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Rhymney Valley Echoes.


The Late Mr. Lewis Evans.

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POSITION RESIGNED THROUGH ILL-HEALTH. A business girl quite prostrated by Indigestion and Anssmra. Resumes duty, cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. The miseries attaching to the ftimiliar phrase "position resigned through ill-health," were fully realized some months back by a girl book-keeper, Miss Florence Brain, who resides at 51, Bankes Road, Small Heath, Birmingham. Her statement deserves to be borne in mind by all girls and women worker?. Miss Brain rema.rks About twelve months ago I became very debilitated and bloodless. Like thousands of other girl-workers my health was a constant worry to me. A doctor said that my state was due to working too many hours every day, and never getting exercise. I had always been more or less Anaemic, but now my colour completely faded, I always felt tired, dizziness seized me very often, and my legs trembled so that I could hardly stand. In time I became nervous and so that I could hardly stand. In time I became nervous and Do, you melancholy, and got thin. Medicine e did me no good, and food caused SUIter pain, in mv chest. Sometimes I the Same ? could feel the Indigestion right; across my shoulders, followed by scalding pains in my stomach. Even a short walk made me gasp for breath my heart palpi- tated and seemed oppressed by some heavy weight, and on occasions my back felt broken with pain. "As the medical opinion was that I was blood- less, and needed more nourishment and change of air, I had to resign my employment, and at length went away foi- a rest. But I' lost ground,' and there did not seem to be any warmth or nourishment in my blood. I had severe head- aches and slept very badly at nights; soon I felt so melancholy that I did not expect to recover. At this time I happened to hear of several girls who had been cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills. So I began taking the Pills, and not long without improvement. A bright and hopeful feeling oame over me I enjoyed getting out and a.bout, and felt that life was a pleasure again. After about the third box of the Pills my appetite returned, and I ate heartily without any pain following. As I went on with the Pills headaches ceased to trouble me the colour returned to my face, and mv breathing became quiet and regular. Soon, New, Red Blood filled my veins palpita- tions ceased, I had no more backaches, and my health became regular. So all traces of Bloodlessness disappeared I slept well at nights and arose fresh and invigor- in ated in the mornings. I soon resumed duty again and can work more hours a day and harder than ever. I think it only right that other women workers, who are bloodless, should know how Dr. Williams' Pink Pills brought back my health and strength." Dr. Williams' Pink Pills make the New, Good Blood needed by workers of both sexes in all iisorders that arise from brain fag, overwork, chills and influenza. These Pills have also cured Anaemia, Indigeston, Dyspepsia, Eczema, Rhen. matism, Sciatica, Nervous Disorders dreaded by meD, and the aehes and ills that afflict women only. Of most dealers, or post free 2s. 9d. one box, or 13s, 9cL for six, from Dr. Williams' A- l

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Cost of Education.





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