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¡ L iB L.N.W.R.. EASTER HOLIDAY EXCURSIONS. Saturday' Inarch )NORTH1 ^V°ALESGLLAX- Thursday, March 2i] \VOLVEMa5p- fcto Vr r^fCASHIRE, YORKSHIRE, Saturday, March 26fTON, NOTTINGHAM, iuonaaj, -V.i..n -6 | DOUGLAS (Isle of Man), Ac. J BURTON, DERBY. &c. From TAFF VALE LISE, RHYMNEY LINE. AND MERTHYRr TREDEGAR AND ABERGAVENNY LINES DAY EXPRESS EXCURSIONS. EASTER MONDAY, MARCH 28th, 1910. To LIVERPOOL and MANCHESTER, RHYL, COLWYX BAY and LLANDUDNO. From Cardiff (R) a.,id-Rhyiiiiey I. ne Stations. Merthyr, Trcdegar and Abergavenny Line Station?. For t are^. Times. and full particular. apply at the Stations, where Handbills can be obtained, or to Mr. J. A. t i.s'ur.Av, District Traflic Superintendent, L. & N. W.K.. Abergaveuriy. Euston Station, March, 1010. FRANK REE, General Manager. I't.o: ■ > » wisst- m:' tt- I'KfcXIMTNARY NOTICE. p t to ï las ESLWYSILAN tot L SPORTS The above will be held ou Saturday, June 25, 1910.j For further particulars see Posteri- THE TSEDEGAR & DISTRICT Permanent Money Society Registered under the Friendly Societies' Act. T OATS can obtained by Tradesmen and other J-iUdilD Persons in Regular Employment upon a Promissory Note ou Easy Terms, namely s. d. s. d. (For a 210 Share the Repayments are 1 2 weekly £20 2 2 h RZO to 32.. P-40 m 4 2 „ R50 5 2 Applications for Leans received at any time by tho Secretary I THOMAS JONES, 86, Commercial Street, Tredegar. I Stanch Office: 25, BBBTHCAR T-ERRAcit. EBBW VAL 'EASTER FURNITURE BARGAINS HARRISS. IN NEWPORT MARKET ARE OFFEKIXG SOXII WONDERFUL BARGAINS. Smart SITTING ROOM SUITES, in Velvet, complete for 95 5e. SEDROOM SUITES, complete with Wardrobes, for L5 Sa. Handsome MIRRORS, New Designs, 17s. DRAWING ROOM CABINETS for 23 3s. Handsome BRASS KERBS, 16% BRASSES, 17s. the Set, Handsome Presents. CLOCKS, BRONZES, ORNAMENTS. thiat the thins: for Wedding Presents. Always acceptably Harris's Furnish THREE ROOMS for B12 12s. Suit Workingmaot, When you bay at Harm's you get the best value for your hard-earned cash. No paying other peoples' debts. Harris's Deliver Free. Trainfare Allowed. Harris's the LABGKST FURNITURE DISPLAY in Newport. NOTE PARTICULARLy-It is only a minute's walk from the Station, no need to take the tram. Last but not Jvast— Harris's are making a Special £ how of BRASS BEDSTEADS, with Bedding complete for £ S, BLACK and BRASS BEDSTEADS, 2115.. Marvellous Offer. Also bear in mind that Harris's do not employ sjny canvassers or ton id to worry you on your tioor step. You are a free agent to buy where •you like. Call and see Harris's in Newport Market. You I will be glad you came. I Too Late for Classification. I SITUATIONS VACANT. WANTED, sharp office '.>oy. at once.—Apply, X.Y.Z., Express Office, Merthyr. T S.


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