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Rhymney Valley Echoes.


The Late Mr. Lewis Evans.

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The New Anglo-Canadian Steamship…

Cost of Education.





HENGOED POLICE COURT. FRIDAY.—Before Mr. D. Proeser (in tba chair), Mr. E. Richards, and Dr. E. Davies. CHARGE OF BUBGLAKY.—Four Hengoed cow Hers: Oliver Davies (23), Arthur Titley (17), Emrys Challenger (17), and John Guilfovla (17) were charged with breaking and entering a shop and dwelling house in Alexandra road, Hengoed, and steading 58 packets of cigar- ettes, some twist tobacco, and a quantity oi sweets, the property of Alfred Langston. The prosecutor stated that on the _7rd, March.?<ie f locked up his shop and bolted the back cloor, leaving everythiug secure, while he and hiat wife went to Ystrad Mynach. On returniho. his wife drew his attention to the unbolted! state of the back door, and, on going into the shop, they found it in a disturbed state.? A bottle of sweets and a tin of cocoa were on the floor and a quantity of goods were missing, I including cigarettes, tobacco, sweets, chocolate, and cakes. Information was given the follow- ing morning to the police.—P.C. Williams said that in consequence of certain information!' given him he went to No. 7, Alexandra-road,j where one of the defendants lodged, and in tho bedroom found twelve packets of cigar* ettes—Woodbines and Navy Cut. At 12 on the 4th he returned, and saw the defend- ant Davies in the kitchen, and told him whafi he had found upstairs. On being informed that he would be taken in custody, defendant made no reply, but handed over some cigar-I ettes and twist tobacco. In the evening wit-, ness arrested another defendant at 13, Brya4 terrace, and he ,made no reply to the chaygei but took from his pockets 11 packets 6.7 Woodbinw, and three half-packets of twisti; tobacco. When charged at the Bargoed Poliofll, Station, Davies said, "Titley and I went into* the shop. Guilfoyle waited outside. We toolrf the thingg out, and served them over in a fisltj close by. Titley said, 'I can -"t into this shorf proper. I have a key in my pocket.' "—Titley} pleaded guilty to the charge of breaking and?, entering and stealing the cigarettes. Continue ing, P.C. Williams said he arrested Chullingoi at 4, Shop-row, Maesycwrnmer, on the chargsp of being concerned with other men in breakings into the dwelling-house of Alfred Langston af 10, Alexandra-road. This defendant, in replyi said: 'T didn't go into the shop; I only watch* ed oytside. When charged at the police-courtf he said, "I plead guilty to receiving some of ths^ things." On the way from Maesyowminer to Hengoed, he stopped at the wall and took from; a small hole eight packets of Woodbine cigar-) ett-es, wrapped up in an old handkerchief, and said, "That's all I've got left." At 10.3G the same evening, witness arrested John Guilfoyl. at Club Houses, Hengoed. When wltwsw charged him, this defendant made no reply" but on the way to the railway station he sa,do "I didn't go into the shop; I was outside. DI! vies and Titley went into the shop; Challenge#' and I stopped outside. I have got some of thsf things hidden in a field." When charged aA the police-station, in the presence of the others*- defendant said, "I plead guilty to receivings the cigarettes."—Mr. Tom Phillips, who de-f fended, severely condemned what the defend*' ants had done. Davies bad been convicted be,, jore, and ought to have known better. Tit-i ley's father was in court, and was a respectable man in business in the City-road, London. 1-fol had come down, and was prepared to take hitt' boy away "from the thieves and ruffians heI'Ø"" about," if the magistrates thought proper, bu* he hoped their warships would temper juatioa with mercy.—'Hie Chairman said the BencS must commit all four of the prisoners to Quar" ter Sessions, but would allow bail in one surety of £10 each. V ARIOus.-The following were fined for bu-into drunk and disorderlvWilliam John Wiliianrf' (30), collier. Bargoed, 10s.; Charles Baker (27), labourer, Bargoed, 10s.; Albert Benton (28k haulier, Bargoed, 15s. Samuel Barnett (45) eollier, Bargoed, was fined 10s. for fighting u*- Hanbury-road, Bargoed, on the 12th of Febnf < ary, and causing an obstruction. Charles Simmons (41), Nelson, and Mary Simmons, hii, wife, were each fined 20s. for using indecenlt; language. The male defendant was not pre^' sent, but the female defendant denied usingf, the language, and said that the language used, in her house could not be heard outside.—Two' constables, however, confirmed the language used, and the Bench imposed the fine mention-1 od.-For leaving his horse and cart unattended, for twenty minutes on the 28th of February?: George Reynolds, milkman, Gilfach, was 5s.


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