coupons taken from the above papers. The publishers of the Horner's Penny Stories," and ''Horner's Weekly" are offering six free holiday trips to the seaside to the six families who secure the highest number of coupons. Will you kindly help to secure one of these for a young widow and her five children, who reside in Merthyr Tydfil. The competition closes in May. Coupons for either of the above competitions will he most thankfully received by Mr. AIf. Young, secretary, Y.M.C.A., Church- street, Merthyr, or Mr. Charlesr F. Cable, 7, Garth-place, Merthyr Tydfil. TERRITORIALS. —On Wednesday night, Capt. and Adjutant J. T. Field Richards visited the Merthyr Detachment, and read a most inter- esting paper to the N.C.O.'a at the class of in- struction. He dealt with ths organization of the armies of the overseas dominions of the British Empire, explaining the systems of Can- ada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa. He gave a clear explanation of the state of affairs at the present time, and also the new propoeaJs which were to be carried out, and de- scribed the basis on which the European na- tions maintained their huge armies.—The paper was listened to with great inrsrest, and Capt. Richards vrn; thanked for coming up to address them.—Next week, Lieut. Harry Southey will read a paper on "Intelligence and Reconnais- ance," which was postponed from last Wednes- day on account of the visit of the Adjutant. Squad and section training will start next week. N.C.O. 's and men are requested to look out for the orders, which wili be issued in the usual way. The Territorials will bj. interested to know that the raw "Web" equipment will be served out before camp. OBITUARY.—The funeral of Mr. Frank Young, of the Duffryn Inn, Brecon-road, took place at Cein cemetery, on Thursday. The deceased was well known and respected in the locality, where he had lived for many years. The officiating ministers were the Rev. Mr. Lloyd (Ainon), and the Rev. Lloyd Williams (Park). The coffin was covered with wreaths, sent by deceased's children and grandchildren. Mr. Sweet, Mr. and Mrs. Rogers (Caedraw), and others. The bearers were friends of the family, viz. P.S. Bott-ing, Messrs. G. A. Reeves, T. John, Harry Green (Park View), C. Hagerty, W. Williams, W. Knight and T. Thomas. The mourners were:—1st coach Miss M. Richards (step-daughter), Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Horton (daughters), Frank and Beatrice Horton (grand- children) 2nd coach, Messrs. Joseph Horton, William Lewis and James Walker (sons-in-law), John Walker (grandson): 3rd coach, Mr. T. Young (brother), Mrs. A. Young (sister-in-law), Mr. J. Young (brother), Mrs. B. Young (sister-in- law), C. Young (nephew); 4th coach, Mrs. Richards and Miss Jones (neices), G. Davies, R. Davies, J. Roberts and J. Stephens (nephews); 5t]xewh, Mr. Isaac Griffit-ba (cousin) and friends. MEKTBTYB, CERTIFICATE CIAssEs.-In the list of candidates who were successful at the recent examination for the Elementary School Teachers' Certificate there appear the names of the following teachers from schools in the Merthyr Borough, who were students (during the whole or part of the course) at the above classes, organized by the Merthyr Education Committee :—Miss Nellie Bishop, Pentrebach Schools; Miss Hannah Margretta Davies, T'wynyrodyn Girls; Riss Lilian Davies, Gelli- faelog Mixed; Miss Kate Feighery, Dowlais Roman Catholic Schools; Miss Gertie Jones, Merthyr Valo Schools, with distinction in the principles of Education Miss Bessie Nicholas, Penydarren Girls; Miss Daisy Owen, Abermor- lais Girls School; Miss Mabel Pollitt, Wood- lands, Treharris Miss Anie L. Price, George- town Girls Miss Blodwen Stephens, Pentrebach Schools; Miss Mary Ellen Thomas, Clwydy- fa,gwyr Schools; Miss Elizabeth Webber, Aber- canaid Schools; Mr. Bertie Williams, Town Boys' School, and Miss Florrie Williams, Aber- canaid Mixed School. There appears also the name of Miss Alice Williams, of the Gladstone Coffee Tavern, Merthyr, a teacher at the Troed- yrhiwfuwch Schools, under the Glamorgan County Council, who attended the Merthyr Certificate Classes, and who passed in French (an optional subject), as well as in the ordinary pass subjects.

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